blue print furniture just got better.

881 588 Lauren Kennedy

Fall is already good enough, but I have news to make it even better. The lovely gem of a furniture store called Blue Print in Dallas now has some of their best sellers and antique pieces viewable online. I am giddy over it + major advantage: I can browse from Cali. The place is my all…

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the snake plant

525 700 Melissa Mayer

I absolutely adore fresh-cut flowers, gardens, and indoor plants. However, my track record with taking care of plants is not the best. It’s been due to a variety of reasons from forgetfulness to the complete opposite…over nurturing. I have literally smothered plants with water and love to the point of no turning back. Or, I…

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Recap: the Blueprint Event in Dallas.

819 1024 Lauren Kennedy

First of all, Blue Print might be the most darling furniture store in Dallas. It sits on the cutest street that is filled with so much character, and the talent of interior design inside this gem of a spot is on another level. It truly is inspiring and gives me so many design ideas for…

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apartment life

1000 750 Melissa Mayer

Hey guys- Melissa here! I moved into a new apartment about 2 months ago and thought that I should finally share a few pics of the place. Moving is such an interesting process. It takes a lot of work, time, love, effort, patience, planning, and investing. This move marked #4 in four years, in the same…

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local + lejos

960 960 Melissa Mayer

We first learned about this brand from the Create & Cultivate conference in Dallas where Lo was on one of the panels (go, girl!). Since then we have had the chance to chat with a member of the local + lejos team (Amanda!) to discuss ways that we could share the local + lejos story…

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