One Week Only: The Wellness Bundle!

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You guys!! I have such exciting news to share. You know my Clean Sweep Program well by now: a clean living 90-day guidebook to clean up the foods you eat, the products you use, and the self-care practices you follow…normally priced for $129.99. However, today I am sharing an opportunity to get the Clean Sweep + 29 other wellness-focused programs created by wellness gurus for just $99.99!! YES. You read that correctly. It’s the deal of a lifetime and only available this week. Keep reading for the details!

The Bundle Co.

I have teamed up with The Bundle Co: a company that works with influencers to package their programs (like my Clean Sweep!) with like-minded programs into a bundle, creating a community of influencers, causing awareness for the incredible content they have to share, and making it accessible and affordable for YOU!

30 Wellness Programs for $99.99

You can read more details HERE, including all of the amazing programs included in the bundle. A few of my favorites include:

The Confidence Master Class by Namaste Jenay

Yoga For Beginners by Yoga By Candace

Say Goodbye To Your Period Problems by Monica Yates

& so many more!! By purchasing all 30 programs in this bundle for $99.99, you are saving a total of 98%! YES, all of this must-know wellness & information for 98% off! It’s such a smart investment for your mind, soul, and body.

Over a $5,000 value

I know how much heart and soul I put into creating the Clean Sweep and believe that all other 29 creators in this bundle did the same with the incredible health-focused content that they curated. In total, all of the programs together are valued for over $5K. You would be purchasing all 30 programs, with forever access to the information, for $99.99. That is seriously INCREDIBLE. It’s a deal only available this week, so hurry and don’t miss it!! Here is the link and I will be talking about it on Instagram all week long.


xo, Lo.




A Wellness Story: Stop Eating Gluten & Pray

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Hey LSK readers!

Melissa, here- Lauren’s friend and blog contributor! When Lo asked me to share this story with ya’ll on the blog, I was so excited and thankful for the opportunity. As you know, health and wellness are at the heart of LSK! My wellness journey and migration toward mostly clean living started several years ago, but I have learned SO much through Lo in the past couple of years, especially through the creation of her Clean Sweep Program. It’s SUCH an incredible resource for everyone who is on their own wellness journey. Speaking of wellness journeys, my health took a major turn south this past March. When symptoms set in and I started to feel very unlike my normal self, I was shocked and a little scared since I have always felt “good” and am pretty healthy.

Without boring you with too many details, I basically all of a sudden felt awful. With what I now can clearly see as the perfect storm of bad allergy season in Maryland, high stress, delayed response to emotional trauma, not fueling my body with the proper nutrients, not resting enough + a very busy schedule, I was left feeling completely depleted and pretty convinced that I was going to receive a diagnosis of some kind. When it came to symptoms, here is the summary: one morning and almost all at once, I experienced extreme fatigue, daily headaches, major moodiness and emotional rollercoasters, bouts of depression and anxiety, an extremely irregular menstrual cycle (when I am ALWAYS a 28 day cycle), constant digestive struggles, incredibly bad brain fog, muscle weakness, some tingling in my feet and hands, body aches, sinus problems, dizziness, and probably a few more things that I have mentally blocked out. These symptoms came in waves of intensity, on and off, but occurred on most days over the course of four months, leaving me in a pretty consistent feeling of being unwell.

After MANY frustrating doctor’s appointments including an anti-anxiety prescription that I never filled, a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy that appeared fine, a negative celiac test, and a negative lyme disease test, I felt answerless and frustrated. Then came a life changing statement from a very well-respected doctor here in Maryland that my brother had recently become connected with through work. He told the doctor all my symptoms and his advice? Stop eating gluten and pray. Despite testing negative for celiacs, he still thought eliminating gluten could help me. It’s worth noting, too, that he referred me to an amazing endocrinologist to rule out autoimmune and thyroid issues as well. Again, everything came back fine. Blood tests did show though that I was on the low end of some important nutrients, including iron.

On July 4th, I stopped eating gluten and stepped up my prayer game when it came to my health, telling the Lord that I surrendered to not feeling good right now and trusted that this season of feeling so bad was temporary. I spoke my trust that He would lead me to green pastures of feeling healthy again. I spoke it and prayed it until I really believed it. A week after cutting out gluten, the thought came to me that I needed to supplement my diet since I had cut out some foods. Side note: months ago when I first told my wise and loving older brother, Doug, that I didn’t feel well, he semi-sarcastically (but mostly seriously) told me to go eat a steak. I laughed because I didn’t eat red meat and hadn’t for years. He told me the same thing again (and again!) and finally one day I listened. I walked over to Whole Foods, bought a grass-fed tenderloin and cooked it in my cast iron skillet in ghee. And it made me feel good. My stomach didn’t even flinch after close to 10 years of not eating red meat. In fact, I felt like my body was literally soaking it up. Note: it was grass-fed, high quality, and well-sourced meat, of course, but at that moment I started to regularly incorporate red meat in my diet.

Also, I started to really pay attention to my protein intake in general from red meat, to chicken, to fish, to plant protein powder, and more. I apparently missed the protein train along the way and am pretty positive that for years, on most days, I was not getting enough protein to fuel my busy days. How insane is that!? Essentially, I was felt like I was running on E and I pretty much was. Now, I consciously make sure I am getting adequate amounts of protein (from quality sources) at every meal. Important to note, this remedy might not be for everyone and I am not a doctor! What works for me might not work for you, but there is power in sharing our stories of healing and figuring out our own personal health stuff. Every situation is different and every body is different, but hearing stories of healing is inspiring and empowering.

To summarize: removing gluten and increasing protein has made a world of difference in my life. All of the symptoms I listed earlier have literally disappeared…all of them, including my irregular menstrual cycle (within a month of the diet change) + a lifelong rash I’ve had on the back of my arms…poof, gone. Even more than all of that good news, I feel better than I ever have before: strong, happy, healthy, sharp, positive, calm, and equipped to take on the challenges of life. The photos in this post are from a trip to Aspen, Colorado that I took in August; once I was feeling like my new, strong, healthy self!

Whatever you might be going through health wise, I pray that you find people in your life to help you get good advice. I pray that you give yourself time to figure it out for you. And I hope this story, plus Lauren’s Clean Sweep program, encourages you that food is powerful and medicinal. Food is not always the answer of course, but in my case and many cases it is. Explore what foods you are fueling yourself with and see where the journey takes you. It might just surprise you and lead you to feeling better than ever before.

Thanks for reading 🙂 xo, Melissa.

Healthy Traveling Tips

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Hey friends! In the spirit of summer travels, I am sharing some of my tips for how to stay healthy and feel your personal best on vacation. Vacationing is of course a time to have fun, relax, and unwind, but I find that by incorporating a few things in my routine and by making a few wellness-focused choices, even while on vacation, I feel my best and end up enjoying the vacation as much as possible!


it’s all about the balance…


celery juice

-When it comes to my morning must-have celery juice, I can go a few days without it, unless the hotel is incredible and is able to provide it!


-The Larq water bottle for travel is so intriguing – it filters + cleans the water through blue light! However, if we are driving somewhere, we bring water in glass water bottles and refill them when we can.


-I bring my daily supplements in a daily supplement container to keep them contained and organized!


-When away, I generally bring two snack options: Paleo Puffs and Ohi bars are my go-to right now.

eating out

When eating out, it’s important to order whole foods and ask questions – is the fish wild? Is the meat pastured, grass-fed and finished? I always ask about the oils in salad dressings + if my food could be cooked in olive oil. However, I will say, splurge a little on vacation! Eat a pasta or a pizza one night if you want because… YOLO!


-My makeup routine gets simplified for sure! I just bring concealer, tinted moisturizer/foundations, RMS bronzer, Ilia lip tint, and an Ere Perez color pot.


-For exercise, we always aim to workout in the gym, walk on the beach, or go on a hike, but most of the time we take vacation as a time to relax and rest. Above all, we listen to our bodies!


-I bring essential oils for relaxation, this silk pillowcase + this amazing sleep mask.


Hope you enjoyed this list and here’s to happy and healthy traveling!

xo, Lo.

The Natural Deodorant You Need To Try

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Why I Love Primally Pure Deodorant…

If you are a regular LSK reader…you know my love for all products by Primally Pure, but especially their toxin-free deodorant. It is seriously so effective, toxin-free, and truly the best natural deodorant that you need to try!

Deodorant Stains No More.

Also, I am happy to report, that if you ever get any of it on dark clothing (#inevitable), a little spray of All Purpose spray by Branch Basics (another pure brand I adore) + a little rub-off action with a natural brush like this one, and problem solved. That’s a win!

Subscriptions Now Available…

And the news just gets better- Primally Pure is now offering a subscription program for their deodorants. This is such a blessing because the end of all deodorant sticks have a way of sneakin’ up on ya, right before a trip…you’ve been there? It’s the worst! This subscription will put an end to those unfortunate situations once and for all.

Plus A Discount To Enjoy!

The best news of all is today, tomorrow, and Wednesday (through the end of July), use code HALFOFF for 50% off one of the deodorants in your subscription. Enjoy! Your armpits will thank you 🙂


Two Toxin-Free Skin Serums You Need To Know About

Two Toxin-Free Skin Serums You Need To Know About

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Hey, friends! If you are a regular LSK reader, I am going to guess that you love pure, toxin-free skincare products as much as I do. That is why you are going to L O V E this post & the giveaway that is currently going on over on Instagram. Keep reading for two toxin-free skin serums you need to know about from Primally Pure, an incredible skincare brand with a passion for creating products with pure, safe, real ingredients. Amen to that, right!?

Get all the details here on Instagram, but I’ve partnered with Primally Pure for a giveaway! It started yesterday and ends Friday, so enter ASAP 🙂 One lucky winner will win a copy of my Clean Sweep Program + Primally Pure’s clarifying serum & plumping serum. These serums are nothing short of incredible and made with beautiful, real ingredients (such as: grapeseed oil, rose hip oil, manuka, and a variety of essential oils) that your skin will soak right up. Keep on reading for more…

  • clarifying serum: minimizes inflammation + breakouts, brightens uneven skin tone, clarifies complexion
  • plumping serum: promotes a youthful appearance, softens signs of aging, plumps skin naturally

To apply, you just massage a few drops into damp skin then take note of your glowing skin as it absorbs the nutrients it has been craving!

Thank you, Primally Pure, for creating these products & for partnering on this giveaway!


xo, Lo.


My 5 Favorite Foods Right Now | No. 1

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Hey guys! If you are part of the Clean Sweep, follow me on Instagram, or are a regular reader of the blog, you know by now that eating clean, healthy, delicious foods is so important to me. I thought it would be fun to start regularly sharing my current five favorite foods in the kitchen, so here’s the first round for you. Enjoy!


this adds so much flavor to every meal, improves digestion, boosts your immune system, and is a great food to feed your sweet tooth even though it’s not sweet!

Massaged kale

kale massaged in olive oil and pink salt- that’s it! it minimizes the potentially potent taste of kale and makes it dense and extra delicious.

Paleo Puffs

the most amazing healthy snack!

Coconut Kefir

boosts liver health, boots gut health, boosts the immune system, and boosts brain health + tastes so good.

Sunflower Butter

another amazing protein-filled butter if you want an alternative to almond butter

What I’m Wearing:

madewell cardigan top (similar from free people)

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