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A Clean-Crafted Wine Website You Need To Know About

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Happy Friday, LSK readers! For those who are 21 and older, we write with exciting information today…meet a clean-crafted wine website you NEED to know about: Scout & Cellar. Their selection of wines are all clean-crafted, meaning free of added chemicals, the grapes are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, and there is no added sugar. Yes, please!

We were thrilled to connect with Mallory Martin- an independent consultant for Scout & Cellar. We were fascinated by the information she shared with us on the importance of clean-crafted wine and knew immediately that we wanted to share the news about Scout & Cellar with you- a one-stop-shop for an amazing selection of clean-crafted wines. Read the Q&A below for more and consider Scout & Cellar next time your adult friends & family gather around the table.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself!

Hi there! My name is Mallory and, when I’m not sharing about clean-crafted wine, I’m working full-time for a non-profit organization and chasing my two cute (and crazy) kids around — Russell is four and Abby is two. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I’ve now lived in Dallas, Texas close to ten years and, though I still don’t own cowboy boots, I have fully adapted the phrase “y’all” and I’m not ashamed.

How did you get involved with Scout & Cellar?

The company launched in September of 2017 and I found out about it through a dear friend in my community group. As I heard her describe the wine and the difference between mass-produced wine and this newfound clean-crafted wine, I was immediately interested in what it would like to be involved. So, when I heard about this opportunity, it felt like the perfect way to learn more about wine and earn extra income on the side as an independent consultant. 

What do you love so much about Scout & Cellar?

I love that the wine we share is completely clean-crafted — which means it’s naturally grown and consciously bottled. Our founder, Sarah Shadonix, travels the world to find small batch, family vineyards who are making wine as it was intended to be — without all of the extra chemicals, added sugar and synthetic pesticides. We are all learning to care more about what we put in and on our bodies and there has been significant progress in the skincare, food and cleaning products, but — until now — no one was talking about the unneeded, harmful chemicals in our wine.

So, what makes clean-crafted wine different than others?

Winemakers these days are simply responding to the consumer. You and I decide that we love this one particular wine. We love it so much that we want it to taste the same this year, next year and the year after that. Wine is not supposed to taste the same year after year. But, in order to meet our demands of keeping predictable taste AND in order to continue to reduce costs, pesticides, chemicals and sugar are used throughout the process. There are over 250 commonly-added, FDA approved chemicals and additives used today in mass-produced wine. The average mass-produced bottle of wine can contain up to 16 grams of added sugar (more than a glazed donut). Clean-crafted wine has no added chemicals, no added pesticides and no added sugar.

Have you noticed a difference in how you feel drinking toxin-free wine compared to mass-produced wine including the chemicals, pesticides and added sugar?

Yes! The only headaches I experienced prior to Scout & Cellar wines were with champagne/bubbles. Though I loved the idea of a cold mimosa on a Saturday morning, it truly would lead to headaches more often than not. Currently, I can use a Scout & Cellar bubbly with a dash of orange juice and it’s perfect. 

Do you love to entertain? What is your favorite thing to cook + fav wine to serve?

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is one of the reasons I wanted to learn more about wine; my husband and I love to entertain and this component is a huge piece of the entertaining puzzle. Year-round, he’s in charge of the meat and I do all the rest. As we head into summer, his current go-to is grilling incredible dry rub ribs and I’ll pair those with a light tomato/mozzarella Caprese salad and grilled asparagus lightly dusted with olive oil, cracked ground pepper and sea salt. If we’re enjoying the meal outside, I’ll choose our 2016 Hannes Sabathi Sauvignon Blanc from Austria (pairs perfectly with the mozzarella), but if we’re inside, I’d choose a red to pair with the ribs — our 2013 Middle Jane Syrah.

*This post is intended for readers 21 and older only. Also, when enjoying wine, remember to drink in moderation and always responsibly!


10 Good Reads

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Happy Wednesday, friends! Here is our latest installment of 10 good reads from around the web including books to read, boho style inspiration, and reusable straws so you can ditch the plastic!   Enjoy xo

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images by felicia lasala 

A Medicine Hat

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I have come to realize that you are either a hat person or you are not. Do you guys agree? Ever since I was a little girl, I immediately felt and still feel in my element wearing one. A hat makes me feel put together and creative simultaneously, and to get a little deeper, you know when you put a note on your mirror to remind yourself of a positive perspective or an encouraging word? Putting something on my head personally takes on this same role. It reminds me to have intention about my thoughts throughout the entire day. I am obsessed with the Lauren hat made by the lovely Water & Bird. I was so humbled when she named the medicine hat after me to represent gratitude + the act of transforming fear and trauma into growth and healing.


Oh, and P.S! Hats add so much  ease to a day! It eliminates the need for a good dry shampoo or a hair wash and style. Some days, we just need a break, right? Talk about a win win…you look polished + it acts as a time saver.

We would love to hear from you below! Yay or nay to hats? xo

images by Felicia Lasala 


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California Living

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Hey guys! Taking a moment today to reminisce on last weekend as we look forward to this weekend!
We were hanging with our close friends, Matt and Angela, last week, and we started talking about going on a last minute escape for the weekend. They just had a baby at the very end of December and felt like they needed a relaxing break from city life.
We brainstormed everything from Stagecoach to the wine country to a drive-able beach location. We decided the best thing for baby M would be just a drive away, and Newport Beach sounded extra peaceful. We love trying new places, so exploring Pelican Hill was extra enjoyable; it is so homey and cozy and family friendly!
This weekend consisted of lots of sunshine by the pool, freshly squeezed lemon juice waters, baby giggles, and eating at some of our favorite restaurants. R+D Kitchen and Nobu delivered per usual and we left early this morning feeling extra renewed. This is what makes me extra thankful for California living; there are so many stunning destinations so close to home!
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Our Everlane Edit

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We have talked about our love for Everlane before on the blog and our feelings have only grown over time for this ethical brand! Their heart for sustainability and transparency is even more beautiful than their incredible clothes. It gives us such peace of heart and mind to buy fashion items that are totally timeless and created with mindfulness and intention. Below is our Everlane Edit consisting of tees, jackets, slides and more…a curated list of spring to summer staples. xo

Why I Love Beach Escapes

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The beach, the sun, and water are all my happy place. I immediately feel relaxed, settled, and give myself permission to detach when I am in that environment. ​Oh! And did I mention my husband is my all-time happy place? Trips with him are so renewing and life giving + we love them because it is a great way to unwind and reconnect after living daily life in the LA grind.

The two of us have the same vacation pace – to play every day by ear and relax as much as possible! Even if we are in a big beach city, such as Miami, we love feeling like we are in the middle of nowhere during the day. The feeling of escape is pure bliss + I am a sun lover, so I like to be in it as much as possible!

I am so thankful for trips like these, where I can slow down and remember the important things in life + separate from the to-dos and responsibilities. The breaks and the moments of rest have truly become a top priority in our life.


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