The Story Behind the Blogger: Caroline Christine

497 195 Lauren Kennedy

If you have thought about starting a blog and hesitate, read on and be inspired… For many years, I have known that my career focus would be fashion. As a college student, I currently spend hours every week in the university sewing room working on draping projects and I love every minute of it. A…

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Meet Dallas Wardrobe Consultant, Amy Wells Havins!

443 346 Lauren Kennedy

You walk into your closet and feel overwhelmed. You know that half of your wardrobe confusion comes from vintage (not the good kind) old clothes that lay dormant in your cluttered space. Then the closet cleaning rule pops in your head. In fact, you may even repeat it out loud: “if you haven’t worn it…

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Exclusive Video Interview with Kellan Lutz: The Scoop on Fashion Line Abbot+Main

1024 682 Lauren Kennedy

Kellan Lutz is not just the hunky vampire brother of “Twilight’s” Edward, he is an actor gone designer (and he actually knows his stuff!). He is partnering with Danny Guez, founder of Dylan George who also worked with William Rast and People’s Liberation denim. With a goal to capture the “feeling” of California town Venice,…

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Behind the Scenes of Gossip Girl: Costume Designer Eric Daman Gives Us the Scoop

550 309 Lauren Kennedy

Interning in the Gossip Girl wardrobe closet was the tipping point to my career path as it opened my eyes to a vast universe of fashion that was beyond my Dallas-ite exposure. My trek to Silvercup Studios every morning gave me just enough time to excitedly dream about what the day might hold as each moment in the…

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The Designer Files: Rachel Roy Yesterday and Today

939 768 Shannon Yoachum

Influenced by women who are strong, creative and lead their own path, Rachel Roy is known for creating collections that make a woman feel confident. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to find out even more about the designer’s lines and what’s to come! Is there a particular designer that was your inspiration to…

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Question: Can you show me all the different ways to wear a maxi skirt?

621 660 Lauren Kennedy

I am a mom that can’t get away with the punk/band t-shirt and maxi skirt. Can you show me how to pull off a stylish look with out looking like I am trying too hard? LOLO response: As we head into fall, I suggest wearing your maxi skirt with a clean tank, structured blazer, and…

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