Fall Skincare Routine

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As the weather is changing for some of us and we’re settling into our fall routines–I thought I’d share with you one of the staples I’ve found that lasts me through any season, my fall skincare routine. No matter what season I’m in, I’ve always struggled with clogged pores and dry skin, even despite how diligent I am about taking care of my skin–but recently I feel like I have finally come to a product routine that has improved that drastically.

I also want to add that before quarantine I was regularly getting facials to help me find a good medium with my skin, but since quarantine, I wasn’t able to get a facial in seven or so months. Recently I just went back to my facialist who knows my skin so well, and she said that my skin is looking better than it ever has–I seriously owe it to these products and routine.

Skin can be such an important topic for all of us, though we don’t always talk about it–having clean and clear skin really can attribute to your confidence! I know that some of my issues can be issues that we all experience, especially in the fall season, so I’m excited to share with you and hope this helps!

My Morning Routine

In the mornings, after I cleanse but before I apply product,  I always spray this Rose Water on my face.
Then I apply these products in order:


My Nighttime Routine

I always double cleanse or cleanse once and then use Odacite Blue Aura Cleansing Water
Other Nighttime Products
Each of these products is amazing on their own–but in this routine, I’ve found the perfect fit for my skin! To find out more information on each of the products and what they target, click the links included above. And to see some of my other skin and self-care staples, follow The Clean Stuff where I regularly post my favorite clean picks. xo

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