Clean Air For A Peaceful Mind

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

As you probably know by now, making and keeping our home a clean, pure, toxin-free environment is so important to me! I have become really passionate about it and it brings me so much peace and joy to know that the air we are breathing and the products we are using are clean as possible.…

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Coffee Table Styling

768 1024 Melissa Mayer

One of my favorite parts about going to a friend’s home is seeing how they style their coffee table. Similar to someone’s wardrobe, a coffee table represents a person’s style, aesthetic, and gives you a peek into their interests and personal taste. From coffee table books to candles, a well-curated coffee table is truly a…

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Cozy Home Items from the #NSALE

683 1024 Melissa Mayer

We are so inspired by beautiful interiors and love the simple, cozy, and comfortable aesthetic. Last week we shared five ways to make home a happy place and today we are sharing cozy home items from Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale, early access happening now! SHOP: one | two | three | four | five | six…

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Bar Cart Goals

680 1024 Melissa Mayer

Is it just me, or do you guys have a bar cart obsession too? There is something so put-together, organized, and party-ready about bar carts that make me absolutely love them. If you like having people over, or you just enjoy a cool set-up, a bar cart is definitely something for you. The below items…

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Five Ways To Make Home A Happy Place

1024 501 Melissa Mayer

Today we are sharing five ways to make home a happy place. We are big believers in filling our homes with things that we love and creating an atmosphere of love and peace. From fresh blooms to cozy throws and everything in-between, below are five ways to make your home the place that you love…

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Meet the Artist: Lindsey Meyer

731 1024 Lauren Kennedy

Jason and I have absolutely loved choosing art for our home – it makes your living space so unique and meaningful. It is such a personal choice that brings joy to the soul + it is extra sweet doing it together. It definitely does not happen over night, but it is extra special when you…

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