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Q&A With Jase On Love, Life, and Marriage

699 699 Melissa Mayer

Happy Friday, Friends! We are so pumped to share a Q&A with Jase on love, life, and marriage! I could not be more grateful to be married to a man that is full of the sweetest wisdom and such a refreshing perspective on everything from career decisions to building new friendships to what it takes to…

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The Truth about Transformation

682 1024 Melissa Mayer

Growth and transformation are two of the most beautiful, yet challenging, parts of life and the human spirit. Similar to when we were little kids going through physical changes and development, growing pains were real then and are real now! However, real change and true growth come from enduring those growing pains (hopefully with grace!),…

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Living Above Worry, Stress, and Fear

520 478 Melissa Mayer

We can all agree that feelings of worry, stress, fear,  anxiety, and doubt are unfortunately normal and natural parts of life. There are very real reasons in our lives and in our world to feel these feelings, but thankfully there is a bigger Truth at play. There is only one way to live above worry,…

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The Gift of Reading Time

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

The gift of reading time is something that we really value, appreciate, and try not to take for granted! Settling into our reading nook and opening up a book that we have been looking forward to reading is such a special experience; it opens up the doors for personal growth, enjoyment, relaxation, peace, and so…

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10 Questions with Molly Abrigg

500 492 Melissa Mayer

Hi, friends! We are so excited to have Molly Abrigg here on LSK today for a 10 question Q&A. For those of you that know Molly Abrigg, you understand how she has a contagiously vibrant personality that is truly captivating to everyone that she is around. She is a pure bundle of joy with a…

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Stay In The Training

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

What do you you think of when you think of training? We envision hard work, long hours, mental discipline, plenty of focus, an openness to learning, the willingness to change, a desire for strength, and the endurance to keep going even when it gets really hard. All of these elements obviously apply when you are…

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