The Gift of Giving & Receiving

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Right now is an extra important time to love extra on your friends and family. We all need it! After acknowledging and processing my emotions, my dad would always encourage me to serve someone when I was struggling, and it was some of the best wisdom I have received. We should all pitch in to help each other not feel alone in these unknown times + it takes the focus off of ourselves when we doing something special for someone else. Also, with Easter coming up, it is the sweetest time to send thoughtful little things that will make someone smile. Also, this is the best way to support small businesses!

The Magnolia Cookbook is the perfect present to give someone right now, especially because we all have no choice but to cook! I made the cilantro lime rice and roasted carrots as part of our meal last night, and it got me out of my cooking rut + they both were so easy to make, flavorful and tasty!

A candle sets such a peaceful tone in the house + these beeswax candles clean the air! What gets better than that at this time?

These Jaymes Paper cards are always stocked in my home. You can buy a pack for yourself to write loved ones handwritten notes and send a set to your friend too!

I am sending bright flowers to my parents and Jase’s parents this weekend for Easter to help make this season feel extra hopeful!

Gift an at-home spa night for your bestie or send some nontoxic cleaning products because everyone is cleaning extra right now.

For my sweet nieces, I got Kate (who is three), this tee, these pants, and this nontoxic tie dye set to create a fun memory during this time at home. (thank you to Lauren Gores for this idea).

This book is so precious for a little one too!

Puzzles have been my go to activity during these last few weeks. It is so rewarding, good for your mind, and it keeps you off your phone! These are so fun and they are framable; in my mind, it is a memento to remember all we are learning during this time.

Get a cozy pair of jammies. These get extra comfy with time, too, and you and your friend could have matching ones!

xo Lo.

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