Why I Love Our Time In Idaho

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Idaho is the place where I feel like I can fully shut down mentally and really open up relationally, spiritually, and emotionally. On many getaways, I still feel the urge to work and snap photos of our adventures and outfits, but this place makes it seem like responsibilities pause and relaxation sets in. For a getaway, this is so rejuvenating for the mind, body, and spirit! To me, Idaho feels like the good old days, where you don’t even know where your phone is! Instead, your heart is centered on card night with the family and friends, soaking in every bit of nature on the golf course, water skiing and boat riding until you are tanned, and ending with a night of cooking and sitting by the outdoor fire pits.

I love having a routine, and I think my Idaho routine is my favorite of all, starting with a celery juice of course! And here I define routine as having an open hand to whatever the day might hold, and letting it unfold as it does. I love the communal aspect of this place, especially on the pickle ball courts. I love that physical appearance is not even close to a priority…hello, lake hair! Not to mention, nature is what fully rejuvenates me; as you may know, I love all animals with all my heart, so it’s extra fun spotting different ones throughout the day!

Also, this place feels extra safe, peaceful, and absent of the stressors and troubles of the world. I couldn’t be more grateful for this getaway spot in the crisp air and beautiful mountains! It’s good for the soul, opens up space to think, and brings the important things into perspective: relationships, rest, and creating extra sweet memories.

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