The Year of The Clean Sweep

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Hi friends! As always, January is seen by many as a time for a fresh start when it comes to health, fitness, and wellness. This January, I am SO EXCITED because I am launching a wellness subscription program! Enter 2019, the year of The Clean Sweep. It is a 3-month subscription program with 90 days worth of daily content. You will get weekly emails (including the 7 days of reading plans for that week) as I walk you through practical ways to clean sweep your life from the food you eat, to the products you use, to the wellness practices you implement in your daily life.

I talked about the program on the blog here (as well as on Instagram!), and you can learn all of the details and purchase it here. Please note, the pre-shop is over, but don’t worry! You can still purchase the program and it will be worth every dollar! This program makes me so excited because I will be guiding you along the journey that I have walked myself when it comes to foods, products, and practices.

Of course each of our journeys will be different since each body is different, making the wellness journey a personal and uniquely beautiful one! However, my personal experience has equipped me with knowledge, information, and lessons that I cannot wait to share with you all.

I also wanted to remind you of this fitness post that I wrote earlier this year. In addition to clean sweeping your life, staying active is so important! Keep moving whenever possible, but at the same time, be sure to rest well in order to recharge and reset for the next day.

Hope you join me on this Clean Sweep! Love you all xo.


all items gifted generously by the brands, except for my sunnies! 

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