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One of my favorite things is when you find a brand that you adore on every level + extra bonuses and musts: it is effective and you all know, I fall only for non-toxic products! I also love when a company is a small business or a passionate entrepreneur that created a company based off of pure passion and the desire to fulfill a need and educate while doing so.

You all have to meet Essentiel. This lotion is an essential (pun intended) staple in our home. It is a head to toe body lotion, and Jase especially loves it for his face too! I met Adele, the founder of this beautiful company, last year and we immediately connected. My favorite part about her story is that she grew up on a (manic) organic commune in California, where she was introduced to natural skincare many years before it was a thing. If a product wasn’t biodynamic or freshly sourced from the fields of France, she could not use it. I was so fascinated by this! She told me she would show up to slumber parties with homemade goldenseal salve, and her mom was especially into essential oils decades ago. Also, her 93-year-old gorgeous grandmother, Adele Uddo (The Original), also taught her so much about beauty.

How Essentiel Began

Adele has been a hand, lip, and leg model for years for some of the biggest brands, so she is extra aware of aging in regards to the entire body. She first created this lotion in her kitchen. She wanted to create an ideal moisturizer made with exceptional ingredients that would nourish her skin and keep it healthy from head to toe. Her friends started asking her for some, so she worked with a top formulator to make it fully come to life.

The Ingredients

The scent (all from the earth) and consistency of the lotion is what won me over + it feels so luxurious to put on. It is filled with everything from hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and plumps the skin, to MSM, a sulfur compound that is the third most abundant mineral in the body, to coffee berry, which calms redness, and aids in preventing the skin from pre-mature aging. There are so many more powerful ingredients that are you can check out here.

Watch the video below to see Adele talk even more about what she has created!!


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