Denim for Every Girl: Hip Chixs

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Fall calls for denim that rocks. Every girl is looking for that perfect pair of jeans that is slimming and well fitting at the same time. Enter Hip Chixs, a line created by two Texas girls who were sorority sisters and best friends at Baylor University. Being obsessed with denim, Aimee and Megan wanted to create a pair of jeans that would fit for every occasion. The duo was looking to make a pair that was breathable, slimming, comfortable yet sexy all at the same time for the ultimate flattering fit. Hip Chixs denim uses angled pockets and curved yoke to make your backside look trim. Need we explain more? Sign us up because we are dying for a pair!

The jeans are lightweight so women can wear them year round in cold or warm weather (yes, perfect for the Texas girl). The fabric has a recovery so that you won’t need to wash them after every wear to keep the fabulous shape. Hip Chixs jeans take less than 5 minutes to go back to their original shape with a fabric that consists of denim sateen to hug in all the right places! Amazing.


So here’s the exciting part! This month Hip Chixs is offering a discount for all the LOLOmag.com readers! Buy a pair during the month of November and receive 10% off. Let’s go a step further. Buy 2 pairs this month and get 20% off!


Check out Hip Chixs in People Magazine too here!

harmony in disarray.

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Webster’s dictionary in the fashion world is like Wikopedia in the scholarly institution: it is not always a reliable source. We all learned in elementary school that a word must be used in the correct context.

u.ni.ty [yoo-ni-tee]: mixing statement patterns, colors, and silhouettes with the absence of fear and the inclusion of an eye for sartorial splendor.

This revised meaning is based on these context clues:

the art of defining.

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i’m sitting in my all neutrally colored bed, fluffed up in my duvet and down pillows, purely inspired by the simplistic. does my mood or state of energy nudge my creative impulses and musings, or does it ultimately reflect something bigger, such as my personality or beliefs? it’s quite intriguing, as everyone is aesthetically motivated by different things and some are influenced by the same. does anyone else find that their state of mind spurs on these cultivations? to illustrate my query: a rainy day makes cozy things endearing, right? a sunny summer morning makes avies, longboards, and frayed denim quite attractive, no? i am contemplating the subconsciousness and reality of this notion. in the midst of my thoughts, I bring you my inspiration. see below 🙂

peace and passion.

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besides must-purchase cut off denims and those bangs that make you want to chop your locks, the look book for maison scotch fall resembles a confident peace paired with humble courage. it’s like she allowed herself to take time and think…we all need more of that, no? in other news, scroll down to see how to wear your scarf as the winter cools.

Check Out This Facebook App: ShoeDish (Neimans is Involved!)

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ThisNext Inc. recently announced their partnership with Neiman Marcus to launch an amazing new Facebook app called ShoeDish! You may be wondering why you need this app? Well, for starters the app is dedicated solely to shoes. Need I say more? The feature offers women a socially entertaining way to explore the latest shoes and of course to purchase the ones you love. The interactive app allows you ladies to share pumps and flats they think their friends would or wouldn’t wear.

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But that’s not all! ThisNext is distributing a weekly newsletter to app users to provide shopping inspiration from ThisNext editors, including Editor-in-Chief Mary Alice Haney. Neiman Marcus’ expert staff will also contribute by highlighting their favorite shoes in a dedicated Shoe closet!

The ShoeDish Facebook app’s features include: a Shoe Quiz, Shoe Closet, Throw a Shoe, Shoe Detail Page, Trending Shoes and Random Shoe. Are you dying to see what this is all about yet? Take a look here!


Jean Paul Gaultier Comes to Dallas: The Story Behind the Mannequins

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There has been a hype around town, and I think it has to do with Jean Paul Gaultier bringing his world to Dallas. From the gaiety at the events leading up to this arrival to the unbelievable increase in sales for local boutique, Forty Five Ten, and resale shops carrying JPG clothing, the Big D is experiencing great expansion into the world of fashion. It is bringing a new air of inspiration to the city, and we all are noticing. Dallas fashion icon, Jan Strimple agrees: “Dallas is fashionably on fire! Having Jean Paul Gaultier in our city is exhilarating. It’s a feast for the eyes and soul. It captures his provocative nature, his proclivity for inclusiveness, and makes the viewer think.”

Not only was I honored to attend the press conference and soft launch of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit, “From the Catwalk to the Sidewalk” at the Dallas Museum of Art last Thursday, I also had the personal pleasure of sitting down with mannequin designer, Lucie Jolicoeur, and her brother over a lovely lunch to discuss the stories behind the extraordinary creations produced by Jolicoeur International.

What is so fascinating about the Quebec City native, Lucie Jolicoeur, is the immense passion for her work and the creative process. She is greatly dedicated to the quality of the manufacturing that she personally oversees the entire process in China. She assured me that an arm or a leg never gets shipped out without her approval. But what stunned me the most was the fact that nothing is made by a machine, resulting in one-of-a-kind mannequins, crafted with the most delicate care and attention to detail. For this exhibit, they were even transported by planes rather than the usual mode of transportation by boat in order to meet tight timelines.

A fascinating point of view: The Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit debuted in Montreal, and the shift to the Dallas scene caused for changes to the mannequins. Each mold was altered to fit the aesthetic and culture of this city. New, stronger positions with smaller waists countered the more relaxed postures displayed in Montreal. A major difference, in fact, surfaced in the posture of a man on his knees. The workers in China were esteemed to be part of such a “special” project and were quite intrigued by the idea of creating a male mannequin, which is at times a rarity.

Jolicoeur International took it one impressive step further by joining creative forces with a company to produce animation on the mannequins. They speak, blink, and even sing to the audience–something so innovative that we are all esteemed to have the chance to see.

A Personal Note: The mannequins are outstanding. From the distinct shape of their faces to the color of their skin, the model shapes collaborated beautifully with such an esteemed designer. The designs proudly filled the themed rooms–Boudoir, Skin Deep, Punk Can Can, Metropolis, and Urban Jungle, and they added such quality, witt, and personality to the entire exhibition. Bravo!

About the Exhibit

Making its U.S. premier on Sunday, November 13th, at the Dallas Museum of Art, the exhibit includes some 130 haute couture dresses and ready-to-wear pieces spanning the 1970′s through the present day. In addition to 30 animated mannequins, the multi-media experience also presents photographs, sketches, and film and television excerpts – some never before seen by the public.

Running through February 12th, 2012, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier will make only one additional stop stateside at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, de Young, before heading on to Europe.

Admission to this exhibition requires a special ticket, starting at $16, available for purchase online, at the museum, or by phone at 214-922-1803. Click here for additional ticketing details. (Info from DFW Style Daily).

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