Q&A with lysa terkeurst

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image via the proverbs31 facebook page Lysa Terkeurst is the author of quite a few books including The Best Yes, Unglued, and most recently, Uninvited. She is also the founder of Proverbs31, a ministry that seeks to help women find and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Lauren and I are both big fans of…

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Savoring the Christmas spirit

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There is something so sweet about the holiday season- a sort of “magic” that fills the air, our homes, and everywhere we go. It’s an underlying excitement and joy that is unique to this time of year. We are making it our goal to savor the Christmas spirit and hold on tight to it, even after the…

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Weekend

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We want to wish you and yours a merry, joyful, and loving Christmas weekend. May you enjoy precious time with loved ones and savor this special time of the season. Love, Lo and Meliss

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thankful for the love

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   This Thanksgiving we are feeling extra thankful for love- the unending love from the Lord, love for one another, love for life’s sweetest moments, and love for everyday moments as well.  We will definitely be counting our blessings all day long and we hope you will join us. “Give thanks to the Lord, for…

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a daily morning prayer

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Dear God, I give You this day. For Your glory, Your fame, Your will, Your way … I humbly submit my plans, desires, and wants. May You increase as I decrease. Today is Yours, Lord. Please guide me. Direct me. And help me to use each day for You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. – Lysa Terkeurst…

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I’ve been thinking about lightness a lot lately. Lightness in being- a feeling of being unburdened and light, happy, and free. The thing is though, the reality of life includes things that are heavy, weighty, heartbreaking, difficult, serious, and worrisome. How do we find balance and find that lightness while feeling heartbroken, worried, or fearful?…

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