Morning Must-Have: Celery Juice

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As you guys know from Instagram stories, I am totally into my morning celery juice routine! In all seriousness though, celery juice is a morning must-have for me. With so many health benefits, drinking celery juice first thing on an empty stomach has proven itself to be great for gut health by improving digestion and immensely limiting bloating and indigestion. I’ve been on a gut-healing journey with the wisdom and guidance of Dr. Cole, and the addition of celery juice in my daily diet has been a game-changer!

After six months of diligently enacting my gut healing protocol, I was still experiencing daily bloating and started experiencing constipation. Feeling hopeless, he prescribed me to do this every morning an hour before I ate food, and my bloating stopped within two days and I haven’t been bloated since + my energy has improved significantly!

I use a whole stalk of celery and juice it using my juicer. So simple, and I swear by it! Also, this article is a must-read if you are intrigued by this celery juice situation. It is extremely informational and confirms a lot of what I describe in this post. Have you guys tried celery juice yet? Let me know in the comments below and keep sharing your celery juice adventures on Instagram!


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Lo’s Banana, Blueberry, Avocado Morning Smoothie Recipe

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*Updated with ingredient amounts on August 20th! 

Hey guys! Lo here and I am sharing my blueberry, banana, avocado morning smoothie today on LSK. I make this practically every morning and it energizes me, nourishes me, and fuels me up with the best ingredients so that I can feel my best and have the best day. AKA, this smoothie is literally the BEST. 🙂 At least I think so and I hope you do, too.

Below are the ingredients I use. Instructions: throw it all in a blender. I use a few herbs and beneficial bacteria from Crucial Four that are specifically for the current needs of my body. Scroll down to read the health benefits of each. This place is a hidden gem in Dallas because it contains the most purely sourced products. I have seen MAJOR improvements in my health since shopping there.

Ashwaganda: improves underactive thyroid function, relieves adrenal fatigue, combats stress and anxiety, improves depression, balances blood sugar levels, helps to fight cancer, reduces brain cell degeneration and improves memory, boosts immune function, increases stamina and endurance, helps to increase muscle strength, helps to improve sexual function and fertility

Collagen: improves health of skin and hair, reduces joint pain and degeneration, helps heal leaky gut, improves liver health, protects cardiovascular health; strengthens hair, nails, and teeth; boosts metabolism, muscle mass, and energy output

Colostrum: reduces inflammation, supports a healthy gut, promotes ligament and muscle healing, strengthens immunity

Schizandra Berry: lowers inflammation, supports adrenal function, improves liver function and digestive health, protects the skin, improves mental performance, helps with healthy sexual function

Mucuna: Supports a healthy central & peripheral nervous system, supports the body’s ability to handle stress, supports physical balance & posture, promotes healthy motor skills & coordination, improves energy & endurance, supports the intellect, bolsters libido, revitalizes both the male and female reproductive systems

Spirulina: detoxes heavy metals, eliminates candida, helps prevent cancer, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, lowers chance of stroke, boosts energy, alleviates sinus issues, offers neuroprotection for brain disorders.

Chlorella: detoxifies heavy metals, detoxifies radiation and chemotherapy, supports your immune system, promotes weight loss, gives you younger looking skin, fights cancer, lowers your blood sugar and cholesterol

We have this blender and love it. It is an investment, but so worth it if you are a daily smoothie type of person like we are. Let me know in the comments if you try this morning smoothie recipe and like it! Enjoy. xo


Primal Kitchen Vanilla Collagen -2-4 tablespoons

Aloe Vera Juice -1/4 cup

Ashwaganda 1/4-1/2 teaspoon 

Black Gold Spirulina –up to 1 tablespoon

Chlorella (from Crucial Four) -up to 1 tablespoon

Mucuna (from Crucial Four) -1/4-1/2 teaspoon 

Colostrum -1 tablespoon

Schizandra Berry -1/4-1/2 teaspoon

Three Trees Almond Milk -1 cup

Bulletproof XCT oil 1 tablespoon 

Frozen blueberries -handful

Half a frozen banana

Half a frozen avocado

Wellness Notes | Part 2

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Hey guys! As you know, I am so passionate about all things health and wellness and a BIG part of that is our diets. Feeling our best has a lot to do with what we feed and fuel our bodies with, so I am very particular about what I eat and drink!

See below for a few notes about my personal eating habits. Also, we are excited to say that more recipes will be coming to LSK + to your inbox soon as we start exclusive content for email subscribers…coming soon! For now, check out this wellness notes post– part 1!

I make a smoothie every morning filled with avocado, herbs, collagen, MCT oil, clean almond milk, and blueberries. It is so delicious! Before that though, I make fresh celery juice, per Dr. Cole’s recommendation for gut health.

Details on both to come soon!

My diet is filled with Kombucha for gut health and extra energy during the day. I love to snack on seasnax, Dang coconut chips (the sea salt ones), tiger nuts, and the lime Siete chips.

When I am eating out, I lean towards wild fish cooked in healthy fats, grass fed and finished meat, and I avoid dairy, grains, sugar and gluten. Sometimes, I enjoy my cheat meal though with a glass of wine! 

What about you guys?? I would love to hear your tips and tricks for feeling your best! xo

Farmer’s Market Run

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Living near a farmer’s market is seriously such a gift. There is truly nothing like organic produce, grass fed meats, wild caught fish, farm fresh eggs, seasonal plants, natural beauty items, wild flowers, local honey, small business baked goods, and so much more!

Not only is buying from the market a healthy option, but I love knowing that I am supporting local farmers and small businesses in my town. The more often you go, the more you get to know the people selling the items and build community with them, which is another gift of farmer’s markets.

Not to mention, farmer’s market runs are so fun. I love making it a weekend routine and making plans to go with loved ones; it is an outing that is good for everyone. It breaks up the normal grocery market trips, too, which is nice. It is extra special to get home from the market and cook a meal or meal-prep with the fresh items that you scooped up!

What about you guys? Do you love farmer’s market runs too? If so, what are you favorite things to buy? Let us know! Also, below are links to reusable bags to stock up on before your next farmer’s market run. We love the fabric bags for produce and the canvas bags to load everything up in.

Healthy Burger Night Recipe

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Do you guys sometimes just crave a burger?  Like a really good one? We do! This is a go-to healthy burger night recipe for me and Jase during the week for a yummy dinner. It would also make the perfect burger recipe to use for a summer cookout. This time I modified the goop recipe and used grass-fed bison meat from our local farmer’s market instead of ground chicken.

Check out the recipe for all the details, but here are a few notes! I cooked the burgers on the stove using ghee– my favorite for burgers because it has such a yummy flavor and is a healthy fat. The recipe calls for red chili and fish sauce, but I passed on those.

Those red/pink things that you see are roasted watermelon beets! They make a great a side. The french fries are a white sweet potato that I sliced up in the shape of fries, covered with olive oil, pepper, dill, and Himalayan pink salt, then roasted in the oven at 400 degrees until they became a little crispy.

Hope you enjoy this recipe if you give it a try! P.S. We plan on sharing more simple recipes (like this one) that are in our recipe file more often here on the blog! What do you think? They will be filed under the Wellness section of the blog, under recipes.

Happy Friday + A Pancake Recipe

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Feeling Friday vibes right now with this pancake recipe! Just in time for the weekend and still enough time to run to Whole Foods and grab this mix. We were so excited to discover the Birch Benders brand on Instagram via this food blogger and cannot get enough of their paleo pancake mix. Even if you don’t follow a paleo diet, this brand is for anyone who values living a healthy lifestyle, but also loves pancakes. Yes, the two things can coexist!

The paleo pancakes mix by Birch Benders has an ingredients list that is short and simple, including things like coconut flour, almond flour, eggs, and monk fruit. The directions are so easy too- for 4-6 cakes, mix 2/3 cup of water with 3/4 cup of mix, whisk, and cook over medium-high heat for a few minutes on each side. We love to add a tablespoon of pure moringa powder to the batter for a dose of greens, before cooking the cakes in a cast-iron skillet. Also, if you are more of a waffle person, no worries. The mix also doubles for waffles!

We love weekend mornings because they are slow, relaxing, and cozy at home. It’s the perfect time to make a special breakfast, enjoy coffee or tea, and stay in your pajamas a little bit longer. What are your weekend plans? Let us know in the comments! We will be making these pancakes for sure. xo


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