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Hey guys!

By now you have probably heard the news about LSK’s Clean Sweep, which will be launching in JANUARY!! You can read all of the details here and also pre-shop the program here as well.

For a quick summary, the Clean Sweep is my 90-day subscription program that features daily content for how to live a clean lifestyle when it comes to food, products, and practices. It is a guide based on everything I have learned in the past few years as I have personally been on the clean journey myself by eliminating toxins from life, eating as purely as possible, and also practicing self-care routines, all in an effort to feel my best from the inside out, thrive through healthy living, and honor my God-given body.

I so hope you consider purchasing the program! Content will be sent straight to your inbox on a daily schedule, so you are just reading a portion a day. This is a journey, not a sprint, and everyone will go at their own pace as they learn and try new things. I look forward to being on the journey with you and sharing with you what I know.

With love,


image: Stefanie Johnson (@stefannagram on IG) 

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