Halcyon Lake: Timeless and Artisan-Focused Rugs

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I remember coming across a Halcyon Lake rug for the first time online and was so enamored by the textures, material, and quality. This company is a family owned business that started in the 70s in Australia. It is grounded by a philosophy that is timeless yet relevant to the modern times. With a forward-thinking and global outlook, they source and present collections that honor and respect the artistry of a rug.

They are fully committed to delivering a product and service of the highest quality by standing firm on their deep core values: integrity, honesty, and transparency. They have the most beautiful desire to establish long-term relationships with clients while making a difference in the lives of our artisan makers. I am such an advocate of their investment in quality product and sustainability.

Their Story

Halcyon Lake was established in 1984, but the company’s true beginnings were in 1973 with the founding of Berber Carpets International, a flooring business run by Noel Kiely who first discovered and brought Berber carpets to Australia. The carpet had such success across the country, leaving a lasting impression on the interior design industry. Almost 20 years after the establishment of Berber Carpets, Halcyon Lake was founded due to an increasing demand for rugs in a similar style and texture of the carpets. Fueled by passion and a commitment to quality, the family business is now in its fifth decade of trade.

What I love most is that their heritage in the industry has helped establish long-lasting relationships with makers and manufacturers all around the world, some of whom they still work with today.

I love seeing companies care so much about not only the quality of product but the people behind the product. It creates such beautiful soul, meaning, and only encourages the charm of artistry.

The Story Behind the Rug

I could not be more grateful that this rug is the foundation of our living room, where so many memories will be created. Their German manufacturers have made rugs by hand since 1840. From the process of shearing until the finished piece, full quality control ensures that they obtain the best raw materials and that the rugs are woven to the highest standard. This rug is made of pure wool from New Zealand + what I love most: they strive to refine the crafting process to make the lowest environmental impact. Did I mention the rug is hardwearing, reversible, and also easy to care for? It seems to good to be true!

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