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9 Clean Self-Care Items That We Love

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As you guys know, we love clean skincare and beauty products that are made with pure, safe ingredients. Using products made with safe ingredients not only results in happy skin, but it makes for happy hearts and peaceful minds! Below is a collage of 9 clean self-care items that we love + links to shop. P.S. Follain is a great online shop for high-quality skincare and beauty items. xo

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

Early Fall Favorites Under $100

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It is officially mid-August and our style-loving hearts are starting to dream of fall wardrobes. We of course will enjoy summer until the very end and plan to rock shorts and sundresses as long as possible, but there are a few early-fall pieces that are definitely grabbing our attention. See the images + list below for early fall favorites under $100.

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Poncho | Joggers  | Hat

Mules | Leather slides | Suede slides

Cardigan | Rib knit top | Denim shirt |

Vegan leather skirt | Plaid top | Tunic tee 

[denim (c/o) sold out: similar + similar | booties (c/o) sold out: similar + similar]

The Power and Joy of Worship Music

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Worship music is such a beautiful gift and lately we have been in awe of its power and the joy that it brings. There are so many talented artists in the worship music community and we are so thankful for their artistry! Listening to worship music is a big part of our lives and we hope to share just how transforming and heart-filling listening to worship music is.

We were inspired to write this post after reading this blog post from Hope Houser. She shared her playlist and it inspired us to share our favorite worship songs. From Hillsong United to Elevation Worship, We Are Messengers, Lauren Daigle, United Pursuit, MercyMe, Mandisa and so many more, there are truly so many artists who are sharing their God-given talents with the world. It is overwhelming in the best way!

Whether you are going through a particularly challenging season or not, listening to worship music will fill your heart with courage, hope, and faith. We have found that by listening to these positive, praising songs our minds become saturated with beautiful words of truth as we focus on Jesus and His amazing nature. My favorite thing is to turn on worship music  first thing in the morning while I open up His Word and spend time in it. I also love to have worship music on while driving, doing chores, and cooking. It makes for the sweetest atmosphere.

We hope you enjoy our playlist! Let us know your favorite songs in the comment section below. Thank you, Hope, for the inspiration! xo M

THE OUTFIT: top (similar)| jeans (under $100!) | sunnies | shoes

images by Felicia Lasala 

The Best Oversized Denim Jacket

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There is something about an oversized denim jacket that we just love. It is relaxed, effortlessly-cool, and completely stylish. We are so excited to report that thanks to Abercombie, we have discovered the best oversized denim jacket. A&F’s girlfriend  denim jacket is high quality, well-designed, comfortable, seasonless, and so versatile.  Plus, it is under $100 and comes in two color options-  medium wash or black. We cannot wait to pair it with skinny jeans for a denim on denim look this fall, or match is with a maxi dress or skirt for a laidback, 70’s-inspired vibe. Below are additional denim favorites from Abercrombie that we are loving for early fall. Enjoy xo

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*denim jacket c/o abercrombie 

Isaiah David by Hannah Burton

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You know those moments when you meet someone and you immediately click and feel like you have known that person for a lifetime? Enter Hannah Burton. She has a true heart of gold for Jesus and for other people, is full of adventure, and intentionally lives out her vision like I have never seen before in the most fearless of ways. What a special time we had photo-snapping on Mulholland in the middle of the beautiful LA canyons – her internal confidence and the nature of her heart made me feel more comfortable in my skin than I ever had before + it was a deep, magical experience I will never forget. What a gem she is, and not to mention, loads of fun!

Today is such a special day on LSK. Meet our dear friend, amazing photographer, and beautiful soul, Hannah Burton. Hannah is the creative heart and brilliant mind behind Isaiah David, a collection of scripture-inspired photographs.  The collection consists of eleven bespoke, limited edition art prints that all have bespoke concepts based on Psalm 23.  The images are beyond powerful and Hannah’s inspiration for the collection is heartfelt and deeply meaningful. Learn more about Isaiah David and get to know Hannah by reading our q&a with her below. Enjoy! xo

Hey Han! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Such as, what do you love most in life and where did you grow up?

I love my friends and family. I am blessed with incredible leadership and am thankful for the gifts I have been given to steward. I love what I do and am so passionate about making Jesus famous through photography.

I have been fortunate enough to grow up in the countryside of England and the city of London; I loved having the best of both worlds. It has helped me appreciate both environments and has influenced my work greatly!

Tell us how you and Lo met!

I reached out to Lo when I was in LA last year and had the privilege of working with her. I was challenged and inspired by her courage, her work ethic, her bravery, and her contagious joy. 

What do you love most about being a photographer?

I LOVE what I get to do. I love that everyone I photograph has become a friend, and I love that every shoot is unique. I love that I get to show people the way God sees them, that I get to concept and research and create with no limitation. I love that I am able to travel the world, too!


When you think about your favorite photography memory, what comes to mind?

There are a few:

The most humbling memory was a trip to Uganda, where I was able to capture beautiful stories of restoration.  It impacted me so much personally, and I left changed and challenged.

The most inspiring memory creatively was with Isaiah David; it has been so rewarding as I get to study the Word so intimately.

The most bizarre memories range from shooting with Katy Perry, throwing paint on a man, shooting with tigers, and holding a bond girls bra.

Did you always want to be a photographer/ how did you discover your love for photography?

I wanted to be an interior designer from the age of 14, and I studied it and really did not enjoy it.  I fell into photography and fell in love. I trained with amazing people and was blessed to learn from the best. I loved being around people, and I loved getting to know new people. I don’t believe you can be a photographer without having a relationship with your subject, expecting great results. You need to have fun and build trust in order to really show a true reflection of who they are. 

Tell us about the inspiration behind Isaiah David. What is the mission of the photography project?

For some time, I had struggled to understand the Bible for myself. For many years, my prayer was to know God’s word deeper and more intimately. I struggled to understand Him for myself.  One day I remember reading about Gethsemane and was able to see visually in my mind what that could look like. As a visual person, I struggled to comprehend the Word of God just as text. I have always admired the adaption of the word as visuals so people like me could see it better. 

I wondered if others had struggled too. I wondered if I could create Scriptures as visual mandates – creating reminders of the faithfulness of God’s Word. I also thought that this could be an amazing talking point. Knowing that specific Scriptures have carried you enables easy conversation to others that don’t know Jesus. 

What inspired the philanthropic component of Isaiah David?

I have been inspired by Lo, her courage and bravery, and her tenacity to help others. I love that through her story, she is able to help walk others through their own story. Something that we take for granted every day is the use of our limbs. I love that she is helping restore dignity and ignite faith in others. I can’t imagine walking through what Lo and these women have walked through, so I knew I had to support in any and every way I can! I am behind LSKF 100%.

The photographs are incredible and beyond beautiful. What was the creative process like when creating the photographs?

I have LOVED this creative process. I get to read, study and dissect the Word and within that, grow deeper with God. I pray and ask God for direction in what He want me to create. I want the images to speak power and gentleness to people; I want the photographs to have a timeless simplicity. Once I feel like I had a strong concept to each picture of Scripture, I bounce each of them off of a few strong theologians and pastors.

I would then start to bring a team together briefing elements of the shoot. This collection was shot over a year in NY and LA with different teams. My heart for this is to build a creative community, to inspire others and work together to build the Kingdom creatively.

It has been a labor of love. The next collection is going to be shot in London, and it will be easier now considering there is a structure to the process.

The scripture verses for each photograph are so powerful. How did you decide on the verses to include?

I wanted to start with Scriptures that were well known whether someone is Christian or not. I want to give the viewer the option to appreciate either the image first or the Scripture first because it is so well known.

The alignment of the Scriptures has also been very prophetic for me personally, and I am so pumped to see how God uses the images to reveal things to others.

What is your hope when it comes to the impact that Isaiah David photographs have on individuals that purchase them?

My prayer is that questions are asked, hearts are softened, salvations are made, conversations happen, faith is strengthened, and that people will know the faithfulness of God through His word and are visually reminded of that through these images.  

I am so passionate about Isaiah David. I have vision to see exhibitions, books, testimonies, more donations to LSKF, visual bibles, and the formation of a creative community. I hope to inspire others to create and communicate the Word in a new way.  

Friday Favorites

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Hello, Friday! We are happily welcoming the weekend, but sad to say that the Nordstrom sale is ending after this weekend. Prices go back to normal on Monday! It has been such a joy rounding-up favorites and sharing them with you guys. We hope that you have liked our picks! We are ending this sale season on a high note, with our final favorites below. Enjoy xo

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