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Hi friends! As you may have seen and heard, I have started sharing exclusive LSK content for email subscribers that focuses on all things wellness. If you love the personal practice of wellness as much as I do and always want to learn more, you are in the right place!

I am SO excited about these emails because they are a chance for me to share different pieces of wellness information with you that have been life-changing for me. Wellness is a huge passion of mine, so these exclusive emails are such a fun way to share that passion with you!

So far, I have shared my go-to list of top 10 essential oils and a list of daily doses of nutrition, from spirulina to probiotics. Next week, Dr. Will Cole will be sharing some key points from his brand new book: Ketotarian.

I hope you join in on the wellness journey with me by signing up for emails! Exclusive content is delivered to your inbox about every other week, give or take.

Click here to sign up for the wellness emails! Also, fun news, we are giving away three bottles of my dry shampoo, Stranded, to three lucky email subscribers at the end of September.


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