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Must-Have For Fall: Everlane Stretch Denim

From the West Coast to the East Coast, my friend and LSK editor, Melissa, and I styled new must-have denim for fall…meet the Everlane Authentic Stretch Denim collection.

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Our Everlane Edit

We have talked about our love for Everlane before on the blog and our feelings have only grown over time for this ethical brand!

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Denim Made By Everlane

Denim lovers, this one is for you. You might have already heard the news, but if you haven’t, then this is seriously about to be a big moment. Everlane has launched their own denim line. Yes, denim made by Everlane is now a reality. The brand that we love for their minimalist style approach, appreciation of quality materials, transparent pricing,…

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Why We Love Everlane Shoes

Today we are sharing why we love Everlane shoes. We knew that we liked them, but now that Lauren and I each own a few pairs and have worn them many times, we are completely sold. Everlane shoes are responsibly made, thoughtfully designed, and made out of high quality leather. They are also extremely practical, versatile, stylish, and comfortable. Comfort…

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Everlane’s 100% Human Campaign

Everlane is a brand that we truly admire and love. You can see our previous posts about the responsible, minimalist, + cool brand here and here, as well as Lo styling Everlane pieces here, here, and here. Today we are celebrating a campaign that just launched-  Everlane’s 100% Human Campaign. Feel free to read more about their mission here, and shop the 100%…

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Everlane gives back

Happy Friday, you guys. We hope that you had a sweet Thanksgiving day yesterday, enjoying it with loved ones over good conversation and yummy comfort food. As we all know, today is black friday and there are many amazing deals to be had. It’s no secret that today and Cyber Monday are both great times to get going on that…

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