All The Fall Feels

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Oh fall, we just adore you. Even on the West Coast where it is a little warmer a little longer, all the fall feels are still in full force. I am a big believer in cozy vibes this time of year, especially as the holiday season nears in a month’s time. Any excuse to cook a heart-warming meal like a yummy soup or tasty pumpkin bread is right up my alley. When it comes to fall fashion, sign me up for all the shades of denim, oversized sweatshirts, combat boots, wide brim hats, and chunky knits. And don’t even get me started on football…as a forever Cowboys fan, the fall season brings me so much joy and excitement around my favorite team.

What do you love most about fall? Let me know in the comments below and keep scrolling to see one of my new favorite fall outfits! Links at the bottom to shop. P.S. who is loving these free people plaid pants  as much as I am!?


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The Imperfect Art of Seeking Wisdom

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When I typed this title at first, I typed the art of seeking wisdom and then I chuckled to myself because it is an art, but it is an imperfect one at best! However, the imperfect art of seeking wisdom is so beautiful at every hesitant yet hopeful, slightly uncomfortable yet incredibly helpful, painful yet promising, unwanted yet so needed moment. Every effort of the act of seeking wise counsel is so worth it.

The Bible is full of instruction on seeking wisdom. First and foremost, the one who fears the Lord is on the path to wisdom. Fearing God is the first and most necessary step to live a life close to Jesus and needed to obtain wisdom and knowledge. Proverbs 9:10 reads: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

After fearing the Lord, seeking Him always, and meditating on His word, the Bible also instructs us to seek wise counsel. Proverbs 12:15 reads: A fool’s way is right in his own eyes, but whoever listens to counsel is wise. This is where community is so important. Having people in your circle that you can count on, trust, and go to when you need guidance is so important. If we are left to a path that we see as right in our own eyes alone, we would essentially be quite lost. This is because we can’t trust what we see through our own eyes, since our sight is so severely limited compared to that of the Lord. The Lord makes His way known to us through His Word, the Holy Spirit, and biblically sound counsel from wise people in our lives here on earth.

When I picture a person fearing God with their mind, heart, and soul, seeking Him constantly, and then calling on wise counsel from Biblically-minded people they trust, I see a person that is well-prepared and totally equipped to make wise choices and walk through life confidently, faithfully, and wisely.

Have you sought counsel from trusted ones in your life lately? Share with us in the comments below about how that experience impacted you and what you learned from it! Prayers and love to all, xo.


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Three Fitness Routines I Love

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Hey guys! As you know, fitness is a super important part of wellness. In order to feel my best, staying active is key. I love to be outside and that is part of the reason why I absolutely love the beach and being by the water. Whenever Jase and I go to the beach, we have time to rest and relax, but we are also up and out exploring and adventuring.

Regardless of where I am, home or at the beach, keeping fit is so important to me and brings me such joy! Below are three fitness routines that I love:

*Sweat App (BBG)

I do the Sweat App (BBG) about three days a week.


Doing pilates once a week works out really well for me- I love the strength and flexibility focus of the classes.


I love hiking and try to do that at least once a week – we live right on a canyon with a great hiking trail, so that makes it extra easy!

We would love to know what fitness routines ya’ll love! Let us know in the comments below. xo


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The Dichotomy of Love

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Love is the most beautiful gift in the world and is in itself a depth that feels impossible to describe in words, yet it simultaneously seems to bring a heavy heart. Let me explain because I don’t want this to sound like a negative perspective, but more one of reality + one I have been navigating the last four years. To illustrate, by far one of the greatest blessings in my life is my husband. We share such a tightly-bound, inseparable bond full of passion, lots of special memories, constant laughs, and mutual willingness to compromise because our sincere goal is to love each other better every day.

To take a step back, I grew up in Dallas, am super close to my family (my mom and my twin sister are my besties, and same with my dad!), and I experienced one of the greatest seasons of loss in that city, which connected me to it (aka the people) in a way where it will always feel extra safe and like home. When Jase and I met, he was living in Los Angeles and has now been here for nearly 14 years, so, as many of you know, I moved out of Texas to start a life with my best friend. Hence the dichotomy begins; I experienced such heartbreak to leave everything that was comfort, yet I was so incredibly excited to live in the same city as Jason!

He and I are both so thankful for this big move because my struggle of adjusting to a new atmosphere became his struggle too; he has been by my side wholeheartedly through it all, and we attribute this time to how deeply well we know each other. He is always there to cry with me and validates the grief of being unable to pop by my parent’s or sister’s house at any time. It developed in me such a lasting trust that he can comfort me like the people I am closest to can.

The things that create such a rich love almost always seem to come from sacrifice and hardship, whether big or small. For instance, leaving Dallas or saying goodbye to my family when they visit hurts my heart at such a deep level, yet there is gratefulness amidst the pain because it only strengthens our marriage + it makes me extra grateful for every memory and moment with my family. Not to mention, leaving Jase to see my family hurts my heart just the same. It’s such a complicated emotional pull, but one that causes me to be filled with thankfulness for all of the love that causes such intense emotion. Am I making sense? Does anyone relate to this feeling?

This post is in collaboration with The Refined Collective Series. Be sure and check out the other ladies in this wonderful group, such as Kat Harris with The Refined Woman and Jackie Viramontez.


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All Things Wellness

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Hi friends! As you may have seen and heard, I have started sharing exclusive LSK content for email subscribers that focuses on all things wellness. If you love the personal practice of wellness as much as I do and always want to learn more, you are in the right place!

I am SO excited about these emails because they are a chance for me to share different pieces of wellness information with you that have been life-changing for me. Wellness is a huge passion of mine, so these exclusive emails are such a fun way to share that passion with you!

So far, I have shared my go-to list of top 10 essential oils and a list of daily doses of nutrition, from spirulina to probiotics. Next week, Dr. Will Cole will be sharing some key points from his brand new book: Ketotarian.

I hope you join in on the wellness journey with me by signing up for emails! Exclusive content is delivered to your inbox about every other week, give or take.

Click here to sign up for the wellness emails! Also, fun news, we are giving away three bottles of my dry shampoo, Stranded, to three lucky email subscribers at the end of September.


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Must-Have For Fall: Everlane Stretch Denim

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From the West Coast to the East Coast, my friend and LSK editor, Melissa, and I styled new must-have denim for fall…meet the Everlane Authentic Stretch Denim collection. We seriously cannot say enough good things about these jeans. High waist, check. Stretch without stretching out, check. Perfect ankle length, check. Beautiful wash options, check. Just when you think it couldn’t get better…they are sustainably made in a responsible factory in Vietnam. How incredible is that? Also…just $68 a pair. Such a win! I am wearing the dark wash and Melis is wearing the medium wash. As their hashtag says, these jeans are REAL good. #DamnGoodDenim.

Thanks to Everlane for sending us these jeans to try! We will seriously be living in them all fall. Shop them below! xx

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