How to Create a Home You Love

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Creating a home is such a process, and a personal one that involves a lot of patience and decisions! I learned so much from decorating my first apartment, and then my interior education only expanded when Jase and I basically started furnishing and decorating our new house from scratch!

A little bucket of tips and tricks:

-always measure & don’t rush!

-create a budget and decide what pieces are worth a greater investment

-pin plenty of inspiration photos prior to purchasing furniture

-buy things that bring you joy and ultimately add to the overall goal of your home


The vision words for our house was a place of peace, an oasis, a neutral, calm, and cozy environment with a Cali European casual feel. I don’t know if you are anything like me, but I have the hardest time visualizing how something will look if it’s not right in front of me. Our house before this had lower ceilings and lighter floors; it seems obvious, but what a difference that makes in how furniture looks when you move it into a space that has high ceilings and dark floors. We thought most of our previous furniture would work in our new house, but most of it didn’t. Eeek! This big project accounted for the investment in a designer who we couldn’t love more, Kirsten Grove, who has made choosing and buying the furniture a breeze.

When choosing pieces for your home, it is so important to go with your gut. When I didn’t love a choice suggested to me, we would go back to the drawing board. I realized it is okay to say no. I am also a person that loves to finish a project, so I get very tempted to rush into decisions, but I have really allowed myself to do the opposite. We are still waiting on all of our furniture (the delay is extended because of covid-19), but we are so at peace as we accept the process and live in gratefulness! I can’t wait to give you all a virtual home tour when everything is in place, including what we did in the renovation.

Stay safe everyone! xx

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  • Debbie Bailey

    I love the simplicity and sleekness of everything I’ve seen in your home. I have struggled forever to create that type of feel. I will be a work in progress until the end of time.

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