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We are BIG fans of athleisure here at LSK; active wear that is chic in a casual-cool kind of way. We love the convenience and the relaxed vibe of athleisure and how it takes us from yoga, to beach walks, to coffee dates, to travel, and to the grocery store all in one outfit. Shop the post below; all pieces are from Nordstrom’s current sale. xo

OUTFIT ONE:  leggings | top | sneaks | kimono | sunnies

OUTFIT TWO: leggings | sneaks | top | jacket | sunnies

Workout Plus Lounge

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Do you guys find yourself using workout clothes as lounge clothes, too? We do and we kind of love it. Clothes that function as workout plus lounge are so convenient. I find myself often being around the house in workout clothes, feeling comfortable, getting chores done, and then just heading out the door to the yoga studio or gym. On the way home, running to Whole Foods or picking up dry cleaning is no big deal, either. Versatility, comfort, style, and performance are all so important to us when it comes to workout clothes, since they serve more than one purpose. The active line from lou & grey, zella, alo yoga, lanston sport, outdoor voices, abercrombie’s active line, and lululemon are a few amazing places to get workout clothes that are functional and chic. Scroll down for a list of a few favorite pieces // xo


currently loving these active wear items:

these leggings | this crop top | this bra | this jacket

this sweatshirt | these tights | this tee | these pants

this tunic | this tank | these leggings | this crop |

this long sleeve crew | this hoodie | this tank

*images via lanston sport



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yoga talk | lolo magazine

I am so thankful to have discovered alo yoga gear. The team there is so kind and generous and recently sent Lo and I each a few pieces to try out. I picked out this top (in white) and these leggings (in black) and am beyond satisfied with both. It is currently the outfit that I keep reaching for when heading out the door to yoga or to the gym. It’s my favorite! I typically do yoga in leggings + a sports bra, but this alo top is the perfect thing to put on when going to and from the studio. The top is also great for running since it’s so light and breathable. The leggings are extremely comfortable, flattering, and the fit is amazing. My biggest pet peeve about leggings is when you have to yank them up during the middle of a workout! Isn’t that the worst? Good news, that is not even a thought with this pair. They stay in place and let you move however you want to move!  Amen to that. These two products have definitely caused me to be hooked on alo yoga gear and I am already planning future purchases, like these pants and this bra. Investing in high quality, stylish workout clothes that will last is so worth it to me. Above is a collage of more favorites from Alo (also available at Nordstrom) plus a great gym/studio bag from LeSportsac (c/o) and a cool yoga mat. Links are below!

shop the collage-

leggings | sweatshirt | crop top | tank | bra| bag | mat

more alo picks-


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athletic wear | lolo magazine | lauren scruggs kennedyget the details: the hoodie | the bra | the leggings | the tank | the kicks

There is nothing better than athletic wear that can go from lounging to the gym and then to street for errands, grabbing coffee, or going to lunch. These staples from Nordstrom are so cute, comfortable, cool, and completely versatile.

Why I run

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Nothing defines a “love/hate relationship” like running does, for me. There are days when the thought of going for a run literally makes me want to cry, and there are days when a good run makes me feel like I can conquer the world. So, what makes me keep consistently running when there are days that I absolutely hate it?


I recently signed up for my first half marathon (The Dallas Marathon – December 14th), so I’ve been in training for a few weeks now. Today I did a 9 mile run, which is the farthest I’ve run in years now. Up until mile 8, it really wasn’t that bad, but I was definitely dying between 8 and 9. Once I made it to mile 9 though, I got that “runners high” and suddenly it became clear to me why I love running, and in general, why I run.


I have been told on more than one occasion that I’m very “wound up”. Like most girls, my mind tends to race and race about anything and everything. I discovered today that running “unwinds me”. Especially on these long runs, I go through my list of things that my mind races about, and bring each one of those things specifically to the Lord – my family, work, insecurities, fears, friends, etc. It’s a time specifically set aside that I have with just me, the pavement, and the Lord. And I unwind.

Cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

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Also like most girls, I struggle with insecurities about my body fairly often and consistently find flaws or things I wish were different. When I run though, I’m thankful for my body. Thankful that it is strong, it is carrying me, it is healthy. Running reminds me that the Lord has blessed me with a healthy body and I need to praise Him for that…not constantly complain about its shortcomings.

I praise you, for I am fearfully & wonderfully made.” – Psalm 139:14

So, maybe you’re one of those people that running makes you want to cry. But, let me challenge you to lace up your tennis shoes, and try it. Maybe it’s just a mile the first time, or running for 5 minutes. But finding time to take care of our bodies, be outside in this beautiful Fall weather, and connect with our Maker truly enriches life tremendously. And I hope each one of you find that enrichment whether it be in running, or something that is equally inspiring and freeing to you.

TRX: Movement at It’s Max

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My entire life has been full of fitness and health initiatives, but it wasn’t until this past year that I was introduced to TRX. I can not believe I deprived myself of this suspension training device for such as long period of time. It is a body definer involving body weight resistance. Oh, and did I mention its versatility? It is transferable. Yes, it can be easily taken to New York City, Hawaii, or the mountains as it easily rolls up in a suitcase and hangs on a door. This is a training method that deletes all excuses and rather creates a challenge for the body that will only inspire others to get in shape.


In retrospect, I would imagine myself to be a goal maker and a dream pursuer. TRX reflects these motives. It is a way to celebrate physical achievement, and it is a work out that eliminates all excuses!

Learn how to build muscles and endurance here.

Download exercises here.

Purchase TRX kits here.


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