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A Constant and Comforting Dialogue

1024 860 Melissa Mayer

Hey friends! Melissa, here. Today I want to share a spiritual practice that brings me so much comfort and peace. It is something that will help always, no matter what the situation or circumstance is, which is such a blessing! That something is having a constant and comforting dialogue with the Lord. For the life of me I…

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A Mother’s Beauty

1024 617 Lauren Kennedy

My mom has been one of the most consistent examples in my life. I love that there is a day dedicated to celebrate her sweet sacrifices for being the most present mom, her deeply consistent love, and her nurturing spirit. She is a woman that not only represents class and femininity, but carries a passion…

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Showing the Love

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

Moms are the best, aren’t they? There is truly nothing quite like the relationship between a mother and daughter; it is a bond that is so special and grows and develops over time with memories, happy times, arguments, experiences, phone calls, and so much more. This Mother’s Day we are loving the idea of showing…

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You Be You

1024 683 Lauren Kennedy

You be you. This is so much easier said that done, isn’t it? But, why? I have really been digging into this ever since I moved to Los Angeles, as I initially felt surrounded by people that just didn’t “get me” – they didn’t know me growing up, they didn’t know my twin, they didn’t…

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Treasuring Downtime

683 1024 Melissa Mayer

Downtime is such an important part of healthy living and personal well-being. I can say with complete confidence that whenever I feel burnt out, too tired, and on edge, it is almost always because I am not resting enough. Finding and treasuring downtime can be hard when life gets busy, but these days I am…

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Long Distance Love

1024 683 Lauren Kennedy

I have come to notice that I am often caught up in the excitement of the reason for a life change and forget to stop and ponder the adjustment that lies ahead. To explain: almost three years ago, I packed up a u-haul and moved permanently to the beautiful and bustling city of Los Angeles.…

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