The POP Phone: a Genius Creation

500 250 Lauren Kennedy

Hello world! I can’t help but introduce you to this amazing innovation that is oh so retro and radiation reducing. If you are a girl inspired by quaint decades, or if you are a lady that is full of creativity, you are bound to adore this. Sarah Jessica Parker, Orlando Bloom, and James Bond are…

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Denim for Every Girl: Hip Chixs

1024 679 Shannon Yoachum

Fall calls for denim that rocks. Every girl is looking for that perfect pair of jeans that is slimming and well fitting at the same time. Enter Hip Chixs, a line created by two Texas girls who were sorority sisters and best friends at Baylor University. Being obsessed with denim, Aimee and Megan wanted to…

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harmony in disarray.

225 300 Lauren Kennedy

Webster’s dictionary in the fashion world is like Wikopedia in the scholarly institution: it is not always a reliable source. We all learned in elementary school that a word must be used in the correct context. u.ni.ty [yoo-ni-tee]: mixing statement patterns, colors, and silhouettes with the absence of fear and the inclusion of an eye…

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the art of defining.

850 680 Lauren Kennedy

i’m sitting in my all neutrally colored bed, fluffed up in my duvet and down pillows, purely inspired by the simplistic. does my mood or state of energy nudge my creative impulses and musings, or does it ultimately reflect something bigger, such as my personality or beliefs? it’s quite intriguing, as everyone is aesthetically motivated…

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peace and passion.

533 711 Lauren Kennedy

besides must-purchase cut off denims and those bangs that make you want to chop your locks, the look book for maison scotch fall resembles a confident peace paired with humble courage. it’s like she allowed herself to take time and think…we all need more of that, no? in other news, scroll down to see how…

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Check Out This Facebook App: ShoeDish (Neimans is Involved!)

382 480 Shannon Yoachum

ThisNext Inc. recently announced their partnership with Neiman Marcus to launch an amazing new Facebook app called ShoeDish! You may be wondering why you need this app? Well, for starters the app is dedicated solely to shoes. Need I say more? The feature offers women a socially entertaining way to explore the latest shoes and…

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