Our Wedding Ring Story: Qalo Included

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Have I told y’all the full story behind our wedding rings? I know Jase and I have mentioned it in bits and pieces, but I thought this was the perfect time to share it with you guys. It is extra special!

A few months before our wedding, we went to our favorite jewelry shop in Dallas to find Jase a simple ring. Our main inclination in getting the band was for the act of putting it on during our wedding ceremony, but in the car after purchasing this, we were laughing because he just didn’t seem like a metal ring kind of guy. The shiny metal just did not look the best on him. Our conversation shifted quickly from giggling to crying our eyes out because Jase told me what he decided to do.

As y’all may know, I lost my left hand in an accident over six years ago, so I wear my rings on my right hand (European style 😉 ). Before I mention what happens next, can I just say how precious my husband is? His thoughtfulness is always on another level + he has been a key component to my continued healing. Okay, back to the story! We are in the car, and with tears in his eyes, he told me he would love to get a tattoo of my name, Lo, on his right ring finger in place of his wedding ring. This was one of the most meaningful moments of my life. He loved how much it represented permanence and resembled that we are on the same team for life.

When we were in Nashville a month before our wedding, we found this amazing tattoo artist who made this a reality. Oh! And my name is written out in my hand writing.

As time went on, there were days where he wanted to wear a ring to an event or on a hike, and last year, we found out about Qalo, and it was the perfect fit! We love this company because they are on our same page: they think marriage is awesome and family is everything + they believe that when you’re committed to a spouse or a growing family, they are certain that when you focus on your family, everything aligns. Yes and amen!

The silicone rings fit our active lifestyle so perfectly + Qalo believes they also represent commitment to family, so it’s the sweetest reminder when we think of expanding our family! Something fun: use the code LAUREN15 for 15% off at checkout.

So to make this story extra special, I thought I would ask my husband three short but sweet questions! Read below! xo

How has marriage strengthened your & Lo’s love and what do you love most about being married? 

A lot of people say, oh I am so glad I married my best friend, but in reality, it takes a long time to become best friends with someone truly – to know everything about you and feel complete comfortable being 100% transparent. I have just enjoyed that she actually is my best friend now, and she actually knows me and gets me and knows what makes me tick.

What do you look forward to most for our family?

Making my wife smile, enjoying the blessings that God gives us and hoping one day we have a baby or two or three.

What would you say is the key to a healthy marriage?

Over communicating and quality time together.

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