A Glimpse Inside Gameday Cloth: Home of the Stylish Sports Fan

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The best time of year is here: football season! With college football and the NFL season rearing into gear, we are here to guide you to the cutest sports clothes and game time essentials on the market.

With that said, enter into the world of Gameday Cloth, a retro-inspired sports gear shop started by two SMU grads. This sports-bar inspired store in the heart of Plano’s Shops at Legacy is anything but mainstream and commercial. It is that local spot that satisfies your desire to be different as you cheer in the stands.

Store owner, Jana Mathena, tells us the story behind this treasure-of-a-find and fills us in on some of her “favorites” in the Big D! Read on sports fans.

What led you to starting your own store? Was it a long time dream or a sudden aspiration? 

I’ve always wanted my own boutique. While in NYC, I studied Image Consulting and Styling at FIT and ended up with a small list of clients, and even worked backstage during Fashion Week as a dresser. It just seemed like the natural next step. However, there are a lot of women’s boutiques out there.

I was out shopping with Scott, my business partner, for something to wear to the first SMU game at The Boulevard 3 years ago and couldn’t find anything! Everything seemed too young or generic and mass-produced. Where was the cute stuff for my age? And why didn’t more people in Dallas carry SMU? Scott, being a total entrepreneur, started thinking about how to put a store together that would be somewhere we would want to shop – a fun, relaxed store with unique, stylish and modern clothes not just for the game, but to wear any weekend. That’s when Gameday Cloth was born. We created a sports bar style store with hard wood floors, a flat screen in the back, and a beer fridge. We always have the music turned up, and we receive new shipments every week. We’re a true sports boutique. Love your team. Love your clothes.

Why the focus on retro-sportswear? 

Retro sports logos are the most unique. When you watch games on tv or walk around, everyone looks the same. Yet there’s such an opportunity to show personal style even in fan wear. For girls it’s about the newest body styles and trends and translating those into team logos, and for men it’s making the softest, coolest shirt with a hard-to-find vintage logo. We work really hard to separate ourselves from every other store out there.

What is the mission of Gameday Cloth? Do you wish to expand? 

Our mission is to be a sports lifestyle boutique, offering an environment that makes you want to come back, even just to hang out. We don’t just carry team logos, but we stock our store with things you’d wear as the stylish fan – accessories, hats, sunglasses, etc. We currently have a store in the Shops at Legacy as well as the website, but we have definitely talked about where we would want to open next.

Anything new for the season that you are super excited about?

SMU Football! Wait – clothes – yes. I love the oversized, almost “boyfriend” look celebrities are running around in. We’ve been able to recreate that in your logo’d clothes. Everything is so comfortable; I wear it almost every day.


We know you split your time in 2 spectrums of Dallas: the city and the suburban realm of Plano. We want to hear your “favorites”!

Favorite restaurant in your work world? Coal Vines in the Shops at Legacy. Although, Whole Foods at Park Lane is my new favorite lunch spot. They have so many choices!

Favorite eatery in Dallas? Lumi Kitchen in Uptown

Favorite trend for fall? Like I said, the oversized look. But doing it up in different ways: A fitted simple white tank with skinny jeans and boots and a loose cocoon-style cardigan. Or leggings, ballet flats and a super oversized top. Comfort is stylish again.

If you could purchase one item to update your closet for the fall, what would it be? I’m on a shoe hunt. I really want a pair of Sperry’s, as my loafers have been in my closet for the better part of a decade – and Cowboys boots for The Boulevard (SMU’s tailgate).

Favorite Dallas shopping? For affordable? I run to Ella Bleu. For saving up? I go to L Bartlet. For total Lustworthy? Intermix or Barney’s. I’m also a big girl.

Favorite free time activity? What’s free time? I try and work out or at least walk the Katy Trial when I can. But I really need down time, so a glass of wine with a friend is crucial.

Favorite sports team? Of course, the Mustangs. I also love the Georgia Bulldogs – grew up in Atlanta – and think the SEC is the best conference out there. Professionally I cheer for everyone in Dallas, but I also love my other “home” local teams from everywhere I’ve lived. I loved watching the Braves games at Turner Field and Yankees games at old Yankees stadium. I never got to go to a Jets game, but I cheered loudly in the bars. Since I’ve been back in Dallas, our friends get together and make chili for every Cowboys game. I really just love sports!

Be sure to check out this unbeatable store to stock up on your team’s paraphernalia for a great season ahead! Store hours: Mon.-Wed., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Thurs., 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sun., noon-5 p.m.

Styling Advice: The Olsens+Sara Moonves

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Stylemint’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (we know you love them!) are launching a t-shirt of the month extravaganza, and stylist-extraordinaire and long time friend, Sara Moonves, was brought on the scene to show us some fresh ways to wear this simple style. Watch their debut video for some trustworthy styling tips and behind-the-scenes action!


Inside Punkie’s Place: A Round Top Wonderland

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We had finally made it to the Spring show at Round Top highly anticipating our arrival at Punkie’s Place. Walking into the tent, we realized that reality had left us. Suddenly, Lauren and I entered a world of creativity, flashbacks to different eras, fun themes and vintage-painted boots. Bold colors, disco balls, fiesta fun, glitter, clothing, jewels and antiques galore. The feeling must have been similar to when Alice entered her Wonderland. Diane Conlee, owner of Punkie’s Place, had transformed the space into a junky, funky store in only one week. You may be wondering where the name Punkie came from? Well, Diane’s party poodle, Punkie, was the inspiration and the rest is history.

We could not believe our eyes. Each season, she has figured out a way to make Punkie’s Place better than the previous show. Punkie’s has become a hot spot at the Round Top shows twice a year, bringing in people from all over the country to see what Diane and the Punkie’s dealers have put together. Not to mention they are extremely fun to be around! If you haven’t been to this show, we strongly suggest trekking to Round Top, Texas to see the magic for yourself.

We may not be able to venture down the rabbit hole like Alice, but we have captured the Punkie’s Place experience in our exclusive video interview with the mastermind behind it all, Diane Conlee. Visit Punkie’s Place at the next Round Top show, September 23-October 1, 2011.

Dallas, Meet the New Denim in Town!

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Calling all jean lovers! Deep in the heart of Texas, design gurus Aimee Miller and Megan Carreker have created the next must-have closet additions with their new denim line, Hip Chixs. Yes, it’s hard to contemplate jeans in this nation-wide ferocious heat, but maybe this will bring a glimmer of hope that fall is just around the corner.

Take heed: this look book video discloses how to make jeans the focal point of your outfit. These organically tossled girls prove that nothing is more classic than great fitting denim paired with plain black and white tanks and rouge lips.

These sassy and super-flattering designs will be available exclusively at the Blue Jeans Bar in Snider Plaza in Dallas!


Hip Chixs Does a Launch Party

The Blue Jeans Bar in Snider Plaza was hopping with the most fashionable Dallas-ites in early August as Baylor roomies, Aimee and Megan, finally released a dream turned reality–their fabulous denim line, Hip Chixs! After four years of building designs, searching for the perfect fabric and business building, these California-made jeans have graced the market with their unbelievably flattering fit (yes, I tried these on myself!). So, for you Big D residents, be sure to consider these for your next denim purchase. Choose from a perfect light stain or a super dark wash. Either choice is brilliant.

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Stellar Showroom: Interning with Betsey Johnson

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Looking for the perfect internship while in college can be stressful, but hard work and persistence surely pays off. Brittany Short was in this position just a few months ago before landing a rockin’ internship at the Betsey Johnson showroom in New York City.

Being an apparel student at the University of Arkansas, she knew the requirements to complete an internship in order to graduate. Applying for many, Brittany kept her eye out for anything that crossed her path. One day she went online and applied to the production department at Betsey Johnson. “I literally followed up, sending my resume over and over once a week, persisting that I was extremely interested in the intership.” After hearing back, she responded to an e-interview, and a few weeks later was offered the position!

I am sure you are all wondering what it must be like to work in the fabulous showroom. “By no means is my day as an intern here typical!” Covering many tasks during the day, Brittany drops off and picks up samples from contractors and patterns for production, orders trims and fabric for all the domestic Betsey styles, sits in on fittings of all the garments, and helps the production team at the showroom. Doing mostly hands-on work, she assists the employees. But her responsibilities do not end here! Invoicing and filing paperwork, Brittany helps make life a little easier for the busy staff at the showroom. “It’s really fast-paced but a blast!”

Did I mention that Betsey is in the showroom all the time? “She is truly inspirational, funny and quirky. She pays respect to everyone in the showroom. She is a very loving gal, just as you would expect her to be.”

After working here for the summer so far, Brittany has learned that the fashion industry is not always as glamorous as you would think. “There is so much more to fashion production then one can even imagine.” The industry is hectic and full of deadlines that you cannot let slip your mind, which can at times feel overwhelming. Being an extremely organized girl, Brittany has had to adjust to the frenzy. “All the craziness is worth it when you get to experience a glimpse of the glamor.”

When her internship is completed at the end of the summer, Brittany will be attending SCAD for their fashion graduate program. She would love to one day start her own label in New York City, and grad school will definitely help her in the right direction. “Working in the Betsey Johnson showroom has been a dream; I have had one heck of an experience being an intern here.”

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