How To Edit Your Wardrobe

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Hey friends!

Hope everyone is staying safe, well, and holding on to the faith during this difficult time that we are facing together as a world.

Praying that we are all healthy, at home, and with more time than usual to focus on our home surroundings. We are big believers at LSK that our homes should be our havens. Having a haven to call home is especially important during a stressful time like this. Our surroundings impact our moods, so having a decluttered, peaceful place to call home can really give your mind the much-needed peace and space to think and process.

Today we want to talk about your closet! Below are a few tips to tackle your wardrobe and introduce a remix of sorts. Let’s make your wardrobe a peaceful place of only things that you love; the items you gravitate toward on repeat! Keep reading for our guide for a simple and successful wardrobe edit.



– Go section by section, working on one category at a time. Scroll through jeans, for example, skipping the ones you know you love. Those are a must-keep!

-Any questionable candidates? Take them out and try on. If they are 100% comfortable and confident-boosting, they are to go!

-Either donate or consign the items that no longer work for you, so they are available to someone who will love them!

-Do this for every category of clothing and accessories…tops, jackets, shoes, and so on. We promise, it is liberating!

-Your closet should be a capsule of clothes you love! Read below for our checklist of qualities that “loved” items should entail:





-Good quality

-Fits with your current style aesthetic

-Something you would buy again today

-Looks like you

-Makes you smile

Not too hard, right? We promise that this time spent will be well worth-it! A edited wardrobe is a happy wardrobe. Have fun with it! xo


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