Fall Skincare Routine

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As the weather is changing for some of us and we’re settling into our fall routines–I thought I’d share with you one of the staples I’ve found that lasts me through any season, my fall skincare routine. No matter what season I’m in, I’ve always struggled with clogged pores and dry skin, even despite how diligent I am about taking care of my skin–but recently I feel like I have finally come to a product routine that has improved that drastically.

I also want to add that before quarantine I was regularly getting facials to help me find a good medium with my skin, but since quarantine, I wasn’t able to get a facial in seven or so months. Recently I just went back to my facialist who knows my skin so well, and she said that my skin is looking better than it ever has–I seriously owe it to these products and routine.

Skin can be such an important topic for all of us, though we don’t always talk about it–having clean and clear skin really can attribute to your confidence! I know that some of my issues can be issues that we all experience, especially in the fall season, so I’m excited to share with you and hope this helps!

My Morning Routine

In the mornings, after I cleanse but before I apply product,  I always spray this Rose Water on my face.
Then I apply these products in order:


My Nighttime Routine

I always double cleanse or cleanse once and then use Odacite Blue Aura Cleansing Water
Other Nighttime Products
Each of these products is amazing on their own–but in this routine, I’ve found the perfect fit for my skin! To find out more information on each of the products and what they target, click the links included above. And to see some of my other skin and self-care staples, follow The Clean Stuff where I regularly post my favorite clean picks. xo

Self-Care Tip: Bath Must-Haves

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While there are many things about this season that have been challenging and difficult to process, I’ve been taking extra time to be grateful for the things I do have, and find light in the little activities that bring joy, rest, and make me feel whole. I think now more than ever, it’s important to find ways to take care of yourself, and to allow yourself to find peace. One of my favorite ways to practice extra self-care is by taking a bath! 

Here are a few Self-Care Tips and my Bath Must-Haves that have quickly become a part of my everyday routine: 

I often talk about this brand because I absolutely love their products! These bath soaks are made with many great (and of course, clean) ingredients including essential oils that add such a calming and soothing aspect to my bath routine! (I’ve stocked up on their bath line and love to rotate through them as a part of my bath routine).

Any time I take a bath, I’ll use this beforehand! Dry brushing has so many great benefits, but before baths, especially, it’s a great way to practice self-care by activating your body’s release of toxins before you soak. 

These bath salts are simply the best! I love this brand because the ingredients are pure and raw, and they also assist in fighting off toxic build up in the body while hydrating and nourishing my skin – a self-care must! 

This scrub is an item that takes my time for self-care to the next level. It’s made with brown sugar and hydrating sweet almond oil that not only smells amazing but also leaves my skin feeling so moisturized afterwards! 

This sponge I’ve talked about a few times before because I simply love it! Not only is it a bath must-have staple for me, but the amount of body wash it’s helped me save has been amazing. It has quickly become a self-care item I cannot do without.

I’ll use this particular bath soak on nights when I’m extra tired and need help getting rest. It’s also a great aid to your body when you feel you might be getting sick or are already under the weather! 

When I’m feeling stressed and want to relax, I make sure to use these bath salts that help calm my mind and soothe my muscles! I love the way it smells and knowing that it’s helping my body while I cut out time for self-care is such a bonus. 

However you’re feeling in this season, I hope you find time to do something that adds extra care and relaxation into your routine! x

Must-Have, Toxin- Free Face & Body Lotion

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One of my favorite things is when you find a brand that you adore on every level + extra bonuses and musts: it is effective and you all know, I fall only for non-toxic products! I also love when a company is a small business or a passionate entrepreneur that created a company based off of pure passion and the desire to fulfill a need and educate while doing so.

You all have to meet Essentiel. This lotion is an essential (pun intended) staple in our home. It is a head to toe body lotion, and Jase especially loves it for his face too! I met Adele, the founder of this beautiful company, last year and we immediately connected. My favorite part about her story is that she grew up on a (manic) organic commune in California, where she was introduced to natural skincare many years before it was a thing. If a product wasn’t biodynamic or freshly sourced from the fields of France, she could not use it. I was so fascinated by this! She told me she would show up to slumber parties with homemade goldenseal salve, and her mom was especially into essential oils decades ago. Also, her 93-year-old gorgeous grandmother, Adele Uddo (The Original), also taught her so much about beauty.

How Essentiel Began

Adele has been a hand, lip, and leg model for years for some of the biggest brands, so she is extra aware of aging in regards to the entire body. She first created this lotion in her kitchen. She wanted to create an ideal moisturizer made with exceptional ingredients that would nourish her skin and keep it healthy from head to toe. Her friends started asking her for some, so she worked with a top formulator to make it fully come to life.

The Ingredients

The scent (all from the earth) and consistency of the lotion is what won me over + it feels so luxurious to put on. It is filled with everything from hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and plumps the skin, to MSM, a sulfur compound that is the third most abundant mineral in the body, to coffee berry, which calms redness, and aids in preventing the skin from pre-mature aging. There are so many more powerful ingredients that are you can check out here.

Watch the video below to see Adele talk even more about what she has created!!


Clean Fragrance: Skylar Scent Club

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I think the most asked question I get from you guys is…what is a good fragrance I can use that is not filled with toxic ingredients?

I finally have a company that I love and trust and can’t wait to share with you!

Meet Skylar. I am such a fan because all of their products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, absent of parabens and phthalates + all packaging is 100% recyclable.

Scents are so powerful and I think are one of the hardest things to change when entering into a nontoxic lifestyle. Isn’t it crazy how a smell can remind you of a memory, a person, or even a specific place? Or it can just bring a sense of comfort. I used to just wear “perfume” on an evening dinner date, an event, or a special festivity, but I love Skylar scents because they are light and airy and perfect for wearing on the daily. P.S. it seems to just polish up a whole look (even though it’s a scent). Agreed?

Have you heard about the Skylar Scent Club?

The Benefits

The Scent Club is so exciting because you get a new scent delivered to your door each month, and it’s the perfect opportunity to mix up your scent collection. Plus, they offer exclusive savings and access to a very engaged group of like-minded women in the Scent Club Facebook Group Page. Did I mention the scents are travel-sized, so they are so easy to pack on any of your adventures!

How it Works

  1. Join! Enjoy new travel-sized scents delivered to your door.
  2. Customize – skip, add, change, or cancel at any time.
  3. Save – save 10% on everything Skylar.
  4. Enjoy! Play with your scents for every mood or occasion.

The two scents they currently have are called Fresh Vibes and Sweet Incense. Fresh Vibes has a Mandarin zest with a touch of white ginger and sandalwood. It is so fresh and has a sense of embracing the new! It is perfect for the beginning of a new year. The best part? Skylar donates a portion of the proceeds from this fragrance to cure childhood cancer. Sweet Incense, on the other hand, is full of juniper berry, incense, and vanilla orchard. It is such a cozy and comforting combination that feels like what the bliss of a weekend would smell like. Proceeds from this scent are given to the International Justice Mission.

Sweet Incense is my favorite scent even though I love both of them. It is such a warming smell and feels so feminine too!

The final day and last chance for you to sign up for Scent Club in order to receive the Sweet Incense scent is on Sunday, February 23rd. Not to mention, they are so sweet to offer a code to get 50% off your first month. The code is 50LAURENKENNEDY. A customer service note that I love: one of the benefits of becoming a Scent Club member is that you can re-order past scents, given availability, by emailing us at

My New Favorite Face Mask From Primally Pure

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You have heard me talk about Primally Pure many times here + on my @thecleanstuff IG account and that is because their clean skincare products are simply the best. That being said, no surprise that my excitement level when they dropped face masks was off the charts! They released three masks: clarifying mask, plumping mask, and soothing mask.

Today I want to pay all the attention to the soothing mask because soothing is just one part of this incredible product! It is definitely my new favorite face mask, and I have to tell everyone about it. It soothes and nourishes my skin, leaving my face noticeably healthier than moments before the face went on. It is gentle yet powerful, light yet impactful. Crafted with raw honey, spirulina, chlorella, and more of the purest ingredients work to soothe the skin and help heal it from irritation.

Treat yourself to a mask at home that your skin will love you for! And bonus, a little goes a long way, so this mask will last you for many spa-mornings-at-home. Even better, take 10% off your first Primally Pure order with code: LSK10. Enjoy!


The Natural Deodorant You Need To Try

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Why I Love Primally Pure Deodorant…

If you are a regular LSK reader…you know my love for all products by Primally Pure, but especially their toxin-free deodorant. It is seriously so effective, toxin-free, and truly the best natural deodorant that you need to try!

Deodorant Stains No More.

Also, I am happy to report, that if you ever get any of it on dark clothing (#inevitable), a little spray of All Purpose spray by Branch Basics (another pure brand I adore) + a little rub-off action with a natural brush like this one, and problem solved. That’s a win!

Subscriptions Now Available…

And the news just gets better- Primally Pure is now offering a subscription program for their deodorants. This is such a blessing because the end of all deodorant sticks have a way of sneakin’ up on ya, right before a trip…you’ve been there? It’s the worst! This subscription will put an end to those unfortunate situations once and for all.

Plus A Discount To Enjoy!

The best news of all is today, tomorrow, and Wednesday (through the end of July), use code HALFOFF for 50% off one of the deodorants in your subscription. Enjoy! Your armpits will thank you 🙂


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