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What’s a “Birkin?”

426 440 Lauren Kennedy

What it is: A handmade purse made by Hermès. It was named after the British actress, singer and style icon, Jane Birkin. Each bag is meticulously crafted and is available in a variety of colors and animal hides. It stands as one of the most coveted bags in the world. At one point, the French fashion house…

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Inside: The Secret to Long Looking Legs!

500 500 Lauren Kennedy

The secret weapon to creating mile long-looking legs is neutral (barely-there) shoes. Take a tour of these nearly invisible soles that will boost your confidence and height! Whether its an errand running day or a work meeting line-up, these shoes will do you right. From left to right, clockwise: For work, play, and everyday: Dolce…

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Sweet Potato Central

380 380 Lauren Kennedy

I am a slight sweet potato fanatic (understatement) to the point where my skin tone has taken on an orange glow. In college, I had one of these beta-carotene packed root vegetables every day, and they still continue to be a primary part of my diet. Why I am a fan: they are loaded with…

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Double Dare: Order Water at Starbucks This Way

500 334 Lauren Kennedy

  “I would like an iced venti triple-filtered cafe americano without espresso.”

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The Guide to Jeans: According to Your Body Type

713 952 Lauren Kennedy

It seems that jean shopping has become a dreaded duty rather a peachy past time, and my mission is to convert boy-cotters into not just denim-lovers, but denim-fanatics. The underlying issue seems to be the overwhelming thought of wear to begin! We may have too many options, but that only means the fun increases. The…

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Osborn Shoes: Totally Legit ‘Folk Urban’ Soles.

500 423 Lauren Kennedy

Grab a cup of joe, and enjoy this totally rad story about the beginning of an out-of-the-blue venture that turned into a full blown (awesome) shoe business. Meet Aaron Osborn, a man who lives with his eyes wide open, willing to take hold of opportunity, passionately living life. Being a creative entrepreneur at heart, I…

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