Parachute Home: Impeccable Bedding

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You guys probably have gathered throughout this Making A Home series here on the blog that I have a slight addiction to clean bedding that is sustainable and socially responsible. I mean, what is not to love? It is such a reminder that there is not a lack of incredibly comfy and soft materials that are health-benefiting and earth-conscious.

Parachute is a key brand that has made our home extra cozy + it delivers the perfect neutral accents. If you have tried this brand, you probably are a lifer. We fell into that category pretty quickly and fell in love with the quality of their premium sheets, towels, robes, slippers and all things soft and wonderful.

Did you know that Madewell and Parachute made the most beautiful striped bedding and jammies? I had to make a quick mention of that because it was like a brand-partnering dream.

Through the recommendation of Ashley Kane, we also got the down mattress topper, and our bed truly feels like a cloud. Our other staples we have in our home are the body pillow with the vintage linen cover, the quilts (a dream), and their bedding. Their slippers and robes are heavenly, too, and are the best addition to spa feels.

See below for all of the things we have in our house. Happy shopping! And for other exclusive looks of the areas of our some, take a peek at the rest of the Making A Home series we have right here on the blog. xo

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