Clean Edit No. 7

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a Clean Edit, so figured it was time!! Are you following along daily over on @thecleanstuff? If not, definitely do that too for a regular dose of clean product recommendations that I have used and love.

biossance fascial mist

fascial mists offer an extra dose of skin nourishment that I love

tata harper regenerating cleanser

for a clean face and nourished skin with pure ingredients

young living oils

I love diffusing oils in my home to promote wellness + a relaxing atmosphere

primally pure spa kit

occasional bath evenings at home are part of my self-care routine 

ilia lip color

because a little lip color is always a good idea

image: Stefanie Johnson (@stefannagram on IG) 

Self-Care Gifts

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We love us a good spa night at home! Cue all the bath salts, candles, and relaxing music. Self-care can be anything from such a spa night, or as simple as applying your favorite cream before bed or mask in the morning.

Since it is the magical season of gift giving, we are loving the idea of sharing the love for self-care moments with others by gifting self-care gifts.

You can get the full scoop on all wellness gift ideas from our gift guide, but below is a quick peek at treat-yourself items from Primally Pure that make the best gifts…for you and others! xo 

Treat Yourself Gifts from Primally Pure:

*Flower Bath 

*Sea Soak

*Body butter 

*Body Oil

*Beauty Cream 

images: Stefanie Johnson (@stefannagram on IG) 

An Anti-Aging Wonder: Fountain of Truth Beauty

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I could not be more proud of my dear friend, Giuliana, for using her story for good in so many ways. One of which is her most recently launched skincare line called Fountain of Truth. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, G was unable to find a clean skincare line that treated the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, and other skin issues. So, she created her own! It has been extra sweet to watch how personal this process has been for her + how much care she has put into creating it.

Reasons why I personally love FOT:

  • The Fountain of Truth formulas contain Super Bio-Ferment technology of clean, safe, gentle, and highly effective, fermented, skin-loving botanical ingredients.
  • The use of fermented ingredients: efficacy and potency of ingredients may be increased when they are fermented because they can be “broken down” into smaller molecules to help improved the appearance of skin’s surface.
  • It uses smaller molecules, which can allow for more skin penetration, hydration, and soothing. Not to mention, fermentation can also help the nutrient density and concentration of skin-loving ingredients. All this makes for a gentle, yet effective formula to help to improve texture, tone, dryness, and the appearance of fine lines.
  • A few of the ingredients:
    • Wakame Seaweed has powerful antioxidant benefits.
    • Iron, Magnesium, Copper and Silicon get fermented and play important roles in helping skin look and feel healthy.
    • Zinc is an important antioxidant for the skin.

P.S. This is the cutest present ever for the holidays!



Wellness Gift Guide: 30 Gifts to Give

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It’s that time! Our official 2018 holiday gift guide is here. Introducing the LSK Wellness Gift Guide: 30 Gifts to Give.  If you are part of our email list, you received it last week and have probably already gotten a head-start on shopping. As we talked about in a recent post, we are taking gift-giving very intentionally this holiday season and gifting wellness-focused items that are good for one’s body, mind, and soul! Scroll down for 30 wellness gifts. Enjoy! xo

For the…

ready-to-go-clean person in your life! A pre-shop to my subscription program: Clean Sweep for a discounted price- limited time only!

essential oil lover with a tense jaw/tension headaches: H. Gillerman Jaw Clenching Remedy

cleaning queen that you just adore: Branch Basics Starter Kit

cozy homebody who wants organic cotton sheets: The Citizenry Sheet Set

spa lover and self-pamper pro: Primally Pure Spa Kit *SOLD OUT* we recommend the sea soak or flower bath!

baking champ and sweet-tooth friend: Sweet Laurel Cookbook

friend interested in gut health & all things keto: Dr. Cole’s Ketotarian Book

deep sleeper who loves their beauty sleep: Slip silk pillowcase + sleep mask

all celery juice fans:  Breville Juicer

that smoothie-every-morning person:  Vitamix blender + plant-based straws

DIY almond milk lover: Nut milk bag + glass milk bottle

crazy for organic coffee friend:  Glass french press

cook-at-home type of person: Le Creuset cast iron skillet

hostess or host of the year: Le Creuset dutch oven

on-the-go friend or fitness guru: LifeFactory glass water bottle

beauty queen with the best hair: Dyson hair dryer

person who cares about air quality in their home: Molekule Air Purifier

lover of clean beauty products + a good natural glow: rms bronzer + bronzer brush

fans of baths, detoxing, and smooth skin: Dry brush + body butter

one who has been searching for a good sustainable wine: Scout & Cellar wine

girlfriend with that beautiful long hair: Aquis hair turban + mason pearson comb

lover of fresh flowers and home decor: Farm girl wreath

the one who cares about recycling and reducing plastic: Everlane ReNew collection

those who are always on their phones: Radiation blockers as stocking stuffers

the plant lady or guy in your life: Snake plant

essential oil lover: This diffuser + Young Living Essential Oils

on-to-go girl who still wants great hair: Stranded dry shampoo & shhhowercap

person who loves a good detoxing soak session: Pursoma bath soak

girl who loves clothing made with sustainable fabrics: All Things Reformation

lover of a great face mask/cleansing cream: Honey Mud by May Lindstrom

Wellness-Focused Sales

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Let the gifting craziness begin! Wishing you peace and calm to navigate all the deals out there. We will have a post next week about our gifting approach, so more on this later, but we invite you to take all the sales with stride and gift intentionally and thoughtfully, with so much love! Below are a few wellness-focused sales that we are loving on this Black Friday. xo

Branch Basics

*20% off all starter kits! Code: HOLIDAYGIFT20

Primally Pure 

Receive a free deodorant with purchases over $60

or 15% off with LSK15 


20% off everything! Code: GETCLEAN / they sell ursa major, may lindstrom, and more!


30% off everything- a few clean brands they have: rms, h. gillerman organics, ilia beauty, + juice beauty!

The Citizenry

*For every $150 a customer spends with The Citizenry on Black Friday, 1 girl goes back to school in India.

Sage Wellness

20% off everything!

images: Stefanie Johnson (@stefannagram on IG) 

A Brand To Love: Primally Pure

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I recently spent the sweetest afternoon with the ladies of Primally Pure. You guys have read of my love for Primally Pure products here on the blog, as well as on Instagram via @thecleanstuff account! I have been hooked on all things PP for a while because of their completely pure ingredients. Each product label is so fun to read because each ingredient is not only clean and safe, but so good for you and as natural and pure as it can get. Yes, please!

Meeting people that you have emailed with and who’s products you use on a consistent basis is such a fun experience and one that I am so grateful for as a blogger. Bethany, the founder of Primally Pure, and her team are all so kind, warm, generous, fun, and inspiring to be around! It was such a pleasure and honor to be photographed as their current Primally Pure Babe (so fun) and the feature is live now on their blog. Head over there to check out the Q&A and below are the PP products that are in my daily rotation! Keep scrolling to see more photos from the day, too 🙂 enjoy, xo.

deodorant | body butter | everything spray | lip balm | beauty cream | bath soak

images: Stefanie Johnson (@stefannagram on IG) 

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