How to Naturally Handle Allergy Season

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My allergies started a bit early this year, and by early, I mean November. Yikes! I tend to associate allergies with the Spring season, but I have realized different things bloom at different times of the year, and in California, the sneezing battle can be ongoing. I know most people experience these seasonal struggles, so I wanted to give a few tips to minimize them.

It all started in my eyes. It actually got so bad that my eyes were closing by themselves. My eye doctor said they will do that instinctually to avoid the potential “danger.” So fascinating! All of that to say, I was pretty desperate! After contacting my functional medicine doctor, going to the eye doctor, and shopping at the farmer’s market, I came to a natural allergy relief cocktail that has been quite effective.

  • I take a supplement twice a day with these ingredients: vitamin C, potassium, guduchi, nettle extract, quercetin, and bicarbonate salts. This has been game changing!
  • At the farmer’s market, I met the most amazing company called Bee Golden Honeys. They make such a powerful and local bee pollen (I love the one with ayurvedic herbs infused) + their honey blends are so nutritionally rich and delicious!
  • Jase and I both take elderberry syrup daily, which offers daily allergy relief + is a must for an enhanced immune system.

What do you do to help with your allergies? And please note, I am not a doctor, but the above reliefs work really well for me, so I wanted to share 🙂 xo



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