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You guys have heard me talk about Cassie Green’s elderberry syrup quite a few times now between Instagram, The Clean Sweep program, and an exclusive LSK email, and that’s because it is truly a wellness staple in my life! I personally take a teaspoon or two of her elderberry goodness every morning to keep my immune system firing on all cylinders and a little bit extra if a sickness if trying to get to me. I am so thankful to be connected to Cassie, the syrup she has created, and the information she is sharing with us below. Keep reading for the lowdown on elderberry syrup from the elderberry queen herself!

10 Facts About Elderberry Syrup From Cassie Green 

*Elderberry syrup is the juice of cooked antioxidant-rich elderberries mixed with other superfoods. 

*To make our syrup, we simmer elderberries, strain, and press them. Then we add organic ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, lemon juice and a touch of honey and bottle it.  

*Our elderberry syrup is very low in sugar (1g per serving just from the honey) and has no preservatives, thickeners or stabilizers; it’s made with real foods and is quite delicious!

*Elderberries are higher in antioxidants than pomegranates, blueberries and acai berries and are high in vitamins C, A and B6.

*Elderberries have been used for centuries to help ward off and treat illness.  There are also a number of scientific studies that show them to be highly effective against influenza virus as well as research showing usage against HIV and cancer.  

*Our elderberry syrup is wonderful used daily to help keep your immune system supported.

*A recommended daily dose for adults is normally 1-2tsp per day (kids take about half that), but some adults will opt for a larger dose on days they feel a sickness or seasonal allergies coming on.  

*Studies have shown elderberry to be effective in preventing viruses from replicating. This means if you have a cold or flu virus, taking a product like our elderberry syrup can help shorten the life of the illness.

*Mainstream media has been paying more attention to elderberry syrup as of lately and that makes me smile! I am hopeful that causes more people to be curious about trying it.

*Did I mention it tastes really good?  ‘Cause it does!


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