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We Find Rest In Him

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You guys probably know by now our love for the devotional by Paul Tripp-  New Morning Mercies. We could go on and on about what an incredibly well-written, spiritually sound, and filled-with-hope resource it is, but for now we will just stick to raving about one entry in particular! If you love devotionals or are looking for one, this is the one to get, no questions asked.

If you have the book already, February 18th’s entry spoke to me so much. It is about about the idea that we are always trying to figure out our lives. Whether it is going through the past, dealing with the right now, or worrying about the future, there is always something about our lives on our mind. Tripp’s writing style and truth-filled thoughts are so incredible and mind-opening, that there is no way I am doing the topic justice right now, so definitely get a copy for yourself and be blown away! In the meantime though I had to share, because it caused me to have one of those “Wow, Yes, Amen.” moments.

He goes on to explain that of course it is okay to try to understand our circumstances, but the issue comes when we think or expect that we will find rest and peace through doing that. His point is…not going to happen. There is just no way! Life will continue to be unexpected and surprising no matter what. So sure, we might figure something out and that might temporarily give us rest, but not longterm. Tripp confirms the truth that true rest is only found through Him, in Him, and by His grace alone! Tripp says it perfectly here: “Rest is only ever found in trusting the One who has everything figured out for your good and His glory.” Amen to that!

What a blessing, a gift, and a relief that He has it figured out for us and we can access perfect, peaceful, sweet rest…but only through Him. We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments below! xo

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images by Christy Johnson

Top 10 Clean Beauty Brands

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Round-up time, clean beauty lovers! We get so excited when we find a site/blog that serves as a resource of great clean brands and clean living tips (like goop, because I’m addictedlee from america, well + good and more), and our hope for LSK is to be a resource like that as well- a haven of wellness information and a place where you can be inspired to try new products, meet new brands, and learn new things.

Today we are sharing current top 10 clean beauty brands that we find ourselves recommending to friends again and again. You have probably heard us talk about these before here on the blog or over on IG (+ @thecleanstuff account), because they are just that good. So enjoy the list below, check out the brands’ websites + IG accounts, and share this post with friends and family members that are also interested in discovering clean beauty brands that have been tried, tested, and loved!

1. primally pureWe adore all things primally pure! From the deodorant to the cleansing oil to the lip balm, primally pure products are in our daily routine and their ingredients list is as pure as pure gets!
2. rmsMost popular for their “un cover-up” concealer, rms beauty is one of our all-time favorite clean beauty lines. Their bronzer is incredible + their lip2cheek product (which doubles as blush and lip color) is a must-have. Their products enhance your natural beauty, making you feel extra beautiful with only the most natural ingredients on your skin.
3. true botanicals– An amazing collection of face oils, serums, and cleansers; all crafted with safe and nurturing ingredients to promote healthy skin. Their pure radiance oil is so amazing- truly causes your skin to be radiant with a natural glow.

4. juice beauty– Melissa’s favorite brand for concealer + she loves the cream blush and plans to try the foundation soon. Fun fact, juice beauty’s creative director is Gwyneth Paltrow.
5. strandedFounded by yours truly + my best friend, Anna! We are so thrilled by our dry shampoo powder, made for all hair colors, and we hope that you love it. Crafted with pure ingredients, it is safe to use + prevents you from having to wash your hair too much, which benefits hair health.
6. rahua– My favorite brand for clean shampoo + conditioner. It is a little expensive, but so worth it in my opinion. A little goes a long way, too.

7. w3ll peopleWell-known for their mascara + concealer stick, w3ll people products are crafted with clean ingredients and have a reputation for being beautiful, long-lasting, and safe.
8. kosasThe must-have lipstick brand! This is our go-to collection for beautiful shades of lip color, plus they recently launch a blush duo palette that looks so dreamy.
9. may lindstrom–  Beautiful skincare products that are rich in healthy ingredients and so good for your skin; some of my all-time favorite skincare products are from may lindstrom, including the honey mud.
10. goop skincare– The organic skincare line from goop is unreal! Their “essential six” collection includes six items for your skincare routine to achieve the “goop glow”…yes, please! I especially love the moisturizer and night cream.

We hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know your favorite clean beauty brands in the comments section below- we always love to learn of new brands. If you have tried any of these and love them as well, let us know! xo


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10 Recent Reads On Faith + Wellness

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Hello, LSK readers! Today we are sharing 10 recent reads on faith + wellness…five for faith and five for wellness! As you know, both are topics that we are so passionate about and enjoy writing about and discussing with you here on the blog. We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we did and as always, let us know your thoughts in the the comments section below. xo


heavenly-minded thinking via brilliant perspectives

be brave & wait via live original

finding beauty in the struggle via proverbs 31

when we can’t change our circumstances via live original

growing closer to God via proverbs 31


the power of a clean fringe via because I’m addicted

boosted self-confidence via cupcakes & cashmere

staying healthy when your other half has the flu via well + good

five energy-boosting morning drinks via well + good

all about adaptogens via lee from america


image by Felicia Lasala 

Primally Pure Q&A

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

Friends! We are so excited to have Bethany & Courtney here on LSK today from Primally Pure. Bethany is the founder of Primally Pure and Courtney is the brand’s natural esthetician + marketing strategist. We connected with Bethany & Courtney a while back and have since become loyal, forever fans of their natural skincare line. We have raved about Primally Pure before on the blog, specifically their deodorant and cleansing oil. Today we are sharing a Q&A that we did with them via email and let me tell you- it is packed with some serious information! If you love clean and natural skincare, you are in the right place. Enjoy the read and be sure to check our their website + follow them on Instagram.


What inspired you to start Primally Pure? I dealt with sensitive, acne-prone skin for most of my teenage years and well into young-adulthood. I tried every mainstream product you could imagine, many of which offered short-lived results but didn’t truly make a difference in the health of my skin. It wasn’t until after I discovered the power of eating real food that I purged my bathroom cabinet of toxic skincare products and began formulating my own replacements made with real, recognizable ingredients. Much to my surprise, the products I made actually worked better than the dozens I had tried in the past. My acne cleared up and my skin felt (and looked) better than it ever had. But most importantly, I enjoyed using them. I started selling my creations on my family farm’s website and a few months later I started a website of my own. Today, I have a team of 11 and we work out of a beautiful office/warehouse space in sunny Southern California.

What is your personal skincare routine? My skincare routine is always changing! I love mixing things up based on the season and what I feel like my skin needs most at the time. Lately, I’ve been using our Cleansing Oil for a deep clean at night 3-4 times a week, and then cleansing with our Baby Bar on the remaining days. I’ll usually follow either of those up with a few spritzes of Complexion Mist (I rotate between Neroli, Lavender and Geranium) as a light, hydrating toner. And last but not least, I’ve been using our Blue Tansy Beauty Cream for its calming + nourishing properties. In the morning, I usually just rinse with water and sometimes use Complexion Mist (really obsessed with Complexion Mist at the moment)!

Tell us a little bit about the work environment at Primally Pure HQ! I’m extremely grateful to have a sister-in-law who is an incredibly talented interior designer, and she designed our whole space! From our “spa-ffice” where Courtney works and gives our team facials, to our sitting area, my office, our coffee bar, etc. it’s really a simple, clean and inspiring place to be – which is always great for dreaming up new product ideas or visions for the brand. As for the team dynamic, we work hard and play hard. It’s difficult to know exactly what to expect with a growing company, but our team has been amazing at adapting as we go along and jumping in to fill in gaps as needed. Everyone is always willing to help with whatever needs to be done. And we reward ourselves with monthly trips to a local winery, spa days and other fun outings together.

We can’t help but notice how many bloggers are gushing over your products! What makes you most excited about the following of clean-beauty-lovers that you are curating? I have to pinch myself every day as we notice more and more amazing women (Lauren being one of them!) sharing Primally Pure with their followers. There’s no way we’d be where we are today without them, and we’re always super grateful and tickeled whenever someone shares their experience with PP!

What are you most looking forward to in the future for your brand? So many things! 2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for us. We have plans to move into a new + bigger space this summer, launch a few new products (including a coffee mask), hire on some additional members to our team and start a subscription program for our deodorant. Owning a business has been a more challenging undertaking than I ever could have imagined, but it’s also more fulfilling than any job I’ve had and I’m more excited than ever for what’s to come.


What do you love most about being a part of team Primally Pure? Oh my goodness, so much! But what tops my list is the people I have the privilege of working with.  It’s so refreshing to be a part of a team that genuinely gets along, encourages + supports one another and enjoys spending time with each other (even outside of the workshop!).  The women I’m surrounded by on a daily basis make coming to work everyday such a JOY.  Plus, the people I have the opportunity to connect with through partnerships, collaborations and customers are some of the most beautiful + inspiring people on the planet (ahem, Lauren + Melissa!).  My mom shared a quote with me recently that said, “Your tribe matters as much – if not more – than your task.” And I’m so deeply grateful that I get both – a career that I’m passionate about with people I dearly love.  

What is your day-to-day like as the holistic esthetician? Currently, I’m splitting my time between being Primally Pure’s in-house holistic esthetician and Director or Marketing.  But I love how these positions actually complement each other so perfectly!  As a holistic esthetician, I’m passionate about helping others experience health + balance not only in their skin, but in body, soul and spirit.  A powerful way to do that is through educating and empowering others – and that’s where the marketing piece plays a big part in my day-to-day.  

I spend the majority of my days creating content for our blog, social media, newsletters, videos and other creative projects to share clean skincare + holistic wellness with the world.  I work in our brand new “spaffice” which is beautifully designed to function as an office for content creation + communication as well as a spa for curated skincare services!  A couple days a week I give our team members facials (sorry, we’re not open to the public just yet!) using only Primally Pure products and customizing masks with the pure, natural ingredients we have on hand in our workshop.  Like raw + local honey, colorful clays, powdered herbs, natural exfoliants and essential oils.  Our plan (hopefully in the near future!) is to open a Primally Pure concept spa offering non-toxic skin treatments, stress relieving services and a space to holistically care for your whole being.  But right now I just get to play, dream and design on the daily!

What inspired you to become so interested in and passionate about natural and clean personal products? As I started to learn about the science of skin and the reality of how our largest organ reveals imbalances within the body and that the products we apply can actually contribute to these imbalances, I was inspired to search for skincare that was naturally derived and delivered results. Clean skincare just makes sense to me.  Why would we want to put anything less on (or in!) our body?  I think that awareness first started for me as I began to cultivate my own self love journey several years ago. Genuinely wanting the best for my body, for myself and for others.  

On that journey, I quickly became fascinated by how food, lifestyle and product choices have the power to positively or negatively impact the state of our health – not just for our skin, but for our mind and soul, as well.  This inspired me to start to take a whole person approach (including products, nutrition, lifestyle, stress levels, etc) when caring for skin.  I wanted to treat more than what we simply see in the mirror – which can be merely symptoms of something so much deeper.  

I’ve also developed a deep belief that we’ve already been given everything we need – specifically, from nature.  The colors are radiant, the aromas are intoxicating + therapeutic and the benefits are truly healing, inside and out. Life is already too short and too stressful, why add the burden of chemicals and toxic buildup?  Clean skincare is a conviction I carry with me, and as a holistic esthetician (and simply, a human being!) I’m committed to caring for myself and for others with only ingredients that are life-giving, to our skin cells and entire self.  

Tell us the scoop about your natural deodorant– we know that it is a top-seller for Primally Pure and we are so amazed and pleased by the ingredients and effectiveness of it! Aw, thank you! That always makes us SO happy to hear.  Our natural deodorant was the first product our founder, Bethany, ever formulated and she’s been on a mission to disprove the stereotypes surrounding natural deodorants (i.e. they don’t work, they’re just for hippies, etc.) ever since. And I’d say she’s doing a pretty good job at it 🙂  It’s so incredible to be a part of a company that offers a clean and effective option to conventional, chemical-filled deodorants.  Seriously, their ingredient lists (and the risks of disease + dangerous side effects) are scary!  

Our formula is so unique because one of its main ingredients is tallow from grass-fed cows.  This vitamin-rich animal fat is full of anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to protect and nourish even the most sensitive skin.  Our good-for-you, organic ingredients (fair-trade coconut oil, baking soda, beeswax, arrowroot powder, non-nano zinc oxide, kaolin clay and essential oils) work together to keep you smelling fresh all day long while leaving your skin feeling smooth + soft.  And how great is it that you can actually pronounce each ingredient on the back of the tube?!  As a brand, we’ve been able to show the world that it doesn’t have to be scary switching to natural deodorant.  It’s actually a simple, powerful way to take control of your health (and unwanted odor!).

What is your personal skincare routine? 

PM // First step, Baby Oil to remove my mascara (there’s no essential oils so it’s super gentle around my delicate eye area!) and then Cleansing Oil.  I LOVE oil cleansing (and love that you do, too!).  There’s so many benefits: facial massage, boosting circulation, deep pore cleansing, steaming with a warm washcloth and a balanced, clear complexion. After cleansing, I apply Everything Spray with an organic cotton pad which heals + calms any current breakouts or inflammation. Or if I feel like my skin needs a bit more moisture (which is definitely this time of year!), I’ll spritz Complexion Mist all over my skin.  This step is a must for me before applying our Palmarosa + Mint Beauty Cream as it helps it to absorb better and hydrate more deeply.  Final step, I always apply lip balm before bed!

AM // I’m still training myself to become a morning person, so I keep my skincare routine super short + simple.  After splashing my skin with warm water, I spritz Complexion Mist and I finish with our Fancy Face Serum to help even my skin tone and lightly hydrate.  I love using this serum every morning because it gives my skin a healthy, natural glow and I feel like I rarely need makeup anymore!

And of course, my daily skincare routine goes beyond the products I apply. I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin since using collagen peptides for smooth + strong skin, dandelion tea (supports healthy liver function) for clear skin and of course, water – we can never get enough of this miracle beauty beverage.

feature image by Christy Johnston  + product images via Primally Pure 

10 Things I Love About LA

768 1024 Lauren Kennedy

I moved to Los Angeles a little over three years ago, and although it is very different than Texas, there are so many things I absolutely love about this beautiful city. Keep reading to see my top ten favorite qualities about this beautiful California stop.

1. You are always surrounded by beautiful scenery. I sometimes get distracted driving because of the stunning views.

2. I love all of the near-by escapes in this state! There are the cutest little beach towns that are so charming and slow-paced. Laguna Beach is our all-time favorite, but we also love Malibu, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Carmel, and Big Sur + we have so many more places to explore!

3. Friendships are a beautiful thing in this city. Most residents are from a different state, so you live life so closely alongside people; it is really special and unique.

4. I love that there is never an end to exploring this city, and each neighborhood is highly different than the next. Studio City is so different than Echo Park; Beverly Hills is very different from Brentwood, and the list goes on. You truly never get bored here!

5. Los Angeles is very ahead in the wellness game. I have always studied health, but being in this city has opened my eyes to so much – it has smoothie shops that use adaptogens, grocery stores with the most pristine tonic bars and the newest of the new everything i.e. bone broth locally made in Venice Beach, coconut probiotic yogurt made locally, and unlimited charcoal-infused juices.

6. Spontaneity is extra fun in this city. Jase and I love last minute stay-cations or weekend escapes, and this city makes it extra easy to do. There are endless places to experience – we enjoy everything from driving to Malibu for a beach escape, visiting the most special local market in Echo Park, or visiting the creativity and hustle and bustle of downtown LA.

7. There are so many hidden gems here – the facial spa I go to has a special place in my heart. Carasoin is owned by the most lovely couple, and it is an embodiment of a lifelong dream by it’s Founder, Lena Bratschi. It is so special because they personalize your treatment based on your skincare needs that day. While Lena was treating my skin, I asked her how she became passionate about her business. Her answer only made me love her more! She was super close to her granny growing up, who lived in the midst of beautiful gardens in Switzerland, and she would make homemade beauty products straight from plants. #dream

8. The church we go to started several years ago in Jason’s living room. It started as a bible study with no intention to grow, and now it is an LA church plant. It is so humbling to be a part of, and the impact of the community is extra sweet.

9. The opportunities here are endless! I run into the most creative, inspiring, talented people on the daily. It is really amazing to see people with pure ambition pursue their passions whole-heartedly + it is so encouraging to see people walking fully in their skill.

10. I love LA because Jason is here ha! It has taken me time to adjust to this city, and he makes it extra easy and do-able to feel like this is home.


10 Things I Love About Dallas

1024 681 Lauren Kennedy

It blows my mind when my friends in LA have never been to Dallas, Texas; this sweet southern spot is full of so much charm mixed with city living. Texas is such a gem of a state (all of us locals are a bit biased), and it has the most safe, settling feeling about it. Can I get an amen? After moving to Los Angeles, I appreciate this lovely place more than ever. I miss the gentlemen opening doors, chivalry displayed at its best, predicted traffic, and the genuine smiles you pass on the daily. I was just talking with a local here in California this week about how Southern living is so centered around quality time with people rather than the next task, trip, or adventure. Both are beautiful, but the initial seems to be extra meaningful.

Here are my top ten favorite qualities about the Big D.

1. The people. There is nothing like the people in Dallas; this city is truly filled with the most genuinely sweet and warm people. I feel like everywhere I go, I run into some one I know – it makes the city feel like a cozy small town in the best of ways. Not to mention, my life long friends are there as well as my family. This is what makes the city the most wonderful place in my opinion!

2. I love the little neighborhoods that branch off of the city; there are so many hidden gems such as Bishop Arts District, Trinity Groves, Highland Park, Legacy, Deep Ellum, Uptown, Knox/Henderson, and Preston Hollow. These suburbs each have their own sweet personality and create such special places to call home.

3. Everything is so close by! No matter where you are, there seems to be several grocery stores within a five-minute driving span. Every thing is right at your finger tips! Also, a “far” drive in Dallas is on average twenty minutes with no traffic. #adreamcometrue

4. Football is life here. For those of you that know me know that I am a huge Cowboys fan, so I love being in the city that represents this amazing football team + the stadium is my heaven. Everyone’s schedules are determined around the games, and the watching parties are the most fun excuse to have big get-togethers with all of your loved ones! P.S. I loved growing up tossing the football with my dad and learning how to throw a solid spiral throw from my guy friends.

5. My arm prosthetist as well as my eye prosthetist are in Dallas, and they are the best of the best! What a blessing they both have been in my life.

6. Travel is extra easy from Dallas since it is in the center of the South.

7. The city is so clean. Dallas is so well taken care of; it is one of the things I appreciate most about this city.

8. When I land, I feel like I am home. It is so settling, cozy, and comforting. It is very family oriented and every place is filled with the most friendly faces!

9. This city is known for its restaurants and shopping. A few favorites: R&D Kitchen, Bird Bakery, Nick and Sams, True Food Kitchen, La Duni, Mi Cocina, Crudo, Sea Breeze, Eight 11, and of course, Northpark Mall + all of the cute villages for shopping.

10. I have an obsession with the Tollway. Is that weird? Lol. I know every swist and turn and the traffic patterns + it is just fun to drive. Even though I live in LA, I still thoroughly enjoy reading the Tollway update emails – I can’t help myself ha!

11. Oopsies. Can I get a #11? I am so grateful for the Village Church. It was a tool and a community that helped to shape my faith. The staff feels like family, and the impact of their lives, the way they wrapped around my family during hardship, and the heart of the leadership has forever changed my life.


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