The Delight Of Discipleship

1024 682 Melissa Mayer

The act of discipleship truly is a beautiful, powerful, incredible thing.

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All The Feels: Lou & Grey

1024 682 Lauren Kennedy

You know when there is a store that you actually enjoy visiting? Where easy online shopping just doesn’t seem as wonderful? It’s rare, but Lou & Grey is that clothing store for me.

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The New Nike Sneaker

683 1024 Lauren Kennedy

Let’s be honest. I pretty much live in yoga pants and tennis shoes. Who’s with me?

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A Brand To Love: ABLE

683 1024 Lauren Kennedy

Do you know that feeling when you discover a brand that you truly love? lifestyle brandWhen their products appeal to your personal style, when their aesthetic speaks to your personal lifestyle, when the brand’s mission hits a place in your heart, and when you feel confident, comfortable, and happy when wearing their items…

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Spiritual Fasting

683 1024 Melissa Mayer

Over the years we have heard people speak about fasting to further their relationship with Jesus, focus on prayer, get still, be open to wisdom, and help to receive clarity in the midst big decisions.

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Travel Talk

638 850 Melissa Mayer

With March around the corner, we are having a major travel itch! Do you guys have travel plans coming up?

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