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A Clean-Crafted Wine Website You Need To Know About

524 699 Melissa Mayer

Happy Thursday, LSK readers! For those who are 21 and older, we write with exciting information today…meet a clean-crafted wine website you NEED to know about: Scout & Cellar.

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10 Good Reads

683 1024 Melissa Mayer

Happy Wednesday, friends! Here is our latest installment of 10 good reads from around the web including books to read, boho style inspiration, and reusable straws so you can ditch the plastic!  

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A Medicine Hat

683 1024 Lauren Kennedy

I have come to realize that you are either a hat person or you are not. Do you guys agree? Ever since I was a little girl, I immediately felt and still feel in my element wearing one.

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California Living

819 1024 Melissa Mayer

We were hanging with our close friends, Matt and Angela, last week, and we started talking about going on a last minute escape for the weekend. They just had a baby at the very end of December and felt like they needed a relaxing break from city life.

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Our Everlane Edit

768 512 Melissa Mayer

We have talked about our love for Everlane before on the blog and our feelings have only grown over time for this ethical brand!

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Why I Love Beach Escapes

768 1024 Lauren Kennedy

The beach, the sun, and water are all my happy place. I immediately feel relaxed, settled, and give myself permission to detach when I am in that environment.  

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