Shape Up Video: At Home Fitness Moves for your Core

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We know you are busy bees, and that is why we had owner of Omega Performance Training, Eric Hughes, put together a conglomeration of fat-blasting work out moves that are in-home friendly. Stick to these exercises for a week or two; there is no doubt you will start seeing toned results! Stay tuned for more videos to come. Warning: the next one might look a little like SNL.

Exercise 1: Hip Bridge

Lying flat, knees at 90 degrees. Press the heels into the ground raising the hips until the glutes are tight and the hips are fully open – your body should be straight from your shoulders to your knees. This can be done on one leg or with both legs.

If both legs – Hold :30-:45, rest :15, repeat 3-4x
Single Leg – Hold :15-:30, rest :15 switch legs, repeat. Repeat entire sequence 3-4x

Exercise 2: Superman

Lying face down, press your legs tightly together, and squeeze your glutes to raise your legs off the ground. Squeeze the shoulder blades back, together, and down with the arms either by your side with the thumbs pointed down or up in a “Y” position with your thumbs up. This should lift your chest and shoulders off the ground. Keep your abdominals tight and braced the entire time. Be careful not to pinch the low back or hyper extend your spine.

Hold :15-:45, rest :15, repeat 3-4x

Exercise 3: Bottom to bottom air squats

In a normal squatting stance, squat down to hips even with the knees with weight in your heels. This is your starting position. Perform as many air squats as you can for 10 seconds, then hold in the start (bottom) position for 10 seconds. Repeat for a minute. Maintain a straight back, eyes forward, and abs tight.

Start with 10 seconds on 10 seconds off for 1-minute and increase the time as you feel comfortable. Be strict on your form – posture matters! 3-4 sets.

Fitness Video: Blast the Holiday Fat with These At-Home Moves

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It’s the holiday season, aka time is limited. Not to mention, with cloudy cold days comes winter workout blues, so we have brought to you some simple at-home workout moves that will blast fat and tone muscles without having to step foot into a gym! Or if you love your workout facility oh-so-much, just incorporate these exercises into your daily routine to surprise your muscles and add some extra fun to your fitness regime! It’s a win win for all. Watch on, and if you need a little laugh for the day–tune in for the bloopers at the end.

A Powerful Allergy Solution: North Dallas Honey

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The honey-making process is quite intriguing and extensive, especially when it lives up to the North Dallas Honey way of doing things: pure, raw, and unfiltered. I had the opportunity to sit down with Nathan Sheets, the man behind NDH, to get the inside scoop behind this delicious natural sweetener and powerful allergy-preventer!

“Pure” defined: The honey is actually “real” and contains the original pollen. With North Dallas Honey, you know where the honey is coming from. It is not being mass produced in a place unknown or unchaperoned.

“Raw” defined: This Texas honey is gently warmed to about 120 degrees fahrenheit, which allows the honey to be strained through a cheesecloth, eliminating the “bee knees” and the wax. The low temperature keeps the antioxidants and enzymes in place, allowing for great health benefits. The taste is remarkable!

“Unfiltered” defined:  A long story short, North Dallas Honey removes the the bees legs, wings, and wax while leaving in all of the pollen, vitamins, enzymes, antibodies and antioxidants.

The Unfiltered Scoop on Filtered Honey

Filtered, or processed honey is heated up to 190 degrees (killing enzymes and antioxidants) and blended with diatomaceous earth in order to bond to the pollen and particulates. The honey is then pumped through a high pressure filtration system to remove the diatomaceous earth as well as the pollen, and finally it is quickly cooled. The result: an oxymoron–honey without pollen and health benefits!

Real People Talk: A Tablespoon a Day Keeps the Allergies Away

So can honey really prevent allergies? YES! Honey is a natural anti-histamine that blocks inflammation caused from pollens in the air. I think the most powerful testimonies come from the avid North Dallas Honey users:

Mike Gavett: “I had to tell you that after our meeting I began taking your honey daily.  No allergies this year, at all.  I started feeling an onset once and doubled my daily dosage for about four days, and it never hit.  I have told at least 2 dozen people about the positive experience and many are now using your honey.”

Michele Baker:  “After being unsuccessfully treated for allergies with prescription medications, I picked up North Dallas Honey at Sprouts, have a couple of Tbsps every day, and allergy pain is gone.  I haven’t used prescription medications ever since.  THANK YOU!!”

Cary Mitchell: “I started taking NDH daily for allergies..and after 3 days, I stopped taking $100 a month worth of medications. Since then I have told EVERYONE about your honey and have people running to Walmart and Central Market to pick it up…this stuff is as golden as its color!”

Suzan Freytag: “We eat organically and had always bought ‘organic honey’. A client of mine that is a doctor told me to try yours for allergy relief. It has COMPLETELY eliminated allergies for the entire household…it is our daily dose (well, and it’s delicious).”

Not only does honey war off seasonal allergies, it can give you an energy boost or even prevent a pimple! See other medicinal uses here.

North Dallas Honey can be found on a number of shelves at local retailers, including Costco, Albertson’s, Central Market, Kroger, Market Street, Sprouts, Tom Thumb, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods. For all the details, visit

Kevita: A Sparkling and Delicious Probiotic Refreshment

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It look a summer in New York City to get me completely hooked on probiotic drinks. They were so new to me, and being a non-energy drink drinker, these were the perfect alternatives to provide a boost of natural energy in addition to healthy flora for digestion.  Not to be confused with Kombucha, KeVita is made using a fresh new approach. Water or tea is combined with the proprietary Organic KeVita Culture; a blend of probiotics and subtle flavors. They combine organic cold extracted plant extracts and organic fruits in a variety of flavors for your drinking pleasure. Oh, and did I mention it’s raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free and organic?

KeVita Fun Facts

It has multiple strains of probiotics, including those originating from kefir derived cultures. For thousands of years these cultures have been cherished for supporting beneficial digestive flora.

It is available in 8 delicious flavors: Strawberry Acai Coconut, Mango Coconut (my favorite), Coconut, Pomegranate Coconut, Pomegranate, Lemon Ginger, Living Greens, and Green Tea!

      • Proven to promote digestive health
      • Proven to maintain the immune system
      • Proven to deliver 10 times more probiotic cultures than common yogurt through the gut and into the intestine where they are needed
      • 4 Billion Probiotic Organisms at time of Bottling. 4 strains.
      • Refreshing and thirst-quenching
      • 4 flavors certified organic, 4 flavors made with organic ingredients
      • Made with LOVE in small batches in California

Why Drink KeVita?

For radiant vitality and health, duh! KeVita is the only sparkling, probiotic refreshment of its kind. It contains 2x the probiotic content as Kombucha, plus it has a much milder flavor and is created from a different culture called Water Kefir. These drinks are very low in sugar as they are lightly sweetened with Stevia. The coolest part: it is handcrafted and cold-processed at KeVita’s own organic plant in Ventura, CA. (Take me here please!)

KeVita Suggestions

  • If you have an upset stomach: go with the Lemon and Ginger flavor.
  • Drink as much or as little as you want any time of day, with or without meals.
  • How much you need to drink to enjoy the benefits varies. Everyone is unique. Listen to your taste buds and your body. Some drink 2 bottles a day others make a bottle last all week.

Kevita is available at Whole Foods, health and gourmet stores nationwide. You can spot a local location here.

The Latest on Dairy Freedom + a SWEET Giveaway

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After much research and personal evaluation recently, I have come to the decision to eliminate dairy from my diet. My energy levels have been off the charts and I am feeling great, but can I just say I desperately miss cheese and ice cream? Dairy Freedom eGuide to the rescue! You may remember Heather Crosby from the article 5 Recipes from a Fascinating Foodie! Well, for reminders or new readers, she’s the rockstar lady behind Yum Universe, and she has concocted the ultimate interactive eGuide proving that going Dairy-Free is not about limitations, but rather it is about new infinite possibilities. But…finding those possibilities require some expert help! Agreed?

A Word from Heather

“I can’t live without dairy” is one of the biggest statements that I hear from people who aren’t ready for optimal health. Well, the Dairy Freedom eGuide is just the key to proving that statement to be inaccurate to say the least. This eGuide will have you baking, making yogurts, ice creams, firm cheeses, dressings, milks and more—all dairy-free and gluten-free—with a variety of ingredients that will no doubt make the dairy aisle, well, embarrassed about its lack of creativity.

Check out the perks!

This interactive and sustainable PDF eGuide includes beautiful, step-by-step instruction for how to create:
• Non-Dairy Baking Substitutes
• Nut & Seed Cheeses/Spreads (score!)
• Desserts
• Sauces & Condiments
• Dairy-Free Milk & Yogurt

Dairy Freedom:
• A sustainable PDF guide—read it electronically, or print out selected pages and put them in a customizable YU binder with your favorite recipes and plant-based information
• The only guide of its kind to offer solutions for all the dairy voids you may be experiencing
• Includes clickable/interactive icons, info and links to help you effortlessly navigate the guide
• Full of inspiring photography, tips and adaptation/substitution suggestions
• Includes 24 YumUniverse recipes

We are so passionate about this eGuide, and we want to share the love with you awesome readers. So, riddle me this: ENTER TO WIN your very own copy of Dairy Freedom by answering this question in the comments section: “What dairy product do you think you can’t live without?” and up your chances by “liking” the YumUniverse FB page and the LOLO FB page.

P.S. Just for your own fun goodness, start following YumUniverse on Twitter to keep up with some totally awesome recipes, fitness Friday’s, and rad health tips!

Mark Your Fitness Calendars: Classic Pilates does a Free PINK Class!

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Are you a Pilates addict or have you wanted to try this raved about exercise? Think no further! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Classic Pilates in Dallas will hold two complementary classes on October 22, at 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. at Lee Park across the street from their super delightful studio. The classes will be followed by a 10 a.m. reception and a viewing of the documentary “Eve Gentry and The Power of Pilates” at the studio. And…My Fit Foods will provide light refreshments. Score!

A Deeper Purpose

(Excerpt taken from the blog) Eve Gentry was a dancer and one of Joseph Pilates’ earliest disciples. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1955 and underwent a radical mastectomy, which left her severely weakened and inflexible. Mr. Pilates worked with her to increase her range of motion, as well as build her strength and stamina.

Pilates provides such transformational results for women recovering from breast cancer because it provides gentle yet effective strengthening and stretching of the core muscles of the upper torso and abdominal area. Unlike traditional strength training, the emphasis is on performing low repetitions of focused exercises done with perfect form. Pilates can help to alleviate pain, restore joint mobility, regain strength, and help women return to their regular daily activities.

In support of Shape magazine’s “Pilates for Pink+” program, all proceeds will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.  Donations will be accepted for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in person or online at (please bring your receipt to class). All proceeds will benefit BCRF. The person making the largest donation will receive a complimentary private Pilates session.

Please invite your friends and any survivors you know, so that we may celebrate them! We also encourage you to wear PINK!


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