Favorite All-Natural Cleaning Product Brand

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It was so fun recently discussing the importance of a toxin-free home and hearing some tips and tricks from Molly Abrigg. I love her perspective that we have little control over the toxin exposure outside of our homes, but we do have that control inside our homes! I have learned so much about the power of toxin exposure through the book, Never Be Sick Again, and it has fully empowered me to limit my contact with toxins because they affect our health in such detrimental ways.
I am so excited to share my favorite all-natural cleaning product brand with you: Murchison-Hume cleaning products. The cleaning products are extremely productive and smell so delicious, even though they are free of all the toxins. Not to mention, this company is owned by the sweetest couple here in California! I love supporting a local company and am so thankful for their commitment to creating clean cleaning products. The Kennedy household is always fully-stocked with MH products!
Where do I begin? The sandalwood candle is so divine and has become a staple in our home; it alway brings me so much joy to have it burning in our house. Oh, and the counter spray is a dream. I am kind of known for the fact that I would take up counter cleaning as a second career, so a wonderful formula to help with that makes me happy. It really is true that cleaning is more enjoyable when you actually love, believe in, and trust the products that you are using.
Is it just me, or do you guys love when hand soap & lotion are next to one another in someone’s home? Cleaning and then nourishing your hands is such a healthy habit! Another thing about Murchison-Hume products that I love is the packaging- their bottles and labels are so beautiful and look very sophisticated on display on our countertops. Of course the ingredients and effectiveness of the products are most important, but good-looks are an extra bonus. Murchison-Hume has the winning, triple-threat combination: gorgeous products that are made with all-natural ingredients that work extremely well.
Also, I have exciting news! You can use the promo code LAUREN20 for 20% off your order. Happy cleaning, xo.

Clean Air For A Peaceful Mind

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As you probably know by now, making and keeping our home a clean, pure, toxin-free environment is so important to me! I have become really passionate about it and it brings me so much peace and joy to know that the air we are breathing and the products we are using are clean as possible. Even so, there are still pollutants, allergens, and gases that exist. When Dyson reached out about sending me their purifier: the pure hot+cool link, I was so thankful and excited to add the technology to our home. Dyson continues to amaze me with their cutting edge technology, as they are truly creating state of the art products that are purposeful , effective, powerful, and useful with a design strategy that is exceptionally modern and minimal. Last week I shared my experience with their supersonic hair dryer, so definitely check out that post if you missed it. Their hair dryer has seriously changed the state of my hair for the better!

Since I spend most of the day hours in my office, I decided to put the purifier in there. It has become my routine to turn it on everyday while I am at my desk. Since starting that routine, I’ve had such peace of mind and comfort, knowing that it is working to clean the air around me as I focus on my work. It is pretty mind-blowing to realize that air pollution isn’t just something that we should be concerned about outside, but it is an indoor issue as well. What is especially incredible about the hot + cool link, is that while it purifies the air and captures pollutants, it also heats or cools your indoor space, depending on the temperature. How cool is that! If you are interested in reading more facts, click here. The Dyson site has a quick video that describes the power of of the technology behind their purifier so well.

*images by Felicia Lasala. Thank you, Dyson, for the purifier! 


Coffee Table Styling

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One of my favorite parts about going to a friend’s home is seeing how they style their coffee table. Similar to someone’s wardrobe, a coffee table represents a person’s style, aesthetic, and gives you a peek into their interests and personal taste. From coffee table books to candles, a well-curated coffee table is truly a work of art in itself. Coffee table styling is a personal experience and there is no right or wrong way to do it, which makes the process that much more fun and enjoyable. Make it yours and let it make an authentic statement in your home! Below are a few of our styling tips, but again, you do you. xo


There are so many beautiful design books (like this one + this one) that serve as great coffee table accessories and house guests absolutely love them. When you are gathered around the table, it is fun for people to flip through the books and be inspired.


Fresh flowers add so much warmth and love to a home. We love picking up blooms regularly and adding them to our coffee tables. Much like a centerpiece on a dining table, the coffee table serves as a centerpiece to a living space, so adding fresh flowers will definitely make a welcome, homey statement. We are loving these vases to hold the beautiful blooms.


Capri Blue is our absolute favorite brand of candles! They smell wonderfully, are long-lasting, and have a clean, stylish look. This one is pictured above, but we also love this one and this one.


Having coasters on a coffee table is a must! Guests always appreciate when coasters are readily available, but they also make a table look complete & will protect the table from glass rings. We are especially loving these coasters from Anthro– we both have them!


Last but not least, an organized table is a beautiful table! However, depending on your taste and style, the coffee table might be more full than others, or you might like the minimalist approach. Either way and regardless of how many things are on the table, it is nice when everything is kept organized and looks put-together, even in an effortless way.


Cozy Home Items from the #NSALE

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We are so inspired by beautiful interiors and love the simple, cozy, and comfortable aesthetic. Last week we shared five ways to make home a happy place and today we are sharing cozy home items from Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale, early access happening now!

SHOP: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

Shop the collage above + additional favorites below. If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, don’t fret. The sale will open to all at the end of this week! xo

Bar Cart Goals

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Is it just me, or do you guys have a bar cart obsession too? There is something so put-together, organized, and party-ready about bar carts that make me absolutely love them. If you like having people over, or you just enjoy a cool set-up, a bar cart is definitely something for you. The below items are currently all part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale (early access for now, with your Nordstrom card) and the deals are so good. Plus, talk about bar cart goals! That gold frame + mirrored surface is a dreamy combination, and the style is very timeless, simple, and chic. Links are below to shop, enjoy. xo


bar set | stemless glasses | wine glass | coasters

the bar cart | decanter | copper mug | old fashioned glass

Five Ways To Make Home A Happy Place

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Today we are sharing five ways to make home a happy place. We are big believers in filling our homes with things that we love and creating an atmosphere of love and peace. From fresh blooms to cozy throws and everything in-between, below are five ways to make your home the place that you love to be the most.


There is nothing that brings us more joy than fresh blooms. We love the way it adds color and life to a room in such a pure, natural way.  It is easy to fall into a routine of only shopping for blooms when having guests over, but we encourage the idea of buying blooms just because they make you and your home happy.


Keeping things orderly is key for a happy space. The way to achieve this easily is to not have too much stuff and make sure that everything has a “place”. Doing so will prevent clutter and make it easy to put things away. A neat and tidy space makes for a clear and focused mind! Plus it is so much easier to relax and unwind in a room that is free of unnecessary clutter.


Bring on the pillows, rugs, and throws. Having cozy textures and soft things to snuggle up with on the couch or bed is so important. It is so comforting and peaceful to unwind after a long day on a cozy couch with a warm throw. Soft textures definitely create a sense of safety and comfort which are both home-y feelings that everyone desires inside a home.


No home is perfect and that is such a refreshing truth. There is such a beautiful, authentic, and real thing about a home that is clearly lived-in and enjoyed on a day-to-day basis. Yes we are against clutter, but there is a certain element of imperfection that makes a house a home. For example, don’t fret if you haven’t vacuumed when you should have or if there is some laundry back-up occurring. This is life! Embrace it and let it go 🙂


When it comes down to it, it is not the things in your home that matter; it is the people and the love inside the home that are most important. The true substance of a home is the love that is found inside and the positive, loving, encouraging, and happy atmosphere that is found within the walls. If you live alone, this is possible as well! Love yourself and show love to others by inviting people over, calling loved ones, and having loving thoughts.  A home filled with love is one that you will look forward to coming home to day after day.

a few home things that we are loving…

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