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The Juice Press + New York Fashion Week

600 333 Lauren Kennedy

When fashion meets health-nut fanatics, something yummy is always in store. As New York Fashion Week approaches, so are the creative juices, literally. The Juice Press is creating fashion-inspired smoothies that contain all organic fruits and veggies. The menu you ask? The Banana Wintour (yes, this is real), a delicious concoction of coconut water, banana, cinnamon,…

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A New Fall Hero: Boy by Band of Outsiders

230 345 Lauren Kennedy

Band of Outsiders is already a prodigy in the fashion industry, and designer Scott Sternberg has once again proven his design skill in his glorious new collection, Boy. by Band of Outsiders. His muse? Rock climbers from the 70s and The Breakfast Club’s Ali Sheedy. From the shrunken cotton shirt to the double breasted corduroy…

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What makes Splendid so Splendid?

450 338 Shannon Yoachum

When wearing something casual, comfort is a key element. Just because an item has the “comfy” quality doesn’t mean it has to be frumpy. Well Splendid has solved all of the problems by creating a line for your everyday look. After years of trying to find the perfect combination of softness using color absorbing yarns,…

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The Cutest iPad Cases on the Planet

333 500 Lauren Kennedy

Apple is taking over the world, and naturally, so is the iPad. You know this is the case (pun intended) when major fashion designers, such as Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors are making their own covers. This little bundle of technology is great for play or work, professional presentations and leisure reading! With all of…

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Best Buy: Sandals under $50

237 356 Shannon Yoachum

Who doesn’t love finding a good deal on shoes? Take a look at LOLO Magazine’s picks for sandals under $50. You can be trendy without a large price tag, and these are guaranteed to trend into next season, so it’s not an empty buy! [galleryview id= 43] Kimichi Ankle-Wrap Thong Sandal, $39 at Urban Outfitters;…

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Dallas, Meet the New Denim in Town!

1024 685 Lauren Kennedy

Calling all jean lovers! Deep in the heart of Texas, design gurus Aimee Miller and Megan Carreker have created the next must-have closet additions with their new denim line, Hip Chixs. Yes, it’s hard to contemplate jeans in this nation-wide ferocious heat, but maybe this will bring a glimmer of hope that fall is just…

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