Moms Know Best: Q&A With Cheryl Scruggs

960 639 Melissa Mayer

My mom has been one of the most consistent examples in my life. She is a woman that not only represents class and femininity, but carries a passion to impart the importance of understanding who we are as women.

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Dear Jase,

769 1024 Lauren Kennedy

I was just talking to someone this morning about how married life brings this unspoken sense of wholeness + such a deep sense of closeness with your spouse. I feel like each year, I fall more in love than the last. Jase, I am so thankful to be married to a man that is so…

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A New Vision of Love

1024 683 Lauren Kennedy

When I think of the term love, I immediately think of ease, in the sense that even if we are loving someone through an argument, disagreement, or trial, it always has a positive outcome; it is always leading to something redeeming. I initially associate it with an action that is poured out on people we…

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Cherishing Time

1024 683 Lauren Kennedy

I was observing my sweet little niece, baby Kate, as we were in Dallas for Christmas, and she was fully enamored by a leaf at the park and becomes full of joy when she sees the most simple things that the Lord has created.

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10 Questions with Angela Lanter

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

Hey guys! We are so excited to have one of my besties on the blog today, Angela Lanter! Ang and her husband, Matt, are two of my and Jase’s closest friends and we absolutely love doing life with them. Read the Q&A below to get to know Ang as she dishes on all things love,…

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The Beauty of Community

682 1024 Melissa Mayer

When you think of community, what do you think of? The idea of community has been on our minds a lot lately, specifically the beauty of community and how people loving, supporting, and caring for one another is instrumental and irreplaceable in all of our journeys. What is so cool about community is that it…

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