New York City Trip Recap

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I Love The Big City

This past week Jase and I went to New York for a work trip for him! He was promoting his new show- In The Room, which aired on E! this past week with an interview with Tom Brady. I am so proud of him!!

Whenever we spend time in NYC, I am so happy. After living there twice, something comes alive in me reminiscing on all the life-giving memories and experiences. We stayed in the coziest hotel, 1 Hotel, and I couldn’t of been more content! Plus we visited some of my favorite restaurants when we were there, including Springbone Kitchen + ABC Kitchen.

Trips With Jase Are The Best

Jase and I love traveling together. My happy place is definitely with him whether at home or away, but traveling together is always so sweet. We had just been in Idaho with our families before going to NYC, so we had two memorable trips back to back. Yay for the holidays! Traveling well together comes naturally to us which I am just so thankful for.

NYC This Time Of Year Is Magical

If you haven’t been to NYC during the Christmas season, definitely add it to your list of things to do! It is truly magical. There are so many bright lights in the big city as it is, but add Christmas decor and the entire city is glistening at all times.

The hustle and bustle of NYC is real, and during the holidays is even busier! But the energy is so special and really puts you in the Christmas spirit. The restaurants feel cozier, the shopping is exciting, and the Rockefeller Center is a must-see.

Tips For Traveling Light

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For travel plans and just everyday life, tips for traveling light are always greatly appreciated. All it takes is overpacking one time or lugging too much in your tote to understand the value of traveling with less. Eliminate the extra stuff, stick to necessities, and your load will be lighter. The less you are carrying allows you freedom to be more present, explore more easily, and go with the flow of the day more fluidly.

Jase and I travel often, especially now with a place in Idaho! When it comes to packing light for those trips, here is what I stick to…

Work out clothes: bike shorts, tanks, cropped tees, leggings, and sweatshirts

Casual vibe: denim, sneaks, boots, tees, and sweatshirts

Comfy clothes: this is a must for all vacations. I have to be comfortable in order to truly relax, so athleisure is the name of the game

Layers that mix & match: the more that you can wear together, the less you have to take!

Hats of all kinds and sunnies: for all outdoor activities and let’s be honest, the hats hide the hair that won’t be washed too often on vacay.

Sticking to these necessities have made packing for Idaho a simple strategy that I return to each time we make the trip. Not only does packing simply keep my physical load light, but it keeps my mental load light too and that is KEY for joyful travel and a rejuvenating time spent away.


jacket | top (c/o) | pants | sunnies | shoes ( c/o | similar)


Healthy Traveling Tips

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Hey friends! In the spirit of summer travels, I am sharing some of my tips for how to stay healthy and feel your personal best on vacation. Vacationing is of course a time to have fun, relax, and unwind, but I find that by incorporating a few things in my routine and by making a few wellness-focused choices, even while on vacation, I feel my best and end up enjoying the vacation as much as possible!


it’s all about the balance…


celery juice

-When it comes to my morning must-have celery juice, I can go a few days without it, unless the hotel is incredible and is able to provide it!


-The Larq water bottle for travel is so intriguing – it filters + cleans the water through blue light! However, if we are driving somewhere, we bring water in glass water bottles and refill them when we can.


-I bring my daily supplements in a daily supplement container to keep them contained and organized!


-When away, I generally bring two snack options: Paleo Puffs and Ohi bars are my go-to right now.

eating out

When eating out, it’s important to order whole foods and ask questions – is the fish wild? Is the meat pastured, grass-fed and finished? I always ask about the oils in salad dressings + if my food could be cooked in olive oil. However, I will say, splurge a little on vacation! Eat a pasta or a pizza one night if you want because… YOLO!


-My makeup routine gets simplified for sure! I just bring concealer, tinted moisturizer/foundations, RMS bronzer, Ilia lip tint, and an Ere Perez color pot.


-For exercise, we always aim to workout in the gym, walk on the beach, or go on a hike, but most of the time we take vacation as a time to relax and rest. Above all, we listen to our bodies!


-I bring essential oils for relaxation, this silk pillowcase + this amazing sleep mask.


Hope you enjoyed this list and here’s to happy and healthy traveling!

xo, Lo.

Why I Love Our Time In Idaho

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Idaho is the place where I feel like I can fully shut down mentally and really open up relationally, spiritually, and emotionally. On many getaways, I still feel the urge to work and snap photos of our adventures and outfits, but this place makes it seem like responsibilities pause and relaxation sets in. For a getaway, this is so rejuvenating for the mind, body, and spirit! To me, Idaho feels like the good old days, where you don’t even know where your phone is! Instead, your heart is centered on card night with the family and friends, soaking in every bit of nature on the golf course, water skiing and boat riding until you are tanned, and ending with a night of cooking and sitting by the outdoor fire pits.

I love having a routine, and I think my Idaho routine is my favorite of all, starting with a celery juice of course! And here I define routine as having an open hand to whatever the day might hold, and letting it unfold as it does. I love the communal aspect of this place, especially on the pickle ball courts. I love that physical appearance is not even close to a priority…hello, lake hair! Not to mention, nature is what fully rejuvenates me; as you may know, I love all animals with all my heart, so it’s extra fun spotting different ones throughout the day!

Also, this place feels extra safe, peaceful, and absent of the stressors and troubles of the world. I couldn’t be more grateful for this getaway spot in the crisp air and beautiful mountains! It’s good for the soul, opens up space to think, and brings the important things into perspective: relationships, rest, and creating extra sweet memories.

Why I Love Weekend Trips To Laguna

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You might have seen on Instagram that Jase and I spent the long holiday weekend in Laguna. It was such a joy as always, so I thought I should share with ya’ll why I love weekend trips to Laguna beach so much. It is seriously our happy place!

Reason #1

It is truly the one place I feel like I can completely unwind. My brain shuts down almost immediately!

Reason #2

The weather is always so beautiful, even when it’s gloomy! It’s cooler than LA, so it’s extra refreshing + I love the fresh ocean air.

Reason #3

Jase and I always have the best conversations here, and it’s the most special place to recharge and reconnect when our work schedules are extra busy.

Reason #4

We absolutely love the food and quaint restaurants in downtown Laguna. We feel like we have really gotten to know even the hidden gems.

Reason #5

We love the beach and the peaceful environment that this little beach town is. We just feel right at home, and we always laugh because two days there feels like we were on a week’s vacation!


hat | sunnies | backpack* | shorts* | suit top* (similar) | sandals


My Go-To Travel Uniform

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This summer has been a summer of travel for me and Jase, and we have enjoyed it so much! You have probably noticed that on Instagram from all of the seat cleaning IG stories! Ha, but seriously though, I gotta wipe those seats down! 🙂

Not only is traveling so fun, but it also makes coming home so sweet. With all the recent travels, I have definitely established my go-to travel uniform which makes deciding what to wear on take-off day a total breeze.

For starters, this suitcase brings me such joy! It makes packing so easy and the color is super fun. I always reach for this sweatshirt, too, because it is incredibly comfy, and totally perfect paired with some black joggers…Everlane, Abercombie, and Lou & Grey all have great options. This carry-all bag makes for a great carryon on option; it is the perfect addition to a roller suitcase.

Normally I travel with a hat on, but I didn’t this time! A wide-brim one from Janessa Leone or a cap from Free People are typically on my travel hat rotation. You can’t go wrong with a solid baseball cap, either. The finishing element is a great white sneak that is comfortable and well worn-in.

What about you? What is your travel uniform?

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