Self-Care Gifts

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We love us a good spa night at home! Cue all the bath salts, candles, and relaxing music. Self-care can be anything from such a spa night, or as simple as applying your favorite cream before bed or mask in the morning.

Since it is the magical season of gift giving, we are loving the idea of sharing the love for self-care moments with others by gifting self-care gifts.

You can get the full scoop on all wellness gift ideas from our gift guide, but below is a quick peek at treat-yourself items from Primally Pure that make the best gifts…for you and others! xo 

Treat Yourself Gifts from Primally Pure:

*Flower Bath 

*Sea Soak

*Body butter 

*Body Oil

*Beauty Cream 

images: Stefanie Johnson (@stefannagram on IG) 

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