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Let’s talk water. First off, having clean drinking water is such a blessing and my prayer is that clean drinking water becomes more available in developing countries where it is not as accessible as it is here in the States. The Water Project is a great charity on the mission of making clean drinking a reality in African countries. If you are passionate about this cause, definitely check them out and prayerfully consider a monetary contribution. 

Water is essential to wellness. Drinking enough water allows us to thrive, function and feel our best. When it comes to my personal water intake, I drink at a minimum 120 oz a day. If I have a particularly hard workout and sweat a lot, that amount will be more. Investing in a quality water filtering system is a good idea to ensure water purity, so we use the Kangen filter at home. It is definitely an investment but one of the most important ones you can make. Not to mention, it gives options for different alkaline levels, supplies beauty water for washing your hair and face, and offers acidic water for cleaning dishes and disinfecting countertops! 

For water on the go, I love using a glass water bottle that I can refill with filtered water. When I don’t have a glass bottle with me, the bottled water brand that I always reach for is Essentia. Essentia water is supercharged ionized alkaline water that is proven to hydrate more effectively. As you can tell from the images above, it’s my go-to! #notsponsored


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