Styling Advice: The Olsens+Sara Moonves

576 440 Lauren Kennedy

Stylemint’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (we know you love them!) are launching a t-shirt of the month extravaganza, and stylist-extraordinaire and long time friend, Sara Moonves, was brought on the scene to show us some fresh ways to wear this simple style. Watch their debut video for some trustworthy styling tips and behind-the-scenes action! [Stylemint]

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Inside Punkie’s Place: A Round Top Wonderland

400 300 Shannon Yoachum

We had finally made it to the Spring show at Round Top highly anticipating our arrival at Punkie’s Place. Walking into the tent, we realized that reality had left us. Suddenly, Lauren and I entered a world of creativity, flashbacks to different eras, fun themes and vintage-painted boots. Bold colors, disco balls, fiesta fun, glitter, clothing, jewels and antiques galore. The feeling…

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Dallas, Meet the New Denim in Town!

1024 685 Lauren Kennedy

Calling all jean lovers! Deep in the heart of Texas, design gurus Aimee Miller and Megan Carreker have created the next must-have closet additions with their new denim line, Hip Chixs. Yes, it’s hard to contemplate jeans in this nation-wide ferocious heat, but maybe this will bring a glimmer of hope that fall is just…

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Stellar Showroom: Interning with Betsey Johnson

764 1024 Shannon Yoachum

Looking for the perfect internship while in college can be stressful, but hard work and persistence surely pays off. Brittany Short was in this position just a few months ago before landing a rockin’ internship at the Betsey Johnson showroom in New York City. Being an apparel student at the University of Arkansas, she knew…

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Question: Are white jeans still worth buying?

393 393 UserQuestion

Should I buy white jeans this late in the season? LOLO response: White jeans can be taken into the fall season when paired with wintery fabrics, such as sweaters and tweed, but considering the newest options for fall, the better buy would be a fabulous pair of pale-colored denim under $100, such as these! Option…

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An Utterly Inspiring Story: Sit Down with Alena Rekova

150 150 Tim Mikhelashvili

Recollecting old pictures, just like hearing a familiar song, brings back not only memories but also all those same, associated sensations, locations, and key news events going on at the time. As I recently came across Alena Rekova’s photos online, I realized that in her case, photos alone define the history and evolution of a…

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