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Ragdoll LA

1024 683 Lauren Kennedy

I am just going to lay it all out there – I live for sweats, cozy tees, and oversized sweatshirts. My parents literally had to limit my sweat pant purchases growing up because I seemed to fall in love with every pair I saw. Even to this day, when I walk through our front door, I am in comfy clothes faster than anything, with a candle lit and a cup of Sakara tea by my side. With all of this said, my excitement when relaxing ensembles were deemed appropriate for public appearance was on another level.

I love when random decisions turn into the best realizations. My parents were in town last month, and we ran into Kreation on 3rd Street for a juice and popped into a store called Ragdoll. My mom and I were immediately lost in the effortless essentials – the vintage sweatshirts, the most perfect puffy sweaters, and the casual tees. The lovely founder and designer, Lisa Larson, came out for a quick visit, which made me feel even more appreciation for the brand.

I have so much respect for family owned businesses, and I love Lisa’s story and how she describes her brand : “Just like me, Ragdoll is a mix of European chic and slouchy Los Angeles lifestyle. From LA I like the very casual way you dress, and from Europe I love the aesthetic and colors. I’m a Ragdoll. I like to dressy classy with a touch of sexy, vintage, and rock ‘n’ roll.”

I couldn’t help but leave the store with two sweatsuits; the blush pink sweatshirt and track pants might be my favorite, and I couldn’t leave without the classic black sweats and coordinating pullover. They are perfect for travel days, running errands around bustling LA, and they are oh so perfect for a cozy night in lounging on the couch with takeout food watching This Is Us.



Best Pair of Black Denim Under $100

800 468 Melissa Mayer

Black denim is always in constant rotation for me. I love how a pair of black skinnies can be dressed up or down and styled so many different ways. I am so confident in these jeans (c/o) that I have deemed them the best pair of black denim under $100. They fit like a dream, are so comfortable, have the perfectly placed knee slits, are ankle length, and can be worn with all shoe types from sneaks to heels. Abercrombie is the company responsible for making these amazing jeans and the price point is truly incredible. Check them out if you are in the market for a new pair of black denim and below is style inspo! xo

inspo: 1 / 2 / 3

Our Staple Grocery Lists

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

We are so excited for this post! Today Lauren and I are sharing our grocery lists- items that are staples inside our refrigerators, freezers, and kitchen cabinets. The items on our lists consist of things that we are constantly buying and buying again. We are very passionate about fueling our bodies with good-for-you ingredients so that we feel our best from the inside out, and the below items definitely do that for us! These are just the basic, regular items we are always buying, but of course there are specific things we need when it comes to trying new recipes and preparing certain meals. I personally do a lot of shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joes, and Erewhon is Lo’s grocery store home. The Thrive Market is another great resource! Take a look at the lists below and get Lo’s outfit deets & links at the bottom. We would love to hear your grocery staples in the comment section, too! xo



Organic bananas

Frozen organic blueberries

Organic kale

Organic mixed greens


Organic veggies – broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, peppers

Fermented cabbage

Organic sweet potatoes


Lots of organic lemons!

Organic heirloom tomato

Mung bean chips


Homemade bone broth

Grass fed and hormone free ground turkey

Organic and hormone free chicken tenders

Wild salmon

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Minced garlic

Fresh flowers

Forbidden rice




Organic Spinach

Organic Kale


Organic Cucumber

Organic asparagus (or brussels)

Brown Rice

Rice crackers

Almond Butter


Frozen wild organic blueberries

Frozen Peas

Multigrain english muffins

Organic chicken

Wild Salmon

Organic Eggs

Wild canned salmon

Almond milk

OneCoffee pods

Rishi ginger turmeric tea


SUNNIES (c/o) | JACKET (c/o) | BANDANA (similar) | DENIM (c/o) | TEE | BOOTS (c/o)

images by felicia lasala 



Spring Style Report

800 1000 Melissa Mayer

The upcoming season always makes us eager to gather style inspiration and make a list of things that would make smart additions to our wardrobe. Below is our spring style report- a mood board of lifestyle images that have us ready for the next season. From a cool jumpsuit with a cardigan draped over the shoulder, to light denim, bold stripes and more. We are really into the casual, sporty meets chic, and effortlessly cool vibe for spring. Scroll down for the imagery inspiration and find links at the bottom. XO [feature image via a&f]

1 // Abercrombie & Fitch

2 // Levi’s

3 // Anthropologie

4 // Anthropologie

5 // Rag & Bone

6 // Elizabeth & James

+ more spring things that we love:

Why We Love Everlane Shoes

1024 516 Melissa Mayer

Today we are sharing why we love Everlane shoes. We knew that we liked them, but now that Lauren and I each own a few pairs and have worn them many times, we are completely sold. Everlane shoes are responsibly made, thoughtfully designed, and made out of high quality leather. They are also extremely practical, versatile, stylish, and comfortable. Comfort is so important when it comes to shoes. Long gone are the days of sacrificing comfort for style. We want a stylish shoe, but comfort is #1. Comfortable shoes allow us the freedom to enjoy long days, go exploring, travel well, be pain-free, and so much more. In addition, we are big believers in investing in quality shoes, rather than buying a lot of not-so-great shoes. Everlane fits the bill for quality shoes that will last. Below are a few of our favorite Everlane shoe styles.

Why We Love Everlane Shoes | Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Click to shop our favorite Everlane shoe styles:

A Dry Shampoo For Every Hair Color: Stranded

1024 683 Chase Jennings

I hope you all had the most special and reflective New Year. I always love a fresh start and can’t wait for what 2017 holds. I must preface: the last two weeks of 2016 were extra special because we launched our dry shampoo powder, Stranded, as well as The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation, and both are so near and dear to my heart.

2016_12_13_lolomag8-178-editLet’s talk Stranded! I am so thrilled to introduce you to the loose powder, dry shampoo suitable for blondes, brunettes and red heads (yippee!!). It all started four years ago in our apartment with my bestie, Anna Beth, brainstorming on how we could create a legit dry shampoo without using baby powder or harmful aerosols! After SO much learning, praying, and trial and errors, it came to life! I am so thankful for how much we have learned through process, and I now have an extra respect for small business owners! Not to mention, we have learned how absolutely perfect the Lord’s timing is – we never understood the delays until now because for the tiniest detailed reasons, it could not be a better launch time. 👱🏼‍♀️

An extra fun fact: my sister and her husband joined our team almost two years ago! Extra extra fun facts: it is #parabenfree #sulfatefree #glutenfree AND #vegan 🙌🏻🍏 + we give a percentage of every sale to The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation! Stay tuned for exciting things ahead. Hint hint: a Dallas launch party will be happening in the Spring!

2016_12_13_lolomag8-161-edit 2016_12_13_lolomag8-151-edit 2016_12_13_lolomag8-138-edit 2016_12_13_lolomag8-131-edit 2016_12_13_lolomag8-125-edit

*images: felicia lasala*

THE OUTFIT: denim (c/o) | boots (c/o) | sunnies

turtleneck (similar, similar, similar) | bag (similar, similar)