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Over the last few weeks on the blog, I’ve been covering the process of Jase and I renovating our house in a series we launched here on LSK called Making A Home. Even though it’s taken longer than expected, it’s been such a special process to put care and intention into every area that fills our house. The first two weeks of Making A Home, I was able to share about a few of my favorite rooms, and there’s more to come with before and after pictures that I can’t wait to show you!

But another reason this process has been so special is that we’ve unexpectedly discovered so many small businesses and brands that we’ve really come to really love. With this in mind, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites that I’m always getting questions about either here or on my Instagram.

Sleep is one of the key pieces of a strong immune system. It helps our body regenerate and renew itself + rest is the key to positive days and productive mindsets! I believe your bed should be one of the safest places. You are on your mattress for one of the most important times of the day and for so many hours of the day. I get so many questions about clean and healthy mattresses, and when Jase and I were looking for new pieces to fill our home – this was a priority at the top of the list.

Toxic mattresses are not always talked about, but our sleep and where we sleep is so important. I share more details about the process and a step by step towards switching over to clean living in my program The Clean Sweep, but I wanted to share with you my favorite picks so you have a foundation to choose from!

1. Boll and Branch

We absolutely love this mattress and it’s the one we have chosen for our own bedroom! It’s foam-free and made by hand with ethically-sourced, natural materials which is always win, win!

2. Parachute

I have always loved parachute for their bedding pieces. Then I discovered this mattress that is eco-friendly, made from pure wool and 100% organic cotton – and I was also in love! So comfortable and made with extra back support in mind which is always helpful when finding the best fit for your body and your sleep.

3. Under the Canopy

Another brand I love that is made with organic, sustainable materials like recycled steel coil and organic cotton and Joma wool. It’s so comfortable and provides great support, while also being eco and clean friendly which I love!

4. Avocado Green Mattress 

A bit more affordable – this mattress is also made with organic, natural materials like organic, certified wool and cotton and is free from polyester, polyurethane foams, and toxic fire retardants (things you wouldn’t even know you were sleeping on!) They also have a Vegan Mattress option that is made without wool.

Lastly, while talking about the Clean Sweep for Clean Sleep – I cannot go without sharing about one of my all-time favorite sleeping aids that has changed the game for my sleep! I cannot stress how important sleep is and this has been an absolute life-saver in helping my body relax and shutting my mind down before I fall asleep. There are many brands for CBD out there, but I have to say that Equilibria CBD has quickly become my favorite! I take one to two drops before bed (though they customize your dosage depending on your own body) and this has become a new staple in my nightly routine. I love recommending this to friends and family who have expressed that they’re tired or have trouble sleeping – it’s such a help.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along on our Making A Home process – And I hope this helps those of you who are on the journey to clean living. For more updates on our home, stay tuned right here on the blog, and for updates each week on clean products I’m loving, follow along on Instagram at The Clean Stuff. xo

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