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I have always been the type that creates a routine and becomes very loyal to it. I also don’t tend to get tired of things easily; for instance, I could eat the same thing every day for lunch and be fully content. On that note, for a few years now, Shopbop has been by go-to online shopping location. It feels like a place I can trust (I always find what I am looking for!), the returns are easy peasy, the customer service is so commendable, and they offer so many things for any price point.

I have realized as I have gotten older that every day basics are the most necessary pieces in my closet. Not to mention, they amplify what makes me feel more “me” in a put together yet comfortable kind of way (every day goal, right?).

Let’s get down to the basics

This is the best cozy crew. And it comes in the most important neutrals!

The cardigan that’s flattering and will keep you warm!

Probably my most worn piece is a good ol’ pair of white sneakers.

The perfect dress up shirt in my opinion; goes with jeans or pants!

The pocket white tee is my go to.

This is a solid white tee, too, sans pocket.

The coziest classic teddy bear jacket.

Golden hoops add the perfect touch to any outfit.

The best tote to take anywhere, especially on errand day.

A headband that goes with any look.

My favorite blazer of all time.

The perfect white long tee.

The jeans I wear almost every day.

My favorite throw on errand and/or beach dress.

A classic black boot.

My favorite fleece of all time.

Happy shopping! Comment below on your favorite online shopping spot. xo

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