Quarantined: When Sweats Become the Everyday #ootd

1016 678 Lauren Kennedy

Who would have imagined that sweats would become the recent #ootd? I love the #InMyScrubs challenge where people are supporting those in hospital scrubs by staying in your scrubs at home and donating. It is such a beautiful way to feed health care workers with food from local restaurants while committing to stay home. Wearing sweats at your house is such a great picture of respecting the legal protocols, protecting others and yourself, and also doing good while staying put, whether that’s caring on overload for your family, cooking, working, or learning! You are making an impact by just staying in.

I wanted to show you some sweats I have been living in during this time of isolation.

This is the coziest sleep set that is also so perfect for the daytime (top and pants). I literally have been in this for two days straight. I love this more fitted sweat pant with a more oversized top (the comfiest combo that is flattering too!). These classic sweatpants have been my favorite + they are so comfy and a bit oversized. I have this in a neutral color as well as this rose tone, and I wear them both several times a week. This is the best jumpsuit as it starts getting a little warmer! Scroll down to see more picks! xo

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