Linens and Towels: Magic Linen

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Last week, we got so extra close to finishing our home – we are 80% complete and waiting for a few final things. It was the most rewarding feeling and extra fun to see the vision come to life. As y’all know, creating cozy guest bedrooms is a passion of mine, and Magic Linen has been such a game changer in this process.

We decided to give even extra love to the upstairs bedroom because our parents will stay there when they come into town, so the comfort must be at an all-time high. Enter Magic Linen bedding – the coziest in all the land + I love how it sits on the bed and it naturally is not wrinkly, which can always be one of the downsides of linen.

Their towels are also a dream and make the bath experience extra lovely! And I am also majorly heart-eyeing this apron and their tea towels, which are stonewashed for extra softness! This brand is a win on every level, and I couldn’t recommend it more!

To see more of our home and some of our favorite brands we’ve included along the way throughout our renovation check right here on the blog in our Making A Home series.


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