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10 Questions with Emily Vendemmia

960 714 Melissa Mayer

Hey guys! Melissa here and I am so excited to share a Q&A that we did with an amazing yoga instructor, health coach, and clean-living-guru from my hometown of Annapolis, MD. Meet Emily Vendemmia! Emily is such an inspiring woman and I am so grateful to know her. One day while taking a yoga class…

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Standing With Confidence: Part 2

682 1024 Melissa Mayer

We started the confidence chat last week and today we are continuing the conversation with standing with confidence, part 2! In part 1, I discussed inner confidence and how it is connected to how you feel physically. Spiritual confidence is another facet of confidence that is so key in how we feel about ourselves emotionally, mentally,…

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Stepping Forward In Boldness

901 1024 Lauren Kennedy

It is so amazing how the Lord continuously restores our fears and heals in ways that are unimaginable and unexpected. I experienced that last week when I was interviewing with the lovely Larry King. He challenged me in his wisdom to free myself up, to stop hiding! I took off my prosthetic arm for the…

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A Surprise Malibu Escape

1024 1024 Lauren Kennedy

My husband might be the sweetest thing in the world. There is a way he loves that is displayed through the most thoughtful actions. He has been planning a secret trip for months, and it’s better than I could have imagined! Any getaway with him is magical, but he also surprised me with my entire…

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Standing With Confidence

683 1024 Melissa Mayer

Standing with confidence is such a powerful tool. Being confident in yourself opens doors to possibilities, encourages a state of inner peace, and allows you to be who you are meant to be. My aunt recently bought me this incredible book and the timing could not have been more wonderful. I have been thinking about confidence a lot…

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A Constant and Comforting Dialogue

1024 860 Melissa Mayer

Hey friends! Melissa, here. Today I want to share a spiritual practice that brings me so much comfort and peace. It is something that will help always, no matter what the situation or circumstance is, which is such a blessing! That something is having a constant and comforting dialogue with the Lord. For the life of me I…

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