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The Week Of Family, Cooking, and Shopping

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This is week is definitely the week of family, cooking, and shopping. It is such a special time of year, but it can also be crazy busy. We are praying over all of us that we cling to calmness and not let the crazy-busy make us crazy! It is easy to get caught up in all of the pressure of hosting perfectly, cooking perfectly, decorating perfectly, shopping perfectly and everything else. However, rejoice, because we can say goodbye to all of the false perfect goals because they just aren’t true. What is true is that this week is full of fun opportunities to be with loved ones, cook and eat delicious meals together, and do some gift shopping. Above all else though, we are called to give thanks abundantly this week. So, instead of getting caught up in the crazy, let’s exist in the crazy (and even enjoy it) while standing firm in thankfulness with a gracious heart and a spirit of calmness, love, and joy. With that being said, we are of course going to list out a few sales that we are looking forward to (the ones that we know of so far!) + recipes that are on our want-to-cook list this week and weekend. Scroll down for more, xo.

SALES ON OUR RADAR (c/o Glamour.com

Alo Yoga up to 60% off sale + 25% off full-priced items, starting Friday

Shopbop20% off $200 orders, 25% off $500 orders, 30% off $800 orders, starts today

Janessa Leone30% off hats from Friday-Monday

Hobo– 20% off full-priced styles on Friday

Krewe60% off frames from the 22nd-27th

Loft– 50% off everything on Friday

Anine Bing– selects boots & bags are 50% from the 24th-27th

Reformation30% off from Friday-Monday

Bella Dahl25% off site-wide on Friday

Fossil30% off everything from the 22nd-26th

Schutzup to 40% off select shoes on Friday



this sweet potato chili from cookie + kate

chicken & turmeric soup from camille styles

roasted carrot hummus from goop

pumpkin porridge from in my bowl

flourless pumpkin cookies from chelsea’s messy apron

crescent wrapped brie app from food network

white chicken chili from gimme some oven

pumpkin soup from bread & wine

garlic butter mushroom risotto from pinch of yum

Sweater Weather

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Hello, sweater weather. We have expressed our love for Abercrombie many times here on the blog as well as on Instagram, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that we are D-Y-I-N-G over their sweater collection this season. From chunky knits to cool boyfriend-style cardigans, Abercrombie has nailed it once again. Sweaters are seriously the best; they obviously help keep us warm, but they are also stylish, classic, and can be dressed up for a cold-night-out or cozied down for a cold-night-in with sweats and socks. Below are our nine favorite sweaters from A&F right now, enjoy xo.

Home Sort: Closet Edition

773 1024 Lauren Kennedy

For those of you that know me know that organization is the key to my heart; the Container Store was my second home when we were moving into ours, label makers are dreamy, glass pantry containers are way better than packages, and organized closets and cabinets and drawers are top priority. #sos! All of that to say, when Home Sort reached out and wanted to ultra-organize my closet, I was all in and legitimately was counting down the days until the transformation. There was something about my closet that I couldn’t get fully right, so I knew their magical touch was all it was going to take!

First of all, the Home Sort sisters, Ryan and Brandie, felt like immediate friends when they walked in the door. They have the most contagious joy and they are just so much FUN. I love their love for people and organizing and serving others through their job. It is truly refreshing + they get the job done! I was so blown away when I walked into my closet that I held back tears (insert laughing emoji).

All of that to say, all Californians, call them ASAP.  They are mastermind organizers and will exceed your expectations! I also love that if you are on a budget, you can pay for their master plan, and you do the work for such an affordable flat fee. See their services here. Also, scroll down to see the entire process! xo






Video by Scott Allison Films // see him on Instagram

Photos by Christy Johnson Photography // see her on Instagram

Tulum: The Most Magical Beach Town

819 1024 Lauren Kennedy

My recent trip to Tulum (AKA, the most magical beach town) may be one of the most special experiences of my life thus far. My best friend, Anna, invited me to join her in this magical, jungle town in Mexico for her 30th birthday, and it was full of the sweetest memories that I will never forget. We stayed at Sanara, which is truly the most peaceful and quaint hotel on the beach. I loved this boutique stay – every morning, they would have a beach bed reserved for us along with the most lovely staff who became immediate friends! They offered yoga with the ocean breeze in full effect (one of my favorite experiences), sublime wellness treatments, and the coziest rooms along with spa water galore made with Mexico’s delicious limes as well as a bowl of homemade candies with local honey and sesame seeds. Sigh. Not to mention, an adorable straw beach bag sat at the bench below our bed filled with homemade essential-oil bug spray (much needed!), dead sea salt bath scrub, coconut oil for lotion, and toxin free shampoo and conditioner.

Also, can we talk about their restaurant, The Real Coconut, for a moment? It is dedicated to all that is conscious living and follows the foundational health and wellness philosophy that plants form the key to our vitality and that gut health and digestion are paramount to optimum well being. Their entire menu is grain free, dairy free, gluten free, and GMO free + it is full of adaptogens, coconut everything, bone broth, wild locally-caught fish and pastured chicken. Everything I ordered was absolutely delicious. I would start off each morning with the coconut probiotic yogurt with fruit compote and the charcoal lemonade. We would either order the plantain pancakes or avocado toast for the table, too, which were both outstanding. I also loved the fish tacos made with their homemade coconut tortillas, and the golden broth was unreal. This hotel gets 5 stars from us!

Our day to day.

SATURDAY. We arrived in Tulum on Saturday afternoon after a day full of travel. Note to travelers: fly into Cancun rather than Cozumel. It is much easier and more direct + it cuts out the ferry ride! We checked into Sanara, and we were so hungry, so we immediately went to The Real Coconut for their nacho bowl, fish tacos, and homemade guacamole. With fully bellies, we went back to our room to unpack and settle in and explore the property. That evening, we walked down the beach and arrived at Casa Violeta for dinner. It was the most darling restaurant on the ocean. As we were headed that way, we saw a group of families and the cutest kids hovering over something on the sand, and it was a group of baby sea turtles being freed into the ocean. It was the most incredible thing to witness. P.S. Anna and I were about to head to dinner and came to the conclusion that we would stay in our beach clothes because we would be immersed in sand and the humid air anyways. I wondered if we would be allowed to eat in that attire and soon concluded that there are NO RULES in Tulum. The waiter at the restaurant wasn’t even wearing shoes. Halleluiah! We enjoyed a homemade pizza and crispy brussel sprouts alongside the ocean and indulged in desserts back at our hotel.

SUNDAY. The next morning we woke so rested and immediately put on our swimsuits and walked down to the beach for breakfast. Anna and I are both the type that enjoy relaxation on vacations rather than a line up of activities, so we started every day in the sun and would explore in the afternoon! We set up our beach chairs, listened to a podcast on detoxing heavy metals (lol), had the best conversations, and swam in the ocean (it is perfection!). Also, today was Anna’s big 3-0, so the celebration was in full effect! In the afternoon, we decided to go explore the town, and by town, I mean a two-mile stretch of land lined with the most beautiful shops, delicious restaurants, and boutique hotels. I loved how both sides of the hotel were very contrasting in the best of ways: the peaceful ocean and the bustling street! Before walking into town, we made a quick stop to our room to grab some shoes and money, and the room was decked out in birthday decor! This hotel truly went above and beyond.

We had the most incredible time exploring the shops filled with locally crafted dresses, swimsuits, cover ups, blankets, and straw bags that were all so beautiful! We passed by fascinating spas, burning incense galore, stunning restaurants filled with vintage rugs, twinkle lights hanging from the jungle trees, and local menus. We grabbed some matcha and chocolate coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell at the Matcha Mama hut and ended at BE Tulum, a gorgeous rustic hotel at the end of the street. Across from that was a spa that immediately caught our attention. Yaan Wellness was so dreamy. After talking to the lady who worked there, I realized you could come to Tulum specifically to detox and reboot your body. They offer everything from colonics with the necessary diet available to lymphatic flow massages to yoga. Yes please. I would come back to Tulum specifically to experience this.

After a few hours of shopping and exploring, we went back to the hotel for a nutrient-filled smoothie and took the yoga class at sunset. It was a mix of challenging and relaxing vinyasa flow. Soon after, we walked down the street to eat dinner at Casa Jaguar, a beautiful eatery nestled in the jungle. This may have been my favorite food on the trip! We had the tuna fish tostadas, tacos de carnitas, prawns a la sal, and ended with the most delicious churros. Also, stop by their gorgeous hotel store, Todos Santos. It is interior goals. Anna and I walked back to the hotel for a surprise birthday cake we had made for her! It was one of the most special nights.

MONDAY. We woke up and did what had become our Sanara routine: coconut probiotic yogurt, health shots filled with phytoplankton, and then straight to the beach bed to catch some rays. We worked on our tan for quite a while and had the most fun swimming in the crystal blue water. We ordered way too much lunch, but enjoyed every ounce – homemade sweet potato fries, hemp plantain bolitos, the super green salad, and the sopa de lima. We had a spa treatment in the early afternoon and left feeling so renewed. We ate dinner at the beautiful Gitano that night. It is a cozy spot in the jungle, and their handcrafted cocktails are must try and their food is sublime! We then walked down to Origami Gelato for some homemade ice cream and called it an early night after a lot of sun and walking! One thing I love about Tulum is that the stores stay open until ten, so you can pop in stores you discover to and from dinner! It makes you feel like you will never miss a beat.

TUESDAY. It was our last day, and we wanted to soak in every moment! We started the morning off in the sun, and as we were laying out, we came to the decision that we should venture to a cenote. We took an afternoon trip about thirty minutes away to Casa Cenote and went snorkeling with our guide, Oswaldo, for almost two hours. It was one of our favorite experiences. We swam under the roots of trees and saw huge fish, a baby alligator, and a baby blue crab. The water was crystal clear! We loved this cenote but may want to go to a more private, rugged one next time. After our experience there, we had our driver drop us off at the opposite end of the road that we had not explored yet, and we shopped until sunset. We walked by Posada Margherita to eat, but they only take cash and we had just used it all that day and the near by ATMs were broken, so we tried to go to Hartwood, but they were closed two of the nights that we wanted to try! Those two places are most definitely on our list for next time. We were pretty exhausted, so we decided to have a cozy dinner at The Real Coconut and end the night with their coconut milk hot cocoa. It was one of the frothiest, most delicious drinks I have ever had and perfectly sweetened with the purest coconut sugar!

WEDNESDAY. We woke up and had a few hours to enjoy the beach and the delicious food before we had to pack up and leave for the airport. What a gift this trip was. We left with full hearts, renewed energy, and the greatest memories! Oh! And a box of homemade coconut flour tortillas and chips for the road. xo


swim top | swim bottoms | one-piece (and similar)

beach pant (different pattern) | sunnies | head wrap (different color)

one-piece | swim top | swim bottoms

white tank (similar) | sandals | hat


Current Color Scheme That We Love

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There is a current color scheme that we love…red, ivory, and camel. There is something so cozy and warm about this combo that makes us think fall and holiday season, while still keeping things light and bright. Below are a few pieces from a few favorite retailers that fit into this color scheme including a red mock-neck top from Free People, a camel cardigan from Abercrombie, and ivory (AKA, the most perfect shade of winter white…) pants from Anthropologie.






image via Pinterest 

Letting Go

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I think sometimes we only think of letting go when it comes to BIG specific things, like a dream that didn’t come to life or an opportunity that didn’t turn out as we had wished. However, what if we were to “let go” more than just when we have to? Scroll down to read more!

If we make letting go a daily way of life, it will become habitual and natural to release the tight grip that we have on our own dreams, plans, and thoughts. Doing so will ease our burden and allow us to surrender control of our lives over to the One who is actually in control. “Letting go” can be a constant lifestyle and a forever frame of mind, versus just an act when you are in a situation or circumstance that forces you to let go. A yoga teacher once said during class, “Let go and let God”, and that has forever made an impact on my life. If we choose to live in a “let go” state, we open ourselves up to all that He is capable of doing! A few thoughts on how to actually do this…

Praise Him each morning by praying, giving thanks, reading His Word, and turning on worship music as you get ready for the day;these things put the focus on Him versus ourselves and set our minds in a place that is open to His direction.

-When you start to feel stress over figuring something out, or obsession over an outcome, or worry over what could happen “if”…stop, breathe, and say out loud “Jesus, I give this to you. I lay it down.” Or something like that! It is amazing how the act of saying those words actually changes our mindset and causes peace to settle in.

Keep Moving. This is a funny one because at the same time that we are to “move forward” we are also called to “be still” in waiting for His guidance and direction. Even though they sound opposite, they actually can be and should be lived out simultaneously. Read this previous post for more!

-If you feel like your mind can’t let go of something, journal about it or call a friend or family member to talk it out. I had a great conversation with a friend recently and she made a comment about letting things work themselves out, which is another aspect of letting go. Give things time to happen, but in the meantime, write down your thoughts and seek wise counsel.

We would love to hear your thoughts on letting go in the comments section! Here is a passage of scripture that we find so comforting and encouraging when it comes to letting go, surrendering, and trusting Him:

My child, listen to me and do as I say, and you will have a long, good life. 

I will teach you wisdom’s ways and lead you in straight paths. 

When you walk, you won’t be held back; 

when you run, you won’t stumble. 

Take hold of my instructions; don’t let them go. 

Guard them, for they are the key to life.  

Proverbs 4:10-14 (NLT) 


jeans (c/o) | boots | sunnies (similar, similar) | top (c/o…print sold out, sadly!)

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