10 Ways to Rest the Mind, Body, and Soul

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Rest and peace are such special gifts in this life, and are also so necessary to our well-being. I find it nearly impossible to live a joyful, centered life when my mind and soul are not in a peaceful place and my physical body is worn out. Below we are sharing 10 ways to rest the mind, body, and soul. These are things to keep in mind when hard times, overwhelming situations, and moments of doubt come your way- all of which are inevitable, but also so temporary. Keep the faith, friend, and keep pressing on! XO

*Trust the Lord

*Worry less, Pray more

*Take one day at a time

*Write things down- lists and journaling

*Turn off the TV

*Turn on worship music

*Talk less, listen more

*Read before bed

*Drink tea

*Be still


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Best Pair of Black Denim Under $100

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Black denim is always in constant rotation for me. I love how a pair of black skinnies can be dressed up or down and styled so many different ways. I am so confident in these jeans (c/o) that I have deemed them the best pair of black denim under $100. They fit like a dream, are so comfortable, have the perfectly placed knee slits, are ankle length, and can be worn with all shoe types from sneaks to heels. Abercrombie is the company responsible for making these amazing jeans and the price point is truly incredible. Check them out if you are in the market for a new pair of black denim and below is style inspo! xo

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Our Staple Grocery Lists

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We are so excited for this post! Today Lauren and I are sharing our grocery lists- items that are staples inside our refrigerators, freezers, and kitchen cabinets. The items on our lists consist of things that we are constantly buying and buying again. We are very passionate about fueling our bodies with good-for-you ingredients so that we feel our best from the inside out, and the below items definitely do that for us! These are just the basic, regular items we are always buying, but of course there are specific things we need when it comes to trying new recipes and preparing certain meals. I personally do a lot of shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joes, and Erewhon is Lo’s grocery store home. The Thrive Market is another great resource! Take a look at the lists below and get Lo’s outfit deets & links at the bottom. We would love to hear your grocery staples in the comment section, too! xo



Organic bananas

Frozen organic blueberries

Organic kale

Organic mixed greens


Organic veggies – broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, peppers

Fermented cabbage

Organic sweet potatoes


Lots of organic lemons!

Organic heirloom tomato

Mung bean chips


Homemade bone broth

Grass fed and hormone free ground turkey

Organic and hormone free chicken tenders

Wild salmon

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Minced garlic

Fresh flowers

Forbidden rice




Organic Spinach

Organic Kale


Organic Cucumber

Organic asparagus (or brussels)

Brown Rice

Rice crackers

Almond Butter


Frozen wild organic blueberries

Frozen Peas

Multigrain english muffins

Organic chicken

Wild Salmon

Organic Eggs

Wild canned salmon

Almond milk

OneCoffee pods

Rishi ginger turmeric tea


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Friday Night-In Checklist

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Sometimes after a busy and long week, a Friday night-in is just what we need. For those moments, we created a Friday night-in checklist for a peaceful, relaxing evening. It’s amazing how rejuvenating a night-in can be for the soul.  It’s a great feeling to wake up Saturday morning to a great cup of coffee, knock out a few things on the to-do list, get a workout or sauna session in, and enjoy a healthy breakfast all before 10AM. Scroll down to see our checklist + get the links to browse. From the coziest sleep shirt from Rails to the best sleep tea from Sakara, these essentials will add some serious comfort to your night at home. Enjoy and happy weekend! xo

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Clean, Safe, and Beautiful Lipsticks

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Lip color is such a fun accessory- we love playing around with colors depending on our mood and outfit. However, a lot of lipsticks unfortunately contain harmful and toxic ingredients. That is not very appealing, to say the least. We all deserve clean, safe, and beautiful lipsticks! That is where the brand, Kosas, comes in. Kosas lipsticks are made with the best natural ingredients like green tea, rosehip and grape seed oils. When we first heard about Kosas via goop, we were so intrigued, and once we tried out their lipsticks (thank you, Kosas!) we were totally sold. The lip color goes on so well, it’s weightless, lasts, and looks so good. It’s mind-blowing to us the harmful toxins that are in so many beauty and self-care products. We are so thankful for brands like Kosas, that make safe alternatives that are extremely effective and completely beautiful.

Find Lo’s outfit deets at the bottom! xo

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How We Love To Take The Time

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We are so inspired lately by a campaign that Cladwell is running. For those of you that don’t know, Cladwell is a company passionate about helping people downsize their wardrobe, which in turn helps simplify one’s life, opening up time for the things that really matter like spending time with family, doing things that you love, and having time to rest. Their #TakeTheTime campaign encourages people to take time to do what we love each day. Taking the time to do these good-for-the soul things makes life so special, meaningful, and purposeful. We find that slowing down and savoring these moments make such a big difference in our mindsets and how we approach life. Read on to see how we love to take the time + get Lo’s outfit details at the bottom. 

Lo’s list

-Take the time to read your favorite book

-Take the time to go to yoga

-Take the time to think and pray

-Take the time to greet your husband with hugs and kisses

-Take the time to make your favorite homemade latte

Melissa’s list

-Take the time to cook homecooked meals

-Take the time to read an inspirational book before bed

-Take time to read a devotional page or biblical verse before work

-Take the time to call my parents each day

-Take the time for date night once a week

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