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Hey friends! As you know, I have a clean living program called The Clean Sweep to serve as a guide to eating clean, using clean products, and implementing clean practices into your everyday lives. As part of the kickoff to the program this month, I also launched a collection of supplements, Lo’s Daily Takes, created by Dr. Dustin Dillberg, a functional medicine consultant & owner of Pain Free Kauai.

Keep reading below to hear directly from Dr. Dillberg himself about each of the supplements that we worked together to bring to you! Turmeric, Fish Oil, and a Probiotic are all staples in my supplement routine, so I am beyond thrilled to have my own collection, created extremely purely to be of the upmost quality.

Opt for Omegas: This fish oil is hands down the best on the market. Opt for Omegas premium fish oil comes in a monoglyceride form, the type of oil molecule your body is able to absorb and use fastest. Ideal for those with digestive issues, chronic inflammation, cardiovascular risk factors, etc. Opt for Omegas is IFOS 5-Star certified and has a 3x greater absorption rate than an equivalent dose of an ethyl-ester fish oil. This superior quality fish oil is processed using the highest standards of purification. Opt for Omegas is:

-Temperature controlled.

-Tested thoroughly for heavy metals, plastics, toxins, radiation isotopes, oxidation, viability (fresh vs. rancid)

-Processed using the highest quality certified sustainable fish from Scandinavia.

-Non-GMO and Antibiotic free

Pass That Probiotic: Pass That Probiotic is an excellent quality 4-strain probiotic supplement that comes in vegetarian capsules and is dairy/gluten free. This probiotic has 30 billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) per capsule and is nitrogen purged in aluminum blister packs, protecting the live bacteria from heat, moisture, and oxygen. Factors such as these may compromise stability and efficacy, so it is critical that the probiotics you are consuming have been temperature controlled and protected like these have! Pass That Probiotic also uses specially designed innovative capsules that help slow exposure of actives to stomach acid and ensure a more targeted release. A good probiotic is essential to helping maintain a healthy gut flora. Pass That Probiotic is without a doubt one of the most effective, clean, high quality probiotics that you’ll find!

Take Your Turmeric: Mounting research has shown that consuming turmeric can have profound implications on your health. From joint health, cardiovascular health, glucose metabolism, inflammation, brain function, etc, it is clear that integrating a high quality turmeric supplement into your health regimen can be extremely important. Not all turmeric is created equal however. Take Your Turmeric is a 100% turmeric extract comprised of 86% curcuminoids, 7-9% essential oils, and the rest being natural raw material from the turmeric root. Scientists discovered that taking advantage of the synergism between the curcuminoids and essential oils could drastically enhance the absorption of curcumin into the blood. Research has shown that this formula is “absorbed earlier and retained longer” compared to other leading forms. If you’re planning on taking turmeric, Take Your Turmeric the right way with this outstanding, extensively researched, premium grade 100% turmeric extract supplement!


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