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So excited to share another week with you on Making A Home. We’ve been in a series on the blog about Jase and I’s process of renovating our home, and it’s been so much fun to be able to share each week with you a different area of our house as well as brands and products we’ve come to love along the way!

One of the things that attracted us most to our home was the backyard. Jase and I both love spending time in nature. There is something about stepping outside that immediately brings a sense of peace, calm, and simplicity. When friends are over or family is in town, we cherish the time in the backyard because it seems to dissipate distractions and leads to the sweetest memories and meaningful conversations.

One of the most special things about moving into our house has been making it fitting to the lifestyle we value and prioritize; vitamin D, conversations, space for vulnerability, slowing down, enjoying nature, fun summer evenings outside, and days by the pool!

Has anyone else noticed that quality outdoor furniture can be incredibly expensive? It was quite a mind-blowing realization for us recently, but I am all about researching to find a solution. I came upon AllModern and was completely beside myself with excitement. They have the most beautiful outdoor furniture that lends to creating such cozy spaces outside. We are over the moon about the comfy chairs behind the fireplace and sit in the sofa and chairs almost every evening taking in the quiet and enjoy the restful space. We are so looking forward to enjoying meals outside with our friends and family on the long dining table. It fits perfectly in this area and brings the whole area together.

What Is In Our Backyard

Outdoor Dining Set ▪️ Patio Chairs ▪️Lounge Chairs ▪️ Outdoor Sofa ▪️Coffee Table ▪️Side Table (no longer online) ▪️Black Planters ▪️Small Planters ▪️

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