Force of Nature: A Clean Alternative to Bleach

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If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably heard me rave about my love for this natural all-purpose cleaning product that I recently discovered. During this time of a worldwide pandemic, I think so many have been tempted to use chemicals even with knowledge of the harmful effects. Did you know that bleach and other harmful cleaning products affect our respiratory system and our immune system, which is something we need to be extra strong right now!

A sweet girl DM-ed me about a month ago telling me about Force of Nature and how much she loved this clean alternative to bleach. So I gave it a go! And oh. my. I am so giddy about it! Jase and I have been using alcohol as our disinfectant for products/mail/food deliveries, but we are trying to conserve it as much as possible, so we haven’t been using it to kill germs on the surfaces in our home. I have been deep cleaning our house once a week (OCD in full affect!) and have used FON on our wood floors and surfaces two times already – I give it a major five stars!

This solution is only 3 ingredients: salt, vinegar, and filtered water. They provide a beaker (that plugs in), a tube of the concentration. You fill the beaker with your own water and insert the solution, turn the beaker on and wait 9 minutes. It is converted to electrolyzed water when an electrical current changes the chemical composition of the solution into two new ingredients: hypochlorous acid, which is the same germ-killing substance our immune system makes, and sodium hydroxide, which gives this solution extra disinfecting power! Then you pour this into the spray bottle that they provide.

This nontoxic disinfecting solution powers through odors, grease, grime, soap scum and sticky, icky messes as effectively as bleach. The best part: it cleans virtually any surface – sealed stone, glass, stainless steel, wood, laminate, porcelain, composite, grout, tile, plastic and rubber. Other things to use it on: baby gear like strollers, highchairs, car seats, kids serve wear and utensils, sports gear, rugs and furniture, makeup brushes, backpacks, lunch boxes, thermoses, straws, sippy cups, yoga mats, reusable bags, fresh-cut flowers, patio furniture, camping gear, diaper bags, front load washers, retainer cases, toothbrushes, children’s toys, pet habitats, sponges, cars, the fridge, humidifiers, door handles, mail, and the list goes on!

Also, many people have been asking me if it has a scent. It smells like a pool (not for long), but honestly, that smell makes me feel extra productive when it comes to cleaning. It smells so fresh and I love it!

Extra Bonuses:

  • This keeps toxic chemicals from going into our water systems.
  • It reduces plastic waste from typical cleaners by 97%. It is Green Seal certified for environmental excellence.
  • The shipping boxes and Activator Capsules are 100% recyclable.

What’s not to love? DM me on Instagram or comment below to tell me how you like it! Stay safe and healthy everyone! xx

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