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The Week Of Family, Cooking, and Shopping

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

This is week is definitely the week of family, cooking, and shopping. It is such a special time of year, but it can also be crazy busy. We are praying over all of us that we cling to calmness and not let the crazy-busy make us crazy! It is easy to get caught up in all of the pressure of hosting perfectly, cooking perfectly, decorating perfectly, shopping perfectly and everything else. However, rejoice, because we can say goodbye to all of the false perfect goals because they just aren’t true. What is true is that this week is full of fun opportunities to be with loved ones, cook and eat delicious meals together, and do some gift shopping. Above all else though, we are called to give thanks abundantly this week. So, instead of getting caught up in the crazy, let’s exist in the crazy (and even enjoy it) while standing firm in thankfulness with a gracious heart and a spirit of calmness, love, and joy. With that being said, we are of course going to list out a few sales that we are looking forward to (the ones that we know of so far!) + recipes that are on our want-to-cook list this week and weekend. Scroll down for more, xo.

SALES ON OUR RADAR (c/o Glamour.com

Alo Yoga- up to 60% off sale + 25% off full-priced items, starting Friday

Shopbop- 20% off $200 orders, 25% off $500 orders, 30% off $800 orders, starts today

Janessa Leone- 30% off hats from Friday-Monday

Hobo– 20% off full-priced styles on Friday

Krewe- 60% off frames from the 22nd-27th

Loft– 50% off everything on Friday

Anine Bing- selects boots & bags are 50% from the 24th-27th

Reformation- 30% off from Friday-Monday

Bella Dahl- 25% off site-wide on Friday

Fossil- 30% off everything from the 22nd-26th

Schutz- up to 40% off select shoes on Friday



this sweet potato chili from cookie + kate

chicken & turmeric soup from camille styles

roasted carrot hummus from goop

pumpkin porridge from in my bowl

flourless pumpkin cookies from chelsea’s messy apron

crescent wrapped brie app from food network

white chicken chili from gimme some oven

pumpkin soup from bread & wine

garlic butter mushroom risotto from pinch of yum

Fashionable Gifts For Her

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Oh my, gift guide season! Is it just us, or do you guys agree that this year is THE YEAR for gift guides? Influencers/lifestyle sites/and brands do gift guides every year of course, but it seems that everyone and their sister has an incredible gift guide this year! A few of our favorites are c/o of goop, sezane, hobo, anthropologie, brunch on chestnut, damsel in dior, cuyana, the catt walk, and everlane. This is the first of several LSK gift guides to come in the new few weeks, so scroll down to see our list of fashionable gifts for her- her meaning that woman in your life who loves all things beautiful, fashionable, and effortlessly chic. We are really drawn to Cuyana’s gifting philosophy of giving better, fewer things this year. The idea of intentional and thoughtful gifting, quality over quantity, and gifting with purpose is really compelling and makes so much sense. Not only is it financially wise and embraces the minimalist concept, but when we keep this idea in mind, we are likely to choose the best gift for our loved one- something that they will use and love for years to come. Here’s to a beautiful season of gifting! xo


ONE: faux shearling coat from Abercrombie | TWO: collar necklace from Pamela Love | THREE: scarf from Everlane

FOUR: heart shaped jewelry case from Cuyana | FIVE: convertible backpack/crossbody bag from Hobo

SIX: sunnies from Anine Bing | SEVEN: gold cuff from Elizabeth & James

EIGHT: lace-up boots from Kelsi Dagger | NINE: ruffle fingerless gloves from Rebecca Minkoff | TEN: hat from Janessa Leone


Home Sort: Closet Edition

773 1024 Lauren Kennedy

For those of you that know me know that organization is the key to my heart; the Container Store was my second home when we were moving into ours, label makers are dreamy, glass pantry containers are way better than packages, and organized closets and cabinets and drawers are top priority. #sos! All of that to say, when Home Sort reached out and wanted to ultra-organize my closet, I was all in and legitimately was counting down the days until the transformation. There was something about my closet that I couldn’t get fully right, so I knew their magical touch was all it was going to take!

First of all, the Home Sort sisters, Ryan and Brandie, felt like immediate friends when they walked in the door. They have the most contagious joy and they are just so much FUN. I love their love for people and organizing and serving others through their job. It is truly refreshing + they get the job done! I was so blown away when I walked into my closet that I held back tears (insert laughing emoji).

All of that to say, all Californians, call them ASAP.  They are mastermind organizers and will exceed your expectations! I also love that if you are on a budget, you can pay for their master plan, and you do the work for such an affordable flat fee. See their services here. Also, scroll down to see the entire process! xo






Video by Scott Allison Films // see him on Instagram

Photos by Christy Johnson Photography // see her on Instagram

Embracing Imperfection

682 1024 Lauren Kennedy

I am heavily inclined toward being a perfectionist. It feels like an instinctive internal pressure that I have to train against, and to fight against the fleeting desire, I have to be very aware of when I am falling into the unnecessary personal trap. Another realization: the perfectionist pressure does not come from an outside source. It is completely internal, and what could appear as external is merely comparison, which is completely internal. It’s getting deep, y’all. Who can relate?

The Idea of Emotional Perfection

I moved from Dallas to Los Angeles a little over three years ago, and it was as though I put myself on this subconscious timeline; I expected myself to feel settled in six months, and I was confused why I wasn’t even close. I felt like I should have deep, long-lasting friendships built right away and was discouraged when they were still at the very beginning stages even a year-in. I launched my blog, dry shampoo, and charity in January, and the fight against having every thing in perfect order was a struggle. It is all a battle of control, isn’t it?

Not to mention, accepting my imperfect body with the loss of my left hand and eye is a daily battle.

My mom just launched an amazing podcast called Thriving Beyond Belief, and she always sends me the rough interviews (I love it so much!). In her discussion with Jamie Ivey, Jamie brought up this premise: why don’t we view our stories as God’s redemptiveness and His presence rather than a list of insecurities? He made us so carefully in His image, and our story is a reflection of His beauty and purpose. That hit me so deeply, and I love remembering that in my weakness and insecurities is His strength. My imperfection is a reminder that I need Him because only He is perfect!

A Shift

The key word my husband has so lovingly infused in my brain is RELAX. Incorporating the definition of this word into every aspect of life is a game. changer. It shifts the perspective from viewing things as must-do projects and rigid to-do lists to enjoying the journey that every day brings. It helps you go with the flow without internally panicking. It leads to more laughing, greater appreciation, acceptance, and deeper joy even in the messy moments. I’ll take that over pressure and anxiety at any moment, but it truly takes an intentional awareness, decisions, and shifts to instill this.


I am looking three years of living in California in the eyes, and I kinda, sorta, slightly feel like L.A. is home, and that’s okay. We are rebranding our dry shampoo, Stranded, and it’s so exciting. I sometimes go an entire week without working out or going to the grocery store after a busy travel schedule, and in that, I embrace date nights out and pizza nights in. These all seem so imperfect, but I now view them as lovely.

I was reading a blog post a friend wrote last week discussing thirty things she learned in her thirty years of life. These four statements confirmed the concept of accepting and resting in the idea that we will never be perfect.

Life is imperfect and imbalanced always.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Love is uncomplicated.

Hard work doesn’t always give me what I want.

We all have one life to live. Relax, live confidently in every part of our story, and enjoy life to the fullest capacity.

Do you struggle with imperfection? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below! xo

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Current Color Scheme That We Love

564 714 Melissa Mayer

There is a current color scheme that we love…red, ivory, and camel. There is something so cozy and warm about this combo that makes us think fall and holiday season, while still keeping things light and bright. Below are a few pieces from a few favorite retailers that fit into this color scheme including a red mock-neck top from Free People, a camel cardigan from Abercrombie, and ivory (AKA, the most perfect shade of winter white…) pants from Anthropologie.






image via Pinterest 

Letting Go

682 1024 Melissa Mayer

I think sometimes we only think of letting go when it comes to BIG specific things, like a dream that didn’t come to life or an opportunity that didn’t turn out as we had wished. However, what if we were to “let go” more than just when we have to? Scroll down to read more!

If we make letting go a daily way of life, it will become habitual and natural to release the tight grip that we have on our own dreams, plans, and thoughts. Doing so will ease our burden and allow us to surrender control of our lives over to the One who is actually in control. “Letting go” can be a constant lifestyle and a forever frame of mind, versus just an act when you are in a situation or circumstance that forces you to let go. A yoga teacher once said during class, “Let go and let God”, and that has forever made an impact on my life. If we choose to live in a “let go” state, we open ourselves up to all that He is capable of doing! A few thoughts on how to actually do this…

Praise Him each morning by praying, giving thanks, reading His Word, and turning on worship music as you get ready for the day;these things put the focus on Him versus ourselves and set our minds in a place that is open to His direction.

-When you start to feel stress over figuring something out, or obsession over an outcome, or worry over what could happen “if”…stop, breathe, and say out loud “Jesus, I give this to you. I lay it down.” Or something like that! It is amazing how the act of saying those words actually changes our mindset and causes peace to settle in.

Keep Moving. This is a funny one because at the same time that we are to “move forward” we are also called to “be still” in waiting for His guidance and direction. Even though they sound opposite, they actually can be and should be lived out simultaneously. Read this previous post for more!

-If you feel like your mind can’t let go of something, journal about it or call a friend or family member to talk it out. I had a great conversation with a friend recently and she made a comment about letting things work themselves out, which is another aspect of letting go. Give things time to happen, but in the meantime, write down your thoughts and seek wise counsel.

We would love to hear your thoughts on letting go in the comments section! Here is a passage of scripture that we find so comforting and encouraging when it comes to letting go, surrendering, and trusting Him:

My child, listen to me and do as I say, and you will have a long, good life. 

I will teach you wisdom’s ways and lead you in straight paths. 

When you walk, you won’t be held back; 

when you run, you won’t stumble. 

Take hold of my instructions; don’t let them go. 

Guard them, for they are the key to life.  

Proverbs 4:10-14 (NLT) 


jeans (c/o) | boots | sunnies (similar, similar) | top (c/o…print sold out, sadly!)

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