Rock On With These Tees!

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Rocker tees can be mixed in well with your wardrobe no matter what the current season. They are perfect with cut off shorts, brightly colored pants, your favorite jeans and of course maxi skirts. Pile on some chunky bracelets or a few necklaces to add more character to your look.  One of my favorite brands of vintage inspired rock tees is Junk Food. Try out a Beatles shirt, AC/DC, The Who or Pink Floyd to name a few. Wildfox has tees fit for any rock star and they have been spotted on many celebs such as Beyonce and Katy Perry! Chaser is another brand that designs these comfy rocker tees. The look is relaxed, yet fun! I recommend owning several.

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Your purchasing guide to rock on! Journey Tee100 Things Tee, Pink Floyd Tee, Love is Everything Tee


The Mean Green

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Why this works: 

The opposing yet complimenting greens add extreme interest.

This versatile white shirt is structured and professional. It incorporates the sheer trend flawlessly, and it can be paired with jeans for a casual look or a fitted skirt for a polished look. The options are endless.

Balance is key here. When a top is buttoned to the neck, it is important to proportion it with a shorter hemline. This skirt hits her leg at the perfect spot.


Accessories: Notice a statement ring is all it took to make this outfit a knock-out. No earrings. No necklace. No bracelets. Many times, less is more. Tip: use your nail color as an accessory.


Gary Pepper Vintage is a go-to source of outfit inspirations. (Yeojin Bae ShirtDesordre Leather Skirt, Zara Coat/Heels, Alexander Wang Bag)

This Has Really Happened: TOMS+The Row

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Just when TOMS has once again topped the yearly charts of awesome in its own right, the wise decision to add some Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen flair immediately escalated its coolness level even higher on the ranks. So, it’s official. The TOMS+The Row exclusive collaboration has launched. This unexpected partnership marries The Row’s always-respectful nod to bespoke tradition and desire for modern clean lines with TOMS’ classic silhouette. The result is unlike any TOMS that have come before.

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Details:  Italian-sourced wool and cashmere blends join together for luxurious comfort and natural beauty, and unique fabrics custom-sourced at the highest material standards rest alongside irresistible premium details, all leading to superior wear-ability. Order your new pair here!


Stellar Showroom: Interning with Betsey Johnson

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Looking for the perfect internship while in college can be stressful, but hard work and persistence surely pays off. Brittany Short was in this position just a few months ago before landing a rockin’ internship at the Betsey Johnson showroom in New York City.

Being an apparel student at the University of Arkansas, she knew the requirements to complete an internship in order to graduate. Applying for many, Brittany kept her eye out for anything that crossed her path. One day she went online and applied to the production department at Betsey Johnson. “I literally followed up, sending my resume over and over once a week, persisting that I was extremely interested in the intership.” After hearing back, she responded to an e-interview, and a few weeks later was offered the position!

I am sure you are all wondering what it must be like to work in the fabulous showroom. “By no means is my day as an intern here typical!” Covering many tasks during the day, Brittany drops off and picks up samples from contractors and patterns for production, orders trims and fabric for all the domestic Betsey styles, sits in on fittings of all the garments, and helps the production team at the showroom. Doing mostly hands-on work, she assists the employees. But her responsibilities do not end here! Invoicing and filing paperwork, Brittany helps make life a little easier for the busy staff at the showroom. “It’s really fast-paced but a blast!”

Did I mention that Betsey is in the showroom all the time? “She is truly inspirational, funny and quirky. She pays respect to everyone in the showroom. She is a very loving gal, just as you would expect her to be.”

After working here for the summer so far, Brittany has learned that the fashion industry is not always as glamorous as you would think. “There is so much more to fashion production then one can even imagine.” The industry is hectic and full of deadlines that you cannot let slip your mind, which can at times feel overwhelming. Being an extremely organized girl, Brittany has had to adjust to the frenzy. “All the craziness is worth it when you get to experience a glimpse of the glamor.”

When her internship is completed at the end of the summer, Brittany will be attending SCAD for their fashion graduate program. She would love to one day start her own label in New York City, and grad school will definitely help her in the right direction. “Working in the Betsey Johnson showroom has been a dream; I have had one heck of an experience being an intern here.”

Not Just for Grandmas: The Irresistible Loafer

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We must start training our mind away from the notion that loafers are made for grandmas. Instead, we should create a new connotation for the word: the latest fall classic. Incorporating menswear attributes into your outfits is pertinent come fall, and this subtle slip-on will be sure to take care of that. Style is about seeing from new lenses as looks are constantly changing, so embrace this fashion mandate, and start shopping around for your fall loafers. You don’t have to look far, though, because LOLO has found the one for all.

LOLO’s choice: The Steven by Steve Madden ‘Madee’ slip-on. They are super comfy and come in every fabric, style, and color imaginable. My personal favorite is the leopard print! Take a look here.


DIY: Friendship Bracelets

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Layering colorful cords is the happening accessory statement these days, and with the prices rising on these little pieces, I found a super simple way to make your own! The best part: these homemade bracelets work for all ages, styles, and personalities.

For the professionals and moms alike, these are uber-chic to wear with a nice watch to work or with a cute blouse on a double date night, but they can translate on the cuff into a cutesy project for your daughters too! Or, stumped on a gift idea? “It’s just the thought that counts” is simply a bonus!

Follow Sophie Okulick’s guide to making these happy wristlets! Whether it’s a random “thinking of you” present, or a party favor, these will step your style up a notch with a sentimental touch.

What you’ll need:


-31/2 ft of colorful cord

-2 inches of chain link

-1 small bolt that matches the chain


Step 1 – Cut your rope into two equal sections, fold one piece in half and string through one end of your chain link tying a loop knot

Step 2 – With the same rope now attached, tie a loose double knot where your bolt closure will go through.

Step 3 – Repeat step 2 with the other piece of rope tying a few knots to keep your blot from sliding down the rope.

Step 4 – String your bolt though and tie a few tight knots to hold the bolt in place

Step 5 – Cut the remaining string on both ends.

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