Meet the Artist: Lindsey Meyer

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Jason and I have absolutely loved choosing art for our home – it makes your living space so unique and meaningful. It is such a personal choice that brings joy to the soul + it is extra sweet doing it together. It definitely does not happen over night, but it is extra special when you find the perfect pieces for the right places. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lindsey Meyer last year, and she happens to be a fellow Dallas-ite! She has so much purpose in her creativity, is a precious mama to the most beautiful little ones, and is able to balance her talent with being a present mom and wife. I learned so much from Lindsey by reading the answers to the questions we sent her way – scroll down to read about her beautiful perspective on art, family, and life + see the painting in our home!

When do you first remember knowing that you were in love with art and painting?

I have vivid memories of art being my favorite class as a child. My mom painted an artist’s palette and a paintbrush on a smock for me to wear during class. I loved it! The smell of crayons brings back so many early childhood memories.
As an adult, I decided to return to school a year after graduating college to study graphic design. I enrolled in a watercolor class the first semester back and it sparked in me a crazy love for painting. I began painting every minute I had time. I knew then that I was on to something.

What is the creative process like for you?

I am not really a process person. I basically get in my studio, pray that the work that is done that day would be pleasing to God and turn up some really great music. I’ll flip through some inspiration I had set aside and pick out a color palette that draws me in in that moment.

What inspires you the most?

I would have to say that fashion and interior design inspire me more than anything. I am a clotheshorse! Chic put together outfits spin my mind into ideas for a  painting and Architectual Digest brings me inspirational overload. Getting lost on a Pinterest rabbit trail does my soul good too!

Before painting, I worked as a buyer for a small clothing boutique, an assistant for an interior designer and designed invitations for a card company. Design is in my bones and each of my work experiences have helped me so much as an artist.

What do you love most about abstract art?

I love the freedom of abstract art. For me, it’s all about color and the movement of a piece mixed with the relationships of space. I like to paint my mood and bring in the thoughts and feelings of the day into my art. Looking back at pieces and remembering what was going on in my life is an amazing way of remembrance.

Your paintings are truly beautiful! Do you have a favorite piece or a favorite project that you have done? If so, why is it your favorite?

Thank you so much. I just recently finished a painting that is my new favorite. It was quick and free and just felt really good. Like a sipping a smooth glass of wine, and I had sand and water on my mind!

The colors that you use are gorgeous. How do you go about determining the color scheme for a painting?

That is the ultimate compliment for me, thank you! There is a quote from Keith Crown that says, “Color is a language of the poets. It is astonishingly lovely. To speak it is a privilege”. I could not agree more. It’s almost like color is God’s love language to me. 

I have stacks of inspiration all over my studio that I shuffle through. I’ll pick an idea that begins the painting that day and the direction comes and go from there. There in no real plan or premeditation.

What do you love most about painting? What about it brings you so much joy?

Art is so exciting! I love the feeling of standing back after the day and literally seeing my creations. It is simple but completely gratifying. I am so grateful for a job that is flexible and allows me to be a present mom and wife, but also feeds my soul as a creative. 

It has been such a joy and privilege for me to be able to use my gifts to give back to organizations that I am passionate about. After the adoption of our daughter two years ago, the Lord began laying on my heart the desire to help support and be an advocate for other orphans/adoption here and abroad. It  has taught me so much and given my work an immense purpose. #artforadoption

Do you have a favorite place to create your artwork? If so, where is it and why?

We recently built a studio behind our house where I work. I share it with the paraphernalia that comes with having three children! I am so grateful for my own space to just be. It is my first real studio and I love it.

Who are some of your favorite artists? What do you love about their work?

I recently went to the Dieberkorn/Mattise exhibit at the SFMOMA and it blew my mind. I was literally standing in the presence of sheer brilliance. I love Joan Mitchall, Helen Frankenthaler, Ivon Hitchens, Gabriel Goddard, Charlotte Seifert to name a few. Each of these artists use color with ease and genius. The greats were paving a new way in their time. Gabriel Goddard has a way with landscapes that in my opinion, no one can match. Charlotte Seifert is a friend of mine and is one of the reasons why I wanted to be a professional artist. Every new piece of her work takes my breath away.

What piece of advice would you give to a young person who dreams of becoming an artist?

If I had any advice to give someone who aspires to be an artist I would tell them to be patient, pay your dues and be true to yourself. It takes time to come to the place of knowing which path you want to take. What medium do you feel at home with? What style of composition do you want to make your own? What genre does your art reflect? All of these questions and others will be answered with hard work, failure and time.

What is your advice on choosing art for your home? What is the importance of it?

Choose art that makes you happy and evokes an emotion in your soul. Ask yourself the question, “What would I love to walk into a room and see on my walls every day?” I believe that artwork is the crowning glory of your space. Let it be the component that allows your personality to shine!

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Pretty Images That Inspire Us Creatively

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Whenever we stumble across beautiful images on blogs or Pinterest, it’s hard not to feel a sudden wave of inspiration flood over us. Does that happen to you? We love browsing our favorite blogs, Pinterest and Instagram to see pretty images that inspire us creatively. A few of our favorite sites include Darling Mag, Glitter Guide, Because I’m Addicted, Brunch on Chestnut, The Everygirl, Sincerely Jules and so many more.  Not only are gorgeous images inspiring, but they are also mood boosting and mind-opening. I often find myself wanting to write, cook, rearrange my apartment, or just sit back and dream after seeing images that inspire me. The below images are images that inspire us, from interiors, to fresh blooms, to crashing waves on the shore. Enjoy and we hope that they inspire you, too. Also, happy friday and here’s to a wonderful, relaxing, and fun weekend.

images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

how to decorate for christmas.

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I can hardly believe that big red bows and pretty green garland are already lining the streets of California, and houses are already bustling with Christmas tunes, pine candles, and glistening trees! Doesn’t it seem to be starting extra early this year?
I am kin of loving it.

So I have to be honest. This year is our first year to fully decorate for the holidays. Our first Christmas was a few days after we returned from our honeymoon, and our house had about three pieces of furniture in it and definitely no Christmas decor! It gets better. Last year, I made the mistake of ordering a tree online, and even after measuring, it was tiny. Oopsies! We made it work, but this year, we are going full force, and I must admit, I didn’t even know where to start. Something that should be fun and joyful made me entirely overwhelmed, so I decided to reach our to my favorite interior designers in Dallas.

how to decorate for Christmas | lolo magazine | image via

Here are some holiday decorating tips from the Blue Print Interiors team. Let us know some tips and tricks from you too in the comment section below!

-Always get a fresh tree & wreaths (if you are not allergic). You can pick them up at Whole Foods or a local nursery!

-Be sure to water your tree every day – especially in the first week!

-If you have the space in your entry, that’s a great place for a tree!

-Add a smaller tree in another room with sterling silver ornaments or “collectible” ornaments.

-If you are using ribbon accents, it’s fun to use hot pink and apple green, as opposed to the traditional red and forest green.

-You don’t have to go with a theme, you can just pick pretty ornaments that you love!

-It is fun to start new family traditions as a young couple. For example, make it a point of always selecting and putting up your tree the day after Thanksgiving and taking down the day after Christmas.

-Make sure any vent blowing hot air nearby your tree is closed off. #fireprevention101

-A dated picture frame ornament is a fun keepsake gift to place pictures of lovebirds or little ones in.

-Fresh cedar garland draped over mantles and stair banisters always add a special beauty to the season as well as fresh square boxwood wreaths on the doors.

-Tall vases with branches or peonies are always a must on the mantles.

-Keeping it simple is key when a house can so quickly become overtaken with Christmas decorations.

-Most importantly don’t forget the reason for the season!

See some of my favorite Christmas decor below. Happy holiday season!

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farmhouse kitchen inspo board

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farmhouse kitchen inspo | lolo magazine

Hamilton and I are working on redoing the kitchen in his 1700’s farmhouse and it’s so much fun, as well as a lot of work.  We are making progress though (with the help of an amazing kitchen designer) and hope to have it completed by end of March 2017. I will definitely be sharing before and after pictures, but above is the first before picture. That vintage rug will definitely be staying, but the stove, floors, and cabinets will be replaced. I am forever thankful for that amazing old stove though! We have cooked up so many meals on that stove and it is where I taught myself to cook, so it definitely holds a special place in my heart.

Below are inspiration images for now + a few things that I am loving from Williams -Sonoma. We are planning on wood floors, simple white cabinets, brass pulls and knobs, a custom made island, stools, marble counter tops, stainless steal appliances plus a few more special details like the vintage rug that is pictured above. As you can tell, the theme is very simple, neutral, timeless, casual and comfortable. We love having people over and look forward to making the kitchen a functional place, but also a place to hang out. We all know that somehow, people always end up in the kitchen over appetizers, wine, and good times. xo

farmhouse kitchen inspo | lolo magazine

farmhouse kitchen inspo | lolo magazine

farmhouse kitchen inspo | lolo magazine

farmhouse kitchen inspo | lolo magazine

farmhouse kitchen inspo | lolo magazine

*five inspo images are from Pinterest

favorite kitchen things from williams-sonoma:

our bedding: serena and lily.

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Our sweet friends and family in Dallas held the most special engagement party for Jase and I about three years ago, and there was one piece of advice that my best friend’s mom imparted to me as a wife-to-be. I will never forget it. She said to always make your home a sanctuary and restful place for your husband; it should always be an atmosphere that brings peace and comfort after a long and possibly stressful work day.

Decorating our first home together has been everything from a test of patience (it’s a long process) to one of the most rewarding experiences. It was exciting yet nerve racking to create the vision for our home – it is such a big and permanent type of project that messing up or choosing the wrong piece is yikes! From trial and error, I have learned so much from what piece of furniture to start with in the design process to watching how my interior style has evolved over the last two years – it is fun to already become inspired for the interior of the next home in our future!


Enter the master bedroom. This room can be a tough cookie, right? It has to be the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. I had to let go of my desire to have pretty, feminine Bella Notte pillows and a velvet throw. Exit any floral patterns. So I came to a conclusion: neutrals and white is a clean way to create comfort. It’s cozy + the simple palette creates an easy foundation to add in different throw colors and patterns as the seasons change.

img_6983I have my list of top favorite online interior shops, and my first stop is always Serena and Lily. It never fails to deliver and inspire. This last month, we decided to get a new set of bedding. There is truly nothing like it! Not to mention, we might have a slight obsession with this duvet cover – one is in our master; one is in the upstairs guest! We also can’t live without puffy shams and pillows! Everyone wants a bed that feels like a cloud, right? See below for our entire set of bedding.

items c/o serena & lily 

blue print furniture just got better.

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Fall is already good enough, but I have news to make it even better. The lovely gem of a furniture store called Blue Print in Dallas now has some of their best sellers and antique pieces viewable online. I am giddy over it + major advantage: I can browse from Cali. The place is my all time spot for interior inspiration. Take a look and let me know what you think!screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-5-57-17-pmScroll below for a few of my favorites!!

I can’t get enough of these bubble chandeliers.

bubbleThis stunning dining table provides the perfect neutral palette to build on.

emoryThis cabinet makes a great first impression in an entry way, and it makes a TV look prettier. It can be used in so many spaces!

honeycomb_2A beautiful way to add color into your home.




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